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black mouth cur

The black mouth cur is a called as herding dog as it watches the livestock. It is a dog from the south which is muscular and very powerful. Once you see this efficient dog you will fall in love with it. The name black mouth tells us that it commonly comes in black color. The term ‘cur’ is referred to as mixed breed of this dog. He is definitely a good pet and if you are planning to buy this dog then this article will help you to make a final decision once you read the Black mouth cur breed info from here.

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What is a black mouth cur?

The black mouth cur breed is a hunting dog that herded the livestock in the west. Afterwards this breed spread in every part. They are muscular and efficient in working. People prefer these dogs because of their excellent performance rather than the looks. When they are well-trained they are very loyal and confident.

Black mouth cur origin

When we read the black mouth cur history then we come to know that there are various claims about its origin. Some people say that Black mouth cur breed originated in the Tennessee but on the other hand there are people who trace its origin to Mississippi. However the point common to all is that this dog breed was popular in the south among the American settlers. They not only herded livestock but also hunted and guarded. From there the American settlers moved towards west along with their dogs. Now this dog breed is found in every part of the world and it is famous for its distinctive features.

Black Mouth Cur Mix:

The black mouth cur dog breed is mixed with other breed that is why their size, color and temperament are different. Black mouth cur Catahoula mix is a popular mix breed produced with black mouth cur dog and similar breed. The black mouth cur shepherd mix is also a well-known breed that is efficient in working and hunting.

Black Mouth Cur Dog Puppies:

Black mouth cur pups look very cute. The puppies need to well trained and be socialized with every kind of people and environment. These hunting dogs if properly trained at a tender age become very active when they grow up. Otherwise they will become aggressive.

Black Mouth Cur Size:

The size of black mouth cur differs from one breed to the other. Within the same litter, you will see different sizes of dogs. The male black mouth cur dogs are larger in size as compared to the female ones. The weight and height varies among the herding dogs.

Black Mouth Cur Size

Black Mouth Cur Weight:

These herding dogs come in size from 40-50 pounds. This is the black mouth cur average weight of the males. The female dogs weight less than this range. For dogs much larger in size the weight ranges from 60 pounds to 90 pounds as well. You need to make your dog exercise well because this athletic dog must remain fit and active.

Black Mouth Cur Height:

When we talk about its height then these dogs grow taller up to 16 inches. The height ranges between 16 to 25 inches or 40 to 64 cm. one must know that the size and the height depends on the specific dog breed.

Black Mouth Cur Colors:

They are lots of colors of black mouth cur dog such as black, red, yellow, tan, brindle, fawn, brown and others. The black mouth cur white color is rarely seen. The red black mouth cur color is among the inspiring colors full of impact. So you must select your desired color from these available colors.

Black Mouth Cur Personality:

The personality of this dog is very dominating. He is more interested to work. What makes him a perfect hunting and cattle dog is his courageous nature. The black mouth cur traits are that they are intelligent, hardworking and family oriented dogs. He is loyal towards his master and acts upon his master’s commands. He is bold in doing everything. You need to train him rightly only then his personality will become inspiring. He is perfect companion for outdoor activities with the family.

Black Mouth Cur Temperament:

They have stable temperament which means that they are not so aggressive like other breeds. They may give tough time to strangers but a very friendly towards their family. The puppies need to be socialized with every kind of environment and people only then they protect their family and when socialized, they behave with other dogs in a better way.

Black Mouth Cur Diet:

You need to give a healthy diet to your pet. The diet should be according to the size of your dog. Working for long hours makes him hungry that is why he needs a balanced diet to fulfill his energy requirements. Exercise daily makes your dog active and healthy. You need to serve two quality meals in a day. You need to discuss about your dog’s meal plan with your vet so know about his diet.

Black Mouth Cur Life Expectancy:

The black mouth cur lifespan on average is around 22-16 years. They are large in size and if proper diet is given to them along with regular exercise then they can live for additional years. So need to be very careful about your dog’s diet and exercises.

Black Mouth Cur Grooming:

Some dogs are born with light coat while others have heavy coat. Their short hair is easy to groom. You must comb their hairs to remove the loose hairs. Give them a bath and then dry them out completely. The hairs around the ear canal and toenails should be clipped.

Black Mouth Cur Grooming

Black Mouth Cur Breeders:

Internet is a place full of black mouth cur breeders. The breeders should be looked for testimonials, pictures, health testing performance. Once you are satisfied from these things then you need to contact the breeder. The info about their hunting publications will help to make the final decision. You need to discuss with the breeder that you are looking for a hunting dog for a family dog. Then he will guide you according to your requirements.

How Do You Train A Black Mouth Cur?

Training for your black mouth cur is very important. Black mouth cur training should be started at an early age. The basic commands like sit down and stand up are essential. Above all potty training is important. In this way your dog will learn about various behaviors at an early age.

Black Mouth Cur For Adoption:

If you are thinking to adopt a black mouth cur then it is up to you to adopt either a puppy or a grownup dog, in case of puppy you need to give him obedience training and ensure his participation in socializing activities. Once trained, he is a good guard dog who loves to care for his family.

Do Black Mouth Cur Shed A Lot?

Every dog breed sheds to some extent. The black mouth cur shedding is not noticed as this breed is short-coated. However you will observe the shedding twice a year, at the time of spring and during late fall. Apart from them they don’t shed occasionally.

Are Black Mouth Curs Aggressive?

The black mouth curs are least aggressive but the aggression is common among puppies. With enough socialization and obedience training the aggression comes to an end. So without training, you dog will definitely be aggressive giving you a tough time.

Black Mouth Cur Health Issues:

This is a healthy dog breed but Black mouth cur health problems are common like with any other dog breed. They are more prone to ear infections. The reason behind the Black mouth cur ear problems is that they have dropped ears which tend to trap the moisture and dirt. Their ears need to be cleaned on regular basis especially they are working under damp conditions. Obesity is also very dangerous for these dogs along with severe diseases like joint issues, diabetes and allergy.

How Much Is A Black Mouth Cur Dog?

The black mouth cur price depends of the type of breed you want to buy. The price increases with preliminary training for the dog. The average price for an untrained dog is around $250-$800.

Black Mouth Cur For Sale:

If you are planning to but a black mouth cur then there are various breeders who offer the pets at reasonable prices. The price of dog with medium size is around $500 to $800. The price range depends on the size and training of the dog. You can also make purchase from online.

Black Mouth Cur Puppies For Sale:

The price of the puppy on average is around $300 to $350. Make sure the puppy is well trained otherwise the price will be less. If you are offered a puppy with cheap price they there can some problem with the puppy. Be careful while you make the purchase.

Are black Mouth Curs Good Guard Dogs?

The black mouth cur dogs are ideal to be kept as guard dogs. There are suited to work in any environment. These hunting dogs guard the livestock and protect their family. they should be trained well only then they perform their job of guarding.

Black Mouth Cur Rescue:

There are lots of places from where you can buy rescue and adopt the black mouth cur dog. The state also offers such dogs that are abandoned and neglected. The dog adoption pages will also be helpful to you in this regard.

Black Mouth Cur Dog Pictures:

Here you can find the beautiful dog pictures with various colors. This will give you an idea to buy the right type of black mouth cur dog for you. The colors are different according to the mix breeds.


If you are looking for a guard dog that is able to work with you then you must go for the black mouth cur dog. The early adoption requires training for this dog. You need to be careful about his diet, exercise and training. He is an ideal pet for cares for the family well.

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