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Is Russian Bear Dog Friendly In Nature

Pet owners keep on looking for various dog breeds that can not only be good pets for their home but protect them in any situation. These dogs must be comfortable with their kids as well. If you want to know about the complete details of Russian bear dog then read this article carefully. I am sure all your doubts about Russian bear dog will be cleared and you are ready to welcome this new member in your family. So let’s get started.

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Russian Bear Dog Origin:

The Caucasian shepherd is commonly known as the Russian bear dog. When we talk about the origin of this dog then it developed in the Caucasus Mountain region and its purpose was to guard the herds of animals in the surrounding. This sheepdog is originated from the pre-historic breeds of Molosser where they protected the herds from thrives and predatory animals. It was all due to its brave nature. In Russian, it is known as “Ovcharka” meaning ‘the sheepdog’.

Russian bear dog Appearance:

The first thing which attracts us is the attractive appearance of this dog. The popularity of this dog breed in Russia named him as “Ovcharka” that means “Sheepdog”. From there it entered into East Germany in the following years. It is a fearless and loyal dog and he will grab your attention at first site. The masculine physique of this loyal buddy places him in the list if giant dog breeds living in the Caucasian mountain region.

Russian Bear Dog Name:

There are a couple of names of this dog breed. The reason is that it has various names according to various regions where it lives. People also name it as a Russian bear hunting dog or Russian fear fighting dog due to his ability to protect the people he recognizes. The popular names include ‘Russian mountain dog’, ‘Russian bear hunting dog’, ‘Sheepdog’, ‘Caucasian Ovcharka’, ‘The Caucasian Shepherd’ and others.

Russian Bear Dog Strength:

It is known to be the brutal dog breed. This dog is famous for its incomparable strength and great power that is why it is best suited to protect the herds by fighting the animals like wolves and bears.  Their sharp teeth can put anyone in danger that annoys these furious dogs. So you must not bring is near the children because it can injure them very badly also because they are suited as family pets. Here it is better to mention its bite force too. The Caucasian Shepherd bite force is around 550 to 700 psi which is actually greater than a lion’s.

Russian Bear Dog Environment:

This dog is suited for all environmental conditions. When you talk about the suitable environment for this dog then it is not advised to keep it a family. It is loaded is power so it can harm you in any situation. The best environment for it is the commercial states.Read this Article.Black Mouth Cur-Complete Breed Information & Training Instructions

Russian Bear Dog Size:

This dog is known for its muscular appearance and giant size that is why people call it Great Russian bear dog. The height and weight is the striking feature of its personality. It is due to these two features it is better to name it as giant Russian bear dog.

Russian Bear Dog Size.

Russian Bear Dog How Much Do They Weight?

The Caucasian Shepherd breed is basically a giant dog which means that it is greater in size. Weight would be definitely greater as it is a giant dog. When we compare the male dogs with female dogs in this breed then the females are comparatively smaller. The Russian bear dog average weight is 110 pounds that is about 50 kg. The female dog average weight is about 99 pounds which are 45 kg approx. The range is 99 pounds-154 pounds or 45-70 kg. This means that the Russian bear dog max weight is 154 pounds or 70 kg.

Russian Bear Dog Height:

The minimum height of a male dog is 27 inches approx. When we talk about its height range then it is between 28-30 inches. The minimum height of a female Russian bear dog is around 25 inches and the height ranges between 26-28 inches. So now you have known the Russian bear dog weight and height.   Read this Article.Corgi Husky Mix Dog-Can They Adjust Easily In Every Environment?

Russian Bear Dog Colors:

There are a variety of colors available in the Russian bear dog which are white, black, Grey, Fawn, Cream and Rust. Commonly people love to go for the Caucasian Shepherd white as it looks very adorable cute. Apart from that you will also experience a mixture of colors in this dog breed on their coats. The Russian bear dog coat is very fluffy and thick. It can be of two varieties either short or long. When the coat is short then it requires less care and grooming as compared to the breeds with the longhaired coat. Still, you need to have regular brushing and combing so maintain the coat texture.  Read this Article  Teddy Bear Dog- The Friendliest Dog Breed Known Today!

Russian Bear Dog Price:

The Russian bear dog cost depends on the type of breed you want to buy. The breeders keep on advertising with large money. The Russian bear dog price range is around $1200-$3000. When you see a dog with cheap then be careful because there can be some trouble with the dog’s health. It can even higher when your dog is a show winner. Make sure you buy the healthiest dog from this breed. You will have to spend money on vet bills in future if you are compromising for buying a cheap dog. People in India are also interested to buy this dog breed. So the Russian bear dog price in India is around 1-2 lac.

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Russian Bear Dog Puppy:

Buying a puppy for your kids is really exciting. He is a true companion of children also. If you are considering buying this puppy then you have to do some efforts for that. For the first time, it will feel problematic but the things will get better in the long run. From the very first day, you have to start the training sessions so that puppy is socialized with you and your family. It is very important that the diet is given a balanced diet with regular vet checkups.

 Russian Bear Dog Puppy

Russian Bear Dog Puppy Weight:

The size of a puppy is small than a fully grown dog. So the puppy weight ranges from 80-100 pounds.

Russian Bear Dog Puppy Price:

The Caucasian shepherd puppy price ranges from $450-$850. The price may vary in different regions of the world.

How Big Is A Caucasian Shepherd?

This typically known sheepdog is larger in size. Some people are frightened from its size but its giant size is due to its height and weight. The puppy is however small in height and weight but as it grown then it turns into a larger dog breed. Normally it is a bit difficult to keep it as a pet due to its large size but it effective training it becomes a loyal pet.

What Do Russian Bear Dogs Eat?

High-quality food should be given to this dog breed. Make sure everything is natural and there re no additives and preservatives in the food. Russian bear dog diet should be balanced. The kibble mixed with fish or turkey and vegetables is a perfect food for him. The amount of protein should be noted in the food.  Although are lots of Russian bear dog food options available still it is better to talk to your vet about his diet in detail even if you are buying dog food from a premium brand.

Russian Bear Dog How Much Do They Eat?

This is a larger dog breed which required more portion of food. However, the size of the food portion depends on the age and weight of your dog. It is advised to discuss the amount of your dog’s food intake with your vet.

Russian Bear Dog Shedding:

This dog breed goes under heavy shedding once a year when the coat is shedding. So you need to brush the coat well so that the old coat sheds fast. A warm bath and good brushing are recommended in this situation.

Is Russian Bear Dog-Friendly In Nature?

The nature of a Russian bear dog is very different from the dogs of other breeds. They have an inherited ability to protect the livestock which makes them as watchdogs. They are fully alert and active dogs and cannot bear stranger or a suspicious person around or animal around them. He is not a friendly type of dog but he is aggressive to anyone who disturbs him. When we talk about it in terms of the family then he has a friendly nature towards his master and family. As a pet, he protects your kids in every challenging situation. However, it is not a good idea to keep it as a family pet. Russian bear dog aggression is of a serious kind. He is furious to anyone he is seeing for the first time which means he requires proper training and socialization. Make sure you spend lots of time with him to understand his nature.

russian bear dog

Is It Safe to Have Russian Bear Dog As A Pet?

Generally, it is not recommended to opt for this dog breed as a pet. He is a hinting dog type with an aggressive nature. He attacks when left loose. Although with professional training he is trained to be peaceful there is risk associating with him. Once trained in family, he protects children in every possible way. It is advised to get him socialized with children in an early stage of his life. His wild temperament makes him unfit to be kept as a family pet.

Russian Bear Dog Adoption:

The idea of adopting a guard dog is not so fascinating unless you are a professional dog trainer. In your family, he may not behave decently and there is always a risk of injury to children or with any person he meets for the first time. When he is a puppy then the adoption is easy but it is not recommended for a fully grown Caucasian shepherd.

How Different Is The Caucasian Mountain Dog Temperament?

It is a guard dog with a strange kind of temperament as compared to other dog breeds. He is gentle and loving towards his master but aggressive and furious towards the predators. Although he owns an inherited protecting nature when not properly trained, his aggressive temperament can lead to danger. Make sure he is kept close to his protecting flock and away from strange animals and new people.

Russian Bear Dog Lifespan:

The Russian bear dog life expectancy is around 10-12 years normally. It is enough time for you to train and enjoy with him. The lifespan gets shortened when your dog is suffering from some serious ailments. There are genetic complications in every breed but this much life is great for a sheepdog.

Caucasian Shepherd Training:

If you own a Russian bear dog then training is of major concern. He needs to be taught good behavior and mannerism. You should lead him in every matter and in this way he will accept you as a leader. It should begin at an early age which will help you when he gets older. Training forms his manners when he is young. Always go for positive reinforcement based training for your Caucasian shepherd. An expert trainer is needed in this case who trains the master about Russian bear dog socialization.

Where Can I Buy A Russian Bear Dog?

You can buy it from various reputable breeders who offer such healthy dogs for sale. It is easily available in Russia, USA, UK and other regions. You can search on the internet and find the best breeder near you and get you Caucasian shepherd right away.

Russian Bear Dog Health Problems:

There can be genetic health issues with some Russian bear dogs. Being a healthy breed they are less susceptible to be ill. However, a disease like cataracts, obesity, heart issues and hip dysplasia are of major concern in this dog breed. You have to take him to the vet often to know about the Russian bear bog sickness or his any health-related issue.

Russian Bear Dog Care:

If you own a sheepdog then you have to be conscious of its care as well. You have to give him proper attention so that you can understand his needs. It is your duty to make him exercise regularly which is a part of his care. Regularly brush his coat and at the time of shedding, give him a warm bath and brush well so that previous hear shed off. Hold his leash and lead him during the walk. You have to wash the bed-covering very often so that he remains clean and healthy. Some dog gets into allergy which is due to the inappropriate care and unhygienic conditions. In summer ample water is provided to him in outdoor. Don’t to forget to brush his teeth daily. Dental cleaning at the professional level is necessary for his oral health. Give him a bath two times a week and inspect his coat for fleas or ticks in summer days. Russian Bear Dogs

Russian Bear Dog For Sale:

If you are interested to buy this giant dog then there are breeders who offer these dogs for sale. You will find a good one from the great varieties in Eastern Europe. The price depends on the dog’s size and on a number of factors also. The Russian bear dog price the UK ranges from 1200-6000 sterling which is on the sale. In USA and Russia, these are on sale and you can buy them very easily. Make sure you know about some things to keep in mind before buying this dog otherwise your money will be wasted in paying huge vet bills in the future.

Russian Bear Dog Pictures:

If you are interested too but this dog breed as a guard dog then these pictures will help you to make a smart purchase. The puppies can be selected by your kid in their fascinating colors. All the available colors look good and these pictures will give you a very clear idea of the perfect selection.


Russian bear dog is basically a guard dog which protects the herds of cattle from the wolves and other dangerous animals. They have lots of power and strength which make them as excellent protectors. As we all know that it is a large dog breed which requires a lot of training and socialization to be in good behavior with his master. At times he is aggressive but you have to keep an eye on his to avoid any danger. If you are going to but this dog for the very first time then this detailed article is definitely going to help you a lot.