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Colloidal Silver for Pets

As with any other member of the family, pets are bound to fall sick, either due to exposure to germs, allergic reactions or old age. Has the constant visit to the vet been an exhausting experience for you? Have you ever imagined the possibility of taking care of your pet’s health without the consistent rounds of pricey antibiotics?

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If this is you then congratulations, there are answers to your questions and they are all good news. The good news is that there is a natural approach to treating your dog’s ailment and it works quite effectively. All you need to know about it is further down this article so keep reading.


The answers you seek lie in the natural product called colloidal silver. This is a natural product made up of the mixture of a liquid base and tiny silver particles. It has the ability to penetrate the cells of the body and kill the pathogens responsible for any illness your pet has.


Amazing right? Well, there’s even more. The use of this product is not limited to only one type of animal. You can use it for dogs, cats, bunnies and any other furry member of your family. The benefits of colloidal silver for dogs and other pets amongst other things will be discussed as you read further.


A Brief History

Colloidal Silver for Pets

Dating back to the Greek and Roman empires, the use of silver as a method of food and wine preservation as well as a method of controlling infections have been seen in various records and documentations. Hippocrates, the man said to be the father of medicine taught and used silver as a remedy for treating wounds as well as the prevention of illnesses.


Around the middle ages, when the plague affected Europe, wealthy families made their kids suck on silver spoons to protect them against the plague.  While there were no scientific studies to back the efficacy of this practice, majority of the wealthy families who used this method fared better compared to others who did not during that era.


During the colonization of America and beyond, silver was used to keep water and milk from going bad. In fact it was a common practice to keep silver coins at the bottom of a barrel to keep germs at bay. In the latter half of the 19th century, due to the industrial revolution and scientific advancements, the effect of silver could be studied and applied in the field of medicine.


Until the 20th century when penicillin and other antibiotics were found, colloidal silver was used to treat illnesses. Because it was cheaper and easier to make, antibiotics replaced it until recently. It is making a comeback as a result of the body’s lower resistance to it as well as the rising cost of healthcare. You can click here for more historical background on this product.

What is Colloidal Silver

This is a solution made of silver particles and another substance usually a liquid, gel or cream in order to evenly distribute the silver particles during use. It can be used by both humans and animals due to the natural antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-virus properties it possesses.


As a result of these properties, it makes it a great pathogen fighter that can be used to treat all kinds of common pet conditions as well as infections such as yeast infections, cuts and scrapes, rashes ear infections and eye problems. It can also be used as a preventive measure to ensure that your pet continues to be healthy and infection free.

This solution can be used both internally and externally. This is because it is odorless, and tasteless. You can check here to learn more.

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Benefits of Colloidal Silver for pets

The benefit of this natural product is quite an extensive list, this is because it can help to prevent or manage a ton of conditions in your pet. There is even a possibility of curing such ailments. Some of the benefits you can get from using it for your pets include:

Prevention of infections

It has proven to be a very effective remedy to both prevent and treat infections such as bacterial, viral and fungal.


This solution is also very helpful in the treatment of injuries. This is because it helps cuts/injuries heal at a faster rate.

Ear infections

By adding just a few drops to the problem area, your pet can heal faster from any ear injury or infection in a few days.

Eye infections

Colloidal silver has a history of preventing blindness in new born children as at the 19th century. This is further proof to show that it is a great remedy for the treatment of eye infections in your pet. Applying it does not cause any burning or stinging effect and is safe for use.

Better alternative to antibiotics

It is also known to be an antibiotic, therefore can be used to counter microbes that cause disease in pets. It is also free from mutation of bacteria unlike antibiotics, this ensures that your pet will not experience any resistant strains against it. You will do well to find more about how colloidal silver can help your pets.

How to Use it for Dogs

One of the coolest things about this product is the ease at which it can be administered. It has no taste or odor, this makes it a great option because it does not in any way alter whatever food or drink it is applied to.


The three common ways you can give it to your pet is either orally, topically or by inhalation. They all have different effects therefore the method of administration depends greatly on what you are trying to achieve.

To administer orally, all you need to do is use a dropper to administer a few drops to your dog’s mouth multiple times daily. It tastes quite similar to water therefore; your dog should have no problems taking it.


For topical administration, you can either spray directly on the problem area or use as a compress. You can apply multiple times daily without discomfort as it does not burn or sting.


Finally, the process of inhalation is most recommended when your pet has problems with the lungs especially conditions like pneumonia and bronchitis. You should let the process last for at least 10 to 15 minutes daily.



As a pet owner, one of your major concerns is the health and safety of your pet. There is a lot of information about different remedies to consider on the internet. It can get really overwhelming especially if you are not sure which one to trust. This is the security that colloidal silver gives you as it has centuries of history and results backing it up.