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Welcome to this website is dedicated to pets including dogs and cats. Here we provide you latest news about your pets health and publish motivational topics related to healthy living of your pooch. We at are liable to protect the privacy of our visitors and it is our utmost responsibility to give you a safe and sound online experience. This privacy policy applies to and should be implemented from October 2017.

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How we collect your personal information? collects your information like email address, your IP address your name etc. you should be clear that you don’t have to provide your personal details like your name or address in order to visit this site. However, when you make use of different functions on this site like, do comments or subscribe to the newsletter only then you have to provide your email address or name. You should keep in mind that collects anonymous information like your age, gender or your favorite interest. Some of the information is also collected from your computer as well such as browser type, IP address or excess time, domain name and other such type of information

How we use the collected information? does not sell or rent any of the personal information to others because we know that how important is the privacy of our readers to us. We at strictly do not disclose any form of personal information such as religion, race or any political affiliation of our visitors to anyone. Our team keeps a track of the pages or content frequently visited by our customer in order to know that which page is getting popular. We only collect the data in order to know the behavior and interest of our readers to any particular subject this help us to make more improvement in our content.

Terms of Use

You should keep in mind that when doing comments, anything you write become a publish content so it is recommended to avoid giving any personal information in comments. Once a comment is published it becomes a public property so we strictly prohibit our readers to share their religious or private details and also avoid irrelevant comment. If anyone shares his personal detail then we are not responsible for the misuse of that confidential information.

Privacy of children

For children under13 years we advise the guardian or parents to spend time with their child whenever he/she is doing any online activity we are not responsible if your child share his personal details without the notice of their parents.

Use of Cookies uses cookies to help personalize the online experience of our users. A cookie is basically a text file which is placed on the hard disk of your computer. The primary purpose of using cookies is to tell your web browser that you have visited this page before by remembering your specific page information. Most of the web browsers automatically accept the cookies but you can also decline cookies by making some changes in your browser settings.

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This website also contains third party links of our advertisers. Whenever you click on any link and go to any third party website then we don’t have control over them. Their privacy policy may be different or similar like ours. We are not responsible for any kind of communication between our visitors and third party website.

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We own the right to make any changes in this privacy policy and we will update you about the changes we make at this page. If you have any question regarding the privacy policy of this website then you can contact us