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can dogs eat apple cores

How about some crunchy apples for your buddy? Can dogs eat apple cores in the same way as they eat apples?  Apples are loved by everyone and your dog will not lag behind from munching this sweet fruit. People really don’t know about the benefits of apples with skin on. Apples are rich source of fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. in the lines below I will discuss how apple eating can prove to be hazardous for your dog.

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Apples have their yummy and delicious taste on one side and it can harmful to your dog on the side other side. One may ask can dogs safely eat apple cores because he does not want to risk the life of his pet. Your dog should not give whole of the apple at once as it may harm your dog. This low calorie fruit refreshes the breath of your dog. Apple seeds are also not recommended for dogs because of their toxicity. The presence of cyanide in the seeds is actually the thing of danger for the dogs. Many people want to know that how much apples are for dogs then one must know that moderate amount is safe to eat. Cut the apple into slices thereby removing the seeds and the core. Is an apple core bad for dogs is something of great worry or not. If you feel that your pet can unfortunately eaten apple with cores then immediately call your vet to save his life.

Harm Associated with Apple Cores and Seeds

The seeds of apples contain cyanide that is why they are prevented from eating apple cores and seeds.

  • Eating Apple Cores Can Cause Choking Hazards ?

Digesting fruits is a tricky thing for dogs unlike other foods such as meat. It is better that a dog should whatever he is eating. The vets express their thoughts that dogs usually tend to swallow when they eat anything. It happens when any kind of human food is served to them. Those who ask can dogs eat apple cores juice should not ask it due to its toxicity. The cores of apples and seeds when eaten by your dog can cause choking hazards. So it is better to give apple slices to your dog rather than a whole apple.

Eating Apple Cores Can Cause Choking Hazards

  • Risk of Cyanide Poisoning

When you dog has eaten the seeds of apple then he can get poisoning. Actually this poisoning because of eating seeds is due to the presence of amygdalin in seeds. When it gets metabolized then another compound which is hydrogen cyanide is formed in the body. Apple seed poisoning symptoms will be identified soon. When your dog is eating an apple then you have to monitor him throughout his eating. A few seeds eaten accidentally are fine but when he has eaten too many seeds at once can cause serious issues such as poisoning and choking hazards. Make sure your dog has enough training of not to eat the seeds. When some has eaten the apple and now it’s the time to through away the core and the seeds then watch out because in your absence your dog may eat them all.

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What are the Harmful Parts of an Apple?

Apple flesh is loaded with health benefits but it has some dangerous parts too. People may ask can dogs eat apple cores and seeds. Here both of these aspects are explained below.

Apple Seeds

Apple seeds are not safe for your dog because the seed covering contains traces of amygdalin which is a compound containing cyanide. The stem of apple also has cyanide to some extent so you have to be very careful while thinking about apples for your dog. So the stem as well as the seeds should be avoided. How many apple seeds can a dog eat is an irrelevant question. The poisoning due to cyanide occurs when the seed covering is broken down. If your dog has swallowed a few seeds without breaking them then luckily he will be alright. So in order to avoid such severe situation, you need to remove the seeds and the core.

Apple Core

Core is the central part of an apple having seeds inside. The core of one or more apples seems ok but the question is about lots of apple cores all at once. Can dogs eat apple cores without seeds is something of major concern? Or can small dogs eat apple cores? For small dogs apple cores can be dangerous because of poisoning associated with seeds. There are risks of choking hazards which has put the life of your pet in danger. Is the core of an apple poisonous? It is not poisonous but can be avoided. So in order to remain on safe side it’s better to serve slices of apples. For small breeds apple cores can prove to be fatal also. Apart from the apple cores, you must avoid giving apples peels. So give the apple in moderate amounts. So those who ask is it safe to eat the core of an apple will be clear now.

Apple Core

Can Dogs Eat Apple Cores Every day?

Pet owners usually as can dogs eat apple cores daily because they are conscious amount the health of their dog. Apple cores are strictly avoided for dogs. They cannot eat cores every day.

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What Happens if a Dog Eats An Apple Core?

When your dog eats an apple along with its core and seeds then it can be poisonous to your dog. According to the experts, one seed of apple approximately contain 0.45 mg of cyanide. On average there are 7.5 seeds per fruit which means that in a single apple core there is around 3.38 mg of cyanide. When your dog has eaten an apple core then sue to toxicity of the seeds he will suffer from diarrhea. Many veterinarian try to induce vomiting in such dogs so that the damage can be controlled. Can the core of an apple kill a dog? Yes it can when consumed in excess. The best way is to immediately rush to the doctor. Being ignorant will kill your dog ultimately. So never ever serve the apples with cores and seeds to your dog.

Things to Look for while Serving Apples to Your Dog

Can dogs eat apple cores pieces is still the same thing. When accidentally your dog has swallowed apple core along with seeds then seems perfectly alright then you should be so much worried. Cyanide in a single apple will not create problem but after eating the cores from time to time the poison accumulates. This can be the cause of digestive blockage in dogs. What if my dog ate an apple core is a dangerous situation due to choking hazards. Be careful for the next time when you see something strange. So a great idea is to serve apples without cores and seeds.

Things to look for while serving Apples to your Dog

Final Verdict:

Apple is one of the tempting human foods but any guesses can dogs eat apples or not? Yes they can eat apples but not the core and the seeds. You can add apple slices to your dog’s meals. Never give a whole apple to your dog and always keep an eye on him whenever he is eating an apple to protect him from future damage.

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