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can dogs eat raw eggs

Every one of us love to have eggs in our breakfast and can dogs eat raw eggs as a part of their diet? Raw eggs are safe for dogs as they are packed with proteins and fatty acids. They have nutritional benefits for dogs. Eggs can be served in many ways but the most convenient way is serving them raw. In this article we will discuss the importance of raw eggs for dogs.

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Can Dogs Have Raw Eggs Safely?

There is a lot of confusion about can my dog eat raw eggs. Some say that it will increase the cholesterol levels in dogs and also with a risk of bacterial infections in dogs. But wait! Raw eggs in your dog’s diet is very beneficial for them. Raw eggs are a great source of proteins. People ask can I feed my dog raw eggs should know that raw eggs contain amino acids and vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin B12 along with Folate, Fatty Acids, Iron and Selenium. This means that you should add raw eggs to your dog’s diet.

Can Dogs Have Raw Eggs Daily?

People ask can dogs eat raw eggs every day. Too much eggs are not safe for dogs. Make sure the diet of your dog should be balanced. Make sure you serve raw eggs when properly rinsed. As cooking destroys most of the nutrients in eggs. Make sure if you are feeding a raw egg to your dog then he should not face any digestion issues.

How Many Eggs Can A Dog Eat In A Week?

Can small dogs eat raw eggs? If you have a small dog then one to two eggs in a week are healthy for dogs. In case of larger dogs you should serve two medium sized eggs thrice a week. You must include eggs in your dog’s diet because raw diet is also important along with other foods that you serve to your dog.

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs With shell?

Can my dog eat raw eggs with shell? Raw eggs are safe for dogs with or without the shell. Egg shells are good for dogs as they have calcium in them. So if your dog cannot chew the bones then it is a nice idea to serve your dog egg shells for additional benefits. Make sure you wash the eggs bought from the store before you are serving raw eggs with shells to your dog. The reason is that there are chemicals sprayed on eggs. So properly washed eggs need to be boiled and served with shells on. Boiled eggs with shells is best option because it reduces the risk of bacteria which is common is raw eggs.

Note: Are eggshells good for dogs to eat? You can ground up the eggs shells and can sprinkle it on your dog food and it will fulfil the requirements of calcium for those dogs who cannot eat raw bones.

Can Dogs Eat Whole Raw Eggs?

There is a misconception about raw eggs that they cause biotin deficiency. It is not true at all. Avidin is found in egg whites which is a biotin inhibitor. It is needed to metabolize the fatty acids. On the other hand in the egg yolk biotin is found in excess. So Avidin in egg white is balanced by biotin in egg yolk. So it is important that you serve your dog whole raw egg. If you hear from pet owner that my dog ate a whole raw egg then you should not be worried about it because it is healthy for your dog.

How Often Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs?

It is very important that raw eggs form a part of your dog’s diet. Along with veggies and dog food raw eggs should be served to dogs at least once a week. For large dogs it can be maximum three eggs a week. If you are thinking about raw eggs on daily basis then it is risky in some ways. However if your dog is very much healthy with strong immune system then raw eggs can be suitable on alternate days for dogs.

What Happens If My Dog Eats Raw Egg?

If you were making a yummy cake and accidentally a raw egg slipped from the counter and fell down on the kitchen floor then it would definitely be eaten by your doggy. There is no need to be worried if your dog has eaten a whole raw egg. It is good for his health and is safe in any way.

My Dog Ate Raw Egg Yolk Should I Worry?

Can dogs eat raw egg yolks? Every pet owner should know that the yolk of an egg is its most nutritious part. They are packed with biotin. Naturally a whole raw egg is healthy because the Avidin in egg white is balanced by biotin in egg yolk. So if your dog has eaten egg yolk then you need not to worry at all.

Can dog eat Raw Egg Yolk

My Dog Ate Raw Egg White What Do I Do?

Egg whites are safe for dogs not you need to limit raw egg whites for dogs. Dogs who have digestion issues should not depend only on raw egg diet. If you are giving raw egg whites to your dog on daily basis then he will have biotin deficiency in the time to come. Biotin is necessary to aid digestion of food, for your dog’s healthy coat, akin and for its regeneration. So one or two raw egg whites are safe but they should not be a permanent routine of your dog.

Are Dogs Allergic To Raw Eggs?

Some dogs are allergic to eggs and you will observe that your dog is allergic to certain foods through his response to proteins. Usually dogs when served food high in protein show allergic symptoms. It means that raw eggs are not good for dogs with food allergies. In such case you have eliminate such kinds of foods from your dog’s diet.

Can Dogs Die From Eating Raw Eggs?

Dogs cannot die from eating raw eggs but if your dog has eaten an infected egg then he will get sick due to the presence of E.coli and Salmonella in raw eggs. Although the acidic stomach of dogs can kill all such type of bacteria but slight sickness can be the result of eating infected raw eggs.

Final Verdict:

Raw diet for dogs is of great importance. Similarly can dogs eat raw eggs is an important inquiry. Raw eggs are good for dogs because they are great source of protein, amino acids and fatty acids. You can give a whole raw egg to your dog twice a week for his healthy skin and growth. Raw eggs should not be the only diet for your dog. However it can be a healthy addition into your dog’s food.

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