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Reasons that Brain Training 4 Dogs Are Good

 There’s nothing we dog owners love more than a well-behaved dog or puppy to come home to at night. Our dogs hold a special place in our hearts that nothing can ever replace. We provide them with everything. We give them food, water, shelter, toys, and love. In exchange, our dogs give us unconditional love, affection, and loyalty.  

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So why not give them the best training we can. Training our dogs doesn’t just mean well-behaved fur babies that we can take anywhere we want. Training our dogs means that they’ll have a better life. It stimulates their brain and keeps them occupied.

Dogs need structure and balance. They need rules to follow because that’s what their natural instincts dictate to them. Without these rules, dogs become anxious, aggressive, and hard to control. This can make it hard for their owners to do basic tasks with them like going for a walk or going to the vet. That’s why making sure you train your dog is so important.

Brain games are a good way to enforce this training and it comes with some added bonuses for you and your dog. They’re simple to find, easy to do, and they’re super affordable.  Let’s review some of the positive reasons you should teach your dog some brain training games. Once you see the benefits, you’ll be looking for brain training games to play with your pup!


It will increase your dog’s physical health

            There are a lot of good reasons to play brain games with your dog and this is the most important. A lot of people don’t realize the effect boredom and lack of mental stimulation have on your pet.

            Mental stimulation helps your dog stay alert and engaged throughout the day. Without it, your dog can become depressed, anxious, or frustrated. This can lead to several behavioral issues such as aggression, barking, digging, and other destructive behavior.

            Lack of mental stimulation can also cause your dog to not be as active as it should be. If your dog is bored and decides to lay in their bed and sleep, then they can get joint problems, muscle atrophy, and even obesity because they’re not working their muscles in the way they were made to be worked.

It will make them happy

            Speaking from experience, when I’m bored, I’m not happy. It makes me feel lost, lonely, and depressed. When your dog is bored, they feel the same thing you do. They become lost, lonely, and fall into depression.

            I’m not saying that you need to provide them with a new activity for every second of the day but leaving your dog to sit in their bed or crate all day long without something fun to do isn’t going to get their tail wagging.

            By bringing them to the dog park or for a walk, you’ll be providing their noses with new smells, their eyes with new sights, and their ears with new sounds. It’ll excite the brain, increase their mobility, and they’ll be happier as a result. If you don’t have time to do this every day, then giving them plenty of toys or puzzle games will give them an outlet to channel their busy minds.

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It supports the mental welfare of older dogs

mental welfare of older dogs

            Just like humans, dogs can become forgetful or confused as they grow older. A cognitive decline can occur in many dogs as they reach their senior years. It’s a fact of life and a very normal part of the aging process. By keeping their minds engaged and stimulated, you’re actually treating this cognitive decline and increasing neurological connections within the brain.

            Since it can be difficult for elderly dogs to go out for runs or walk upstairs, they can be prone to lying about all day in the hopes they can rest their joints. By giving them a light brain puzzle game that makes them work for treats, you’re providing them with both mental and physical stimulation that they need to keep their brain healthy.

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You’ll have a blast

You’ll have a blast

            There’s nothing more fun than watching your dog having a blast. I know I get excited when my dog’s tail starts wagging. Playing brain games with your dog, regardless of if you’re an active participant, will bring you joy for this reason. This will do wonders not only for their mood but for yours.

            It’s also a great way to reinforce the bonds you share with your pet. By participating in their everyday life, you’ll be building upon your relationship. This will ultimately make you and your dog happier companions overall.


            Giving your dog mental stimulation doesn’t have to be difficult. You can provide them with enough stimulation by doing simple things for them. Taking them for a walk or car ride is a quick way to enrich their lives. By giving them some brain games like a Kong or a puzzle treat game to play with throughout the day, you’ll be providing them with the stimulation they need to stay active and healthy.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of playing brain games with your dog, I hope you consider adding some to your dog’s daily or weekly routine. It’ll add so much more entertainment and growth into their lives.

            Remember, dogs only know what we give them. They see us as their pack leader and as such, it is up to us to provide them with the very best. By enriching their lives, the best that we can, we’ll be doing them a great service. They’ll stay happy and be able to live long and fulfilled lives alongside us.

            Occupied dogs are happy and well-behaved dogs. By giving them something to do or encounter, you’re keeping them and yourself out of trouble.