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can dogs eat celery

Celery is one of the healthiest vegetables in the market. There are so many health benefits attached to it for human beings. But the question here is “can dogs eat celery?” celery belongs to the family of parsley. It was estimated that the growth of celery began 3000 years ago. The leafy green vegetable works well with salads and as a garnish. Celery contains long green stalks and contains a high amount of fiber

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Health benefits of celery

Americans are known to be the highest consumers of celery. According to a 2016 study, each American had about 5 pounds of celery in a year. The vegetable is known to possess fewer amounts of calories and is known to be a good source of fiber, zinc, Vitamin A.B, K, C, D, and E. Besides that celery is also a very good antioxidant and is known to prevent cancer

Can dogs have raw celery?

According to the senior officer at American Animal hospital Association Dog can eat celery. In the case of canines, moderation is the key do not overfeed celery to your dog because it can lead to many gastric problems in dogs. The vegetable can also be used as an ingredient in several dog food recipes.

Are celery leaves good for dogs?

When it comes to celery the most nutritious and most flavorful part is celery. But the leaves are not safe for consumption when we talk about dogs. If celeries are not grown in an organic farm, its leaves can catch toxins from pesticides. That is why vets usually advise the owners not to give celery leaves to the dogs.

The opinions related to the severity of damage that the leaves cause differ widely but owners must tread safely when something tends to affect the health of their dog. This also answers the question “can dog eat celery pulp?”.

How much celery can dogs have?

According to the vets, celery should make 10% of a dog’s total diet. If you are offering celery for the first time to the dog, try to give it in moderation so that you can rule out allergies beforehand. Celery cut into big chunks can cause choking in the dog. So you must cut it in small chewable size so that your dog can munch on it without the fear of obstruction. If you are wondering can dogs have celery juice well the answer is yes dogs can have it in moderation

Can dogs eat celery in cooked form?

Celery is usually served in an uncooked form. Uncooked celery contains more water and fiber content whereas the cooked celery loses a lot of its nutrition value. So, only offer a cooked form of celery to the dogs when you have a fear of them choking or if the dog cannot properly chew. However, keep in mind that both forms of celery are safe for dogs.

Is celery a cure for bad breath in dogs?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions by the owners. The answer to this query is yes, celery does refresh the breath of the dogs. Celery is perfect for the maintenance of dental hygiene. Besides, that maintain other protocols of oral hygiene in dogs is necessary and one must not only rely on celery.

Is celery good for puppies?

Celery is puppy friendly vegetable. But owners must be very cautious before giving it to the puppies. The digestive system of puppies is still on the roads of development, unlike a mature grown-up dog that means the digestive system can get affected by stringy fibrous vegetables like celery. Not only the digestion of this vegetable is difficult for the puppies, but the defecation of celery is also very difficult.

Before giving the celery, cut it into a very small size so that the puppy chews it well before swallowing it. Cut off any visible string of fiber from celery before giving to the young dogs. If you are conscious for your dog’s health try to shred it with the cheese grater so that it won’t be stuck in the digestive system of the puppy

What is the best way of serving celery to the dogs?

As mentioned earlier, celery works the best in an uncooked form but you can be as creative with it as you want. Sometimes your canine friends are very picky si you must transform the snack into a more delicious treat. Here are some of the ideas that can work for you:

  • Celery with peanut butter
  • Celery presented in the form of salad
  • Softened celery added to dog food
  • Celery treat along with other dog-friendly fruits

Keep in mind that some herbs are very toxic to dogs so try to avoid offering them with celery. Other than that before giving your dog peanut butter check if it contains traces of xylitol as it is very dangerous and toxic for dogs. This also answers a commonly asked question can dogs eat peanut butter and celery?

What are some of the other healthy snacks for dogs?

Some many fruits and vegetables can act as healthy snacks for your dogs. Not just that these vegetables and fruits possess the same nutrition goodness as celery. Some high nutrition fruits recommended by vets to be used as snacks are bananas, strawberries, and apples without the seeds, etc. Besides that broccoli, corn, tomatoes, and lettuce, etc. are the best vegetables to be given to the dog as a healthy treat. Try to cut the aforementioned fruits and vegetables in a small chewable size so that the hazard of choking will be reduced. The question asked is celery toxic to a dog, the answer is given in this paragraph.

Final words

Celery is a low caloric fibrous vegetable that works well for human beings. Most people ask repeatedly can dogs eat celery. Well, the answer to the question is yes dogs can eat celery but there are some protocols that the owners should follow before offering canines celery. This vegetable can cause digestive problems in puppies so try not to offer a large amount to them. 

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