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The English bulldogs were known to drive the bulls for sports in bullbaiting which was a bloody sort of game around the world. These dogs have a muscular body which makes them the strongest and fittest survivors. The English bulldog puppies have traits inherited from them from their parents. The bulldog puppies are cute to see although this dog breed is not very healthy as compared to other dog breeds. These puppies are good to keep as pets, but the only drawback is their poor health.  In this article, we will discuss the English bulldog puppies in detail, regarding their personality, traits, cost, and care. So let’s get started.

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 Bulldog Breed History:

The history tells us that these dogs were bred for bull-baiting sport. Positioned on the tethered bull, and the bets were laid on the survival in this sport. It the reason these dogs are physically fit. When bull-baiting became ill-legal in 1835, then these dogs with selective breeding are famous today. The dogs we see today have some changes which show that these were crossed with pugs and these are the English bulldog mix puppies. Now people keep the bulldog puppies as pets in their homes.

English Bulldog Size:

The English bulldogs are medium in size with a muscular body. The weight of an adult bulldog is approximately 50lbs. However, the average weight of male bulldog is 50-55lbs while the female bulldog’s weight around 40-45lbs roughly. Make sure your pet is not overweight otherwise he will get health issues from an early age.

English Bulldog Puppies Coat Colors:

There are lots of colors in bulldogs. The English bulldog puppy colors will melt your heart, and you cannot resist yourself to adopt one of them. Commonly you can see English bulldog puppies brown and white and also English bulldog puppies black and white. Solid black is not a well-liked color that is why English bulldog puppies black is least demanded. However, a mix of two colors like English bulldog puppies black and white is a better option for you. The blue color is a favorite color of many people, and they look for English bulldog puppies blue when they are going to have a pet. Other colors include English bulldog puppies grey, English bulldog puppies brindle color and English bulldog puppies white solid color. There are markings on their skin also in contrast with the base color.

English Bulldog Puppies Temperament:

Bulldogs are known to be courageous and smart dogs. As a pet, they behave in a calm and friendly manner with your family. Loyalty and loving nature are the essential traits of their personality. They enjoy fun activities with your kids too. Their breed history reminds us of their fighting nature, but that was a thing of the past. The English bulldog temperament compels us to bring him to our home and keep him as a pet.

English Bulldog Personality:

These dogs have an impressive personality with sweet and calm nature. They become friends with everyone. These are courageous dogs so can be kept as watchdogs. They take time to learn and are not a lover of exercise. It means that you have to invest your time in these things. You have to introduce these puppies with visitors, other pets and dogs from an early age otherwise they create problems when grownup.

English Bulldog Puppies Feeding:

English bulldog diet should be healthy and balanced so that your dog remains healthy. Diet for adult dogs has to be in right portions throughout the day. Make sure your dog is hydrated by drinking plenty of water. A healthy option is to feed your dog small meal portion in a day to avoid gastric issues. For English bulldog puppies diet, you should serve them high energy food to cope up with digestion and stress issues. If you ask what is the best food for English bulldog puppies, then you need to ask your breeder regarding this matter. Do not experiment new foods for your puppy otherwise, and he will get sick.

English Bulldog Puppies Feeding

English Bulldog Puppies Health Issues:

Bulldog health is a serious matter, and there are specific characteristics of these dogs which lead to serious health issues. The shortened muzzle along with undershot mouth, wide-spaced legs and tiny corkscrew tail all are the traits contributing towards English bulldog health problems. Brachycephaly is a problem in which the facial bones are shorter than the dog’s proportions cause breathing and eye problems. Sleep apnea is another issue common in this dog breed. Bulldog cooling problems due to their short muzzle cause their body to overheat when the weather is warm to him. Tooth decay is common that is why you have to pay more attention towards oral hygiene. Dog’s skin folds cause eye problems such as sore eyes and eye infections. These puppies are good to keep as pets, but the only drawback is their poor health.

English Bulldog Puppies Training:

Bulldog training at an early age is significant because it is the perfect time to train your dog. Training techniques for your dog contribute towards his training. All you have to do is to motivate your dog towards learning the basic commands and instructions. They are not interested in exercise you have to plan some activities in which they remain busy and involved.

English Bulldog Lifespan:

The average lifespan of a bulldog is 8-10 years. There are some genetic diseases in this dog breed which affect the lifespan of your dog. It is the saddest thing for your companion and when we talk about the English bulldog puppies lifespan is more than the full grown dogs.

Grooming Of Bulldogs:

You don’t need to worry about the grooming of your bulldogs. Brushing their coat once in a week is enough. The fur of bulldogs is short and smooth. You can comb the straight hairs easily. So the short hairs are managed well because there are no tangles in the fur of these Bulldogs.

English Bulldog Puppies Care:

English bulldog care is an integral part of their living. The puppies when full grown are more likely to have dental issues and skin infections. Oral hygiene should not, and you have to spend some time to inspect his mouth on a daily basis. The foul smell is an indication of toot and gum problems. The skin should be clean otherwise they will get skin infections due to poor hygiene. You should inspect the facial folds, and neck folds for any debris or impurities must be cleaned especially from the tail base. Keeping him clean and dry will prevent skin problems in bulldogs and puppies.

English Bulldog Puppies Care

How Much Is English Bulldog Puppy?

The English bulldog puppies cost is very high, and this is surprising news for most of the pet owners. People usually ask why are English bulldog puppies so expensive? The reason for their high price is that they are difficult to breed. These dogs are not able to give birth naturally. English bulldog puppies price range is approximately $1000 to $3000. So you have to look for the bulldog traits and characteristics before paying the English bulldog puppies price. In short, the English bulldog puppies average price is around $1500 $2000. When we talk about the English bulldog puppies price UK, then it is around £2,000 – £4,000.

English Bulldog Puppies Breeders:

The breeders in USA and UK offer their services through the internet so that you can see the English bulldog puppies near you. You have to contact the breeder and discuss with him your needs, and they will guide you about the English bulldog puppies sale. People usually demand English bulldog puppies under $600 or English bulldog puppies under $ 500, and your breeder will understand and needs and will give you what you are comfortable. With the finalized deal, you can take the English bulldog puppies for home adoption.

English Bulldog Puppies Pictures:

These puppies look very cute and playful. If you are undecided for this puppy then here you can see the lovely English bulldog puppies pics which will help you in selecting the right puppy regarding color and appearance. The puppies in a variety of colors will please your kids and family.


Bulldogs are known to be passionate and courage that is why people opt for English bulldog puppies as family pets. You have to look for a few things like cleanliness of your puppy, his feeding and socialization to make him healthy and fit. The puppies and dogs are a bit expensive to buy, but you can get one for you because there are lots of reputable breeders out there who will help you in this regard.

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