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German Shepherd Lab Mix- Guide To An Intelligent & Loyal Companion For You

Having a loyal companion in your family is one of the pleasant feelings ever. How about having a German shepherd or Labrador retriever for your family? Today the mating of these two famous dog breeds results in German shepherd lab mix. Read this article to know the German shepherd lab mix breed info.

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German Shepherd Lab Mix History:

Whenever we hear about the German shepherd lab mix, then the names of two famous dog breeds come in our mind. The German shepherd lab mix or commonly known as the Sheprador is mix breed after mating purebred German shepherd dog with purebred Labrador retriever. We cannot predict the appearance and temperament of this mix breed. The experiment to produce a mix breed was done purposefully or accidentally to know the personality and character traits. The common names for German shepherd lab mix are Sheprador, Labrashepherd, German Sheprador & Labrashep. These working dogs became the favorite mix dog breed today.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Size:

The German shepherds are the large dog breeds regarding height and weight. The mix breed can be of considerable size or small depending upon the parents. German shepherds are famous for their muscular body while Labradors have some other features prominent. You cannot predict the exact size for German shepherd lab mix.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Average Weight & Height:

The weight of German Shepherds is around 20 to 40 kg while that Labs’ is approximately 25 to 35 kg. German shepherds are more abundant in size that is why they are the great height at their shoulder blades. The average height is around 22 to 26 inches. For Labs, the height is approximately 22 to 25 inches. Specifically, the weight of German shepherd lab mix ranges 25 to 35 kg. The female breed has less weight as compared to the male dogs. You can only predict the size by looking at the size of the parent breeds.

What Does A German Shepherd Lab Mix Look Like?

There is lots of variety regarding the appearance of the of this mix breed. The first generation puppies show variation in their looks. There is no standard in the image of the future generation. The puppies of the mixed race may resemble the German shepherd will big ears or the Labrador. Coat color depends on the color of the coat possessed by the parents. You will see the dark-colored jacket when the German shepherd is mix with black colored Labrador. The visible markings on the coat’s base color inherited from the German shepherd parents.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Personality:

German shepherd lab mix traits are visible from their decent personality.  German shepherd dogs are loyal, smart, courageous and lively while Labradors are affectionate towards people and loved by everyone because of their friendly nature. So when it comes to the mixed breed, then they are intelligent and eager to learn anything you teach them. So the traits come directly from the parent that is why you cannot predict their personality without taking into consideration the parent breeds. So you have to look at the traits of the parents when selecting a puppy for your family.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Personality

How Is The German Shepherd Mix Temperament?

Whenever we discuss the German shepherd cross Labrador, then it is in comparison to the temperaments of the parent breed. One cannot separate the German shepherd lab mix characteristics from their parents. The German shepherd and the Labrador are two different dog breeds. Some people refer to the German shepherd dogs as the aggressive and violent because they are the police dogs. These can be protective dogs at the same time. So if the puppy has the characteristics of the German shepherd parent, then you must train and socialize it from a tender age. However, if the temperament of mix breed puppy is that of the Labrador parent, then the character will be of excellent and friendly nature.

Adorable Colors Of German Shepherd Cross Labrador:

German shepherd lab mix colors for the puppy are unpredictable. Their colors resemble that of parents. They are solid-colored generally. There are prominent black colored markings and patterns on their face, legs, and back. If the puppy resembles the Labrador parent then the coat color is going to be that of the Labrador. The German shepherd lab mix black puppy is typical but not guaranteed. You might have seen the German shepherd lab mix black and German shepherd lab mix white, but you cannot be sure about the color of the hybrid breed. Sometimes the mating results in the combination of German shepherd lab mix black and white colors. Rarely there are the colors like German shepherd lab mix brown or German shepherd yellow Lab mix because in the crossbreeds one is not sure about the color result which the puppies will possess.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Health:

The German shepherd lab mix health problems are of heredity than the healthy diet and lifestyle. There are some problems inherited to them from their parent breed. The Labradors have the problem of hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. The joints problems affect their health more than other health problems. Retinal atrophy is another major issue. When it comes to the health of the German shepherds then they have trouble of excess gas in the stomach after eating, Loss of never control which causes paralysis, elbow and hip dysplasia, allergies and other problems. The mix breed is more likely to have any of these health problems which are genetic to them.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Life Expectancy:

The lifespan of the hybrid breed is similar to the parent breed. The German shepherd X Labrador’s life for 10-14 years approximately. A healthy diet and perfect lifestyle increase the life expectancy of this breed which decreases otherwise from the genetic diseases transferred to the hybrid race.

How To Take Care Of A German Shepherd Lab Mix?

When it comes to the care and grooming of your German shepherd lab mix, then double coat needs care and grooming. The outer skin is coarse which protects them against the harsh weather conditions. Undercoat of this mix breed is ultra-warm. The layer of the mix breed puppies will be short and neat in texture. You have to brush their coat two times a week. German shepherd lab mix shedding also happens twice in a year at the time of fall and spring season. Those who ask do German shepherd lab mix shed then yes they do. All you have to do is to have a vacuum cleaner your home to deal with this problem.

How To Train A German Shepherd Lab Mix?

German shepherd lab mix training is an essential part of their personality development. From their family, these dogs inherit the unconditional love and bonding. You have to train them to socialize with people they interact. German shepherd lab mix puppy training depends on you that you much he has learned from you. When they meet new faces, then you familiarize with them from an early age. The essence of work is present in the heart of both of these dogs. The mix breed is a good learner because of their intelligence. The quickly understand and learn the commands and instructions you give them. Once trained, they work hard with loyalty. Make sure your dog is busy and engaged in activities otherwise idleness will make them lazy and aggressive.

Are German Shepherd Lab Mix Good Dogs?

People with good indoor space at home should go for the German shepherd lab mix breed as a pet for their family. These dogs love to play and have fun with the kids at home. These are good dogs for the family when involved in everything you do. They spend a good time with you by taking part in every activity. Although German shepherd lab mix is excellent guard dogs, you have to supervise them when they are playing around with your children.

How To Find A German Shepherd Lab Mix Puppy?

Finding a German shepherd lab mix is not very difficult. There can see German shepherd lab mix breeders through advertisements on the internet. The breeders have a healthy breed of puppies offered at various price range depending upon the location of the breeder. These mated dogs are the designer breeds available at the breed registers almost in every country. However, you will have to wait a bit if you are in search of a specific color of this mix breed.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Puppy

German Shepherd Lab Mix Puppies For Sale:

You can find the lab-shepherd mix puppies for sale from a well-reputed breeder in your state. The average price German shepherd cross Labrador puppy is around $150-$600. If the pup has some health issues, then the price comes down to $400-$500. You can find the advertisements for Lab-shepherd mix puppies for sale on the internet, and you have to contact the breeder and discuss the details with him. So if you are looking for a German shepherd lab mix for sale, then contact the breeders, and your vet will also help you in this regard.

What Is The Average Price For German Shepherd Lab Mix?

German shepherd lab mix price varies from state to state. If you want to buy German shepherd lab mix puppies, then you must contact the breeder. Generally, the cost of German shepherd lab mix puppies is around $200-$600 depending upon the condition of the puppy.


If your kids are willing to have a friendly pup in your home, then the German shepherd lab mix is a great option for you. They are loyal and loving natured dogs. They should be trained at a tender age so that they are socialized well. Their personality traits and appearance are entirely unpredictable. The price for a puppy is affordable to buy for you.

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