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South African Mastiff Boerboel Puppies for Sale

Is your plan to adopt an intelligent but fearless canine? If so, you’ll stand to benefit from taking care of a Boerboel.

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Boerboels are incredibly reliable, friendly, trustworthy, courageous, and intelligent. They are easily trainable and have amazing instincts. This South African breed was primarily used by farmers before individuals began to see it as a pet.

If still hesitating whether to keep one, have a look at the reasons below.


High intelligence

An incredible benefit of owning such pups is their intelligence. The intelligence of this powerful breed is believed to stem from its natural pack instincts. Pet owners with leadership skills won’t go through a lot of trouble to train this breed, as it will follow their commands. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t expect these canines to follow your command instantly. See this site for more information on dog intelligence.

The training process is demanding in view of effort, dedication, and time. The key to successful training is repetition, which allows your canine to master the techniques you teach him/her. This type of Boerboel can grow into a powerful watchdog if trained properly. The easy-going personality of these creatures in the stages of preadolescence can transform into great courage and loyalty with proper training and love.

Remarkable courage

Another reason to consider welcoming such a canine companion to your family is its natural bravery and courage. Passers-by and visitors see Boerboels as large and dominating, which provides an additional layer of security to homeowners keeping one. The loyalty of these fearless canine companions is unquestionable.

Boerboels might exercise force on offenders who threaten to harm their loving owners. Purchasing such a pup is a wise idea if your intention is to make the home safe. As a pet owner, your role is to get to know the personality of your companion instead of mistaking it for blind loyalty. It should be showered with lots of care and love to earn its loyalty. Once you earn the loyalty of a Boerboel, this pet will be prepared to sacrifice its life for you if necessary.

Daily exercise for both you and your canine

Daily exercise for both you and your canine

Another benefit of adopting a Boerboel is the opportunity for both parties to get proper exercise. The impressive size of these canines provides them with enough energy to walk around the neighborhood and come back home. While your companion is getting its share of daily exercise, you’ll enjoy some extra exercise as well. This article,, provides eleven creative ways to sweat with your dog.

If you’ve been meaning to shed a couple of extra pounds, your daily walking routine goes in favor of both parties, not just your canine. Daily walks enable Boerboels to stay in shape, as they can easily become overweight. Unless you stimulate your companion to be physically active, it’s in the nature of this breed to be lethargic.

An outdoor breed

Another reason why a multitude of individuals chooses to adopt Boerboels is their ability to thrive outdoors. These furry creatures adore spending time outside in the front of the house or in the backyard. Nevertheless, homeowners are advised to put up tall fencing to prevent them from wandering around the neighborhood without any supervision.

While this dog breed is capable of thriving outdoors, it’s also suitable as a stay-at-home pet. Consequently, individuals whose households aren’t too spacious or lack a backyard shouldn’t be discouraged from adopting these four-legged friends. Anyhow, in small spaces, they tend to knock over items around the house, but they do it accidentally.

Long life expectancy

Last but not least, many people choose to take care of Boerboels due to their long life expectancy. There is a wide range of elite boerboels for sale available at respected breeders. Health tests for elbow and hip dysplasia should be performed on both parents of the pup to prevent health issues in the long run.

The average life expectancy for this dog breed is from ten to twelve years if proper care, diet, and exercise are provided. Regular vet visits assist in keeping your canine in good shape.

In conclusion

A Boerboel is a great choice of pet.

Adopt one!