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Our Mission:

We at try saving the life of pets by giving timely information about the health and well-being of dogs. We know that dogs are your family and you really care about their eating habits. People really love their dogs that they start giving different types of foods to their pets but before that they want to know about the safety of that particular food for them. Here we at will guide you which fruit and vegetables are good for your dogs. Besides sharing information about your dog’s diet we also try to help sharing the complete healthy lifestyle of your pooch. It has become our ultimate aim to educate pet owners regarding the health and happiness of their pets. We wish your pet a long, happy and healthy life.

Each article written and published here is the effort of our team members who spend hours and hours in looking for the authentic information to ensure the accuracy of knowledge given to our readers. We at look for latest research in the field of pet health so that you keep our readers up to date and make them stay away from the outdated information.

We have team of expert authors and editors specialized in this field and we also concern the veterinarian before we publish anything about the dog. However, if your dog is suffering from any serious ailment then you must concern your Doctor and always follow the advice of your vet. It is requested to all the readers that please do not rely on the information provided on this site merely because this website is not replacement of your vet consultation.

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All the articles published on this website are plagiarism free and we own the copyrights of our content. We have team of expert writers and editors who write fresh piece of content containing latest articles. All the images of this website are liable to our copyrights. We believe in using our unique material.

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All the content publish is this website is for informational purpose only. You should keep in mind that any of the remedy or a particular piece of information is strictly not the replacement of advice of your veterinarian. If your pet is suffering from any kind of illness then you must contact your vet before giving any unusual kind of food item to your pet not given before.