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can dogs eat apricots

A healthy and balanced diet contains fruits and veggies. Pet owners lack clarity regarding certain fruits and think that they can give them to their buddies because they personally like those fruits. Can dogs eat apricots is not known to most of the people. Apricot is one of such fruits which can be given to your dog as an occasional treat. In this article I will share with you guidelines about apricot feeding to dogs.

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Apricot Benefits For Dogs

Apricots are similar to peaches and they are lots for health benefits for dogs. Apricots contain Vitamin C, dietary fiber and beta carotene which fights against cancer. You can give them to your dog to improve their vision and also boost the immune system of dogs. Not all done can safely eat apricots and if your dog is a one of such lucky pets who can eat apricots then you should be happy about it.

Is It Safe For Dogs To Eat Apricots?

As we already know that apricots contains dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals which are suitable for your dog but not on a routine basis. Can dogs eat fresh apricots? To all the pet owners I would like to say that you can give apricot flesh to your dog but you have to be careful about the pit and the seeds because they are poisonous for dogs. Are apricots bad for dogs is a misconception? No they are not bad but should not be given daily. You can give one or two slices of apricots to your dog but as a treat not on routine.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Apricots?

When it comes to dried fruits people think can dogs eat dried fruits? Yes dogs can eat dried fruits but not all of them and dried apricot is a fruit safe for dogs. Can dogs safely eat apricots in dried form? Dried apricots contain potassium and beta carotene in them which are beneficial for dogs. Dried apricots cannot be easily chewed and dogs tend to swallow then down without chewing properly. If you are the one to say my dog ate dried apricots then you have to observe him carefully. Most of the times fried apricots get stuck and cause blockage. An upset stomach is common issue. So you should cut them into small bits and for easy consumption.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Apricots

Can Dogs Eat Apricot Pits And Seeds?

Apricots pits and seeds are poisonous to dogs so you must not give them to your dog along with apricot flesh. There is a toxin called cyanide present in apricot pits and if you are asking my dog ate apricot pit then it is an alarming situation for you. You dog will have cyanide poisoning. He will face difficulty in breathing also. When the seeds and the pit get stuck in the intestines of dogs and it can be the cause of your dog’s death also. Are apricot pit poison then definitely it is.

Are Apricot Seeds Poisonous To Dogs?

You should be watchful that your dog must not eat apricot seeds. When you are throwing them you but throw them not in front of your dog apricot seeds can cause apricot poising in dogs. The toxicity is caused due to cyanide and your dog will face difficulty in breathing, dilated pupils, swollen gums and lethargy. You have to urgently call your vet in this condition because if your dog cannot breathe easily then he will die at the instance.

Can Dogs Eat Apricot Nectar?

Nectar or the juice of apricots available in the market is not safe. It has high amount of sugar in it. You can make juice from fresh apricots and give it to your dogs. In this way he will enjoy the yummy drink.

Dogs Eat Apricot Nectar

How About Canned Apricots For Dogs?

Canned apricots contains sugars, salt and spices. Canned food is never advisable for dogs. This kind of fruit will appeal the taste buds but will be hard on your dog’s stomach. So you must avoid them.

Apricot Puree Is Not A Safe Option

When you ask can dogs eat apricot puree then it not a safe option. Apricot puree is also available in market but it is unsafe due to high sugar content. It’s better to make apricot puree at with little sugar content and served once or twice in a month. A similar question can dogs eat apricot flesh is answered in positive but in limited amounts.

What Are Some Apricot Products Safe For Dogs?

Many people think of giving some of the items made from apricots. In the following lines lets discuss about them one by one.

  • Can Dogs Eat Apricot Jam?

When you think of your breakfast then jam is something of great significance. When it comes to dogs and puppies then they cannot have apricot jam because of high sugar content in it.

  • Can Dogs Eat Apricot Jelly?

Apricot jelly is also related to apricot jam. It is also not recommended to dogs as they it contains lots of sugar. So must not give it to your pet for his safety.

  • Can Dogs Eat Apricot Yogurt?

It is not recommended for dogs to eat apricot yogurt as it contains lactose which is unsuitable to dogs. So it should be a part of your pet’s diet if you want him to be hale and hearty.

How Many Apricots Should Be Given To Dogs?

It’s not about the number but the health of your dog. Giving one or two every day is safe but before that check out your dog’s reaction to apricots. Lots of apricots at once will upset his stomach and will cause diarrhea.

How Many Apricots Should Be Given To Dogs

Final Verdict

Apricots are healthy fruits but can dogs eat apricots safely? Yes they can without the seeds and the pit. It is best to serve it as an occasional treat. It’s better to make its slices and then give them to your doggy so that he can easily chew and digest them.

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