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teddy bear dog

Have you ever wondered that a teddy bear can be your pet dog too? The teddy bear dog is a special dog breed which is admired due to its cute personality and loving nature. The children’s love towards the stuffed teddies gets enhanced when they meet this dog breed. These dogs are loveable, cute and caring towards the kids and are more than cuddle toys for them. Read the article below to know teddy bear dog info and various aspects related to this dog breed.

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History Of Teddy Bear Dog Breed:

These kinds of dogs were first discovered and came to limelight in the year 2000. Teddy bear dog real name is Zuchon or Suchon as well. This dog breed is among more loveable pets which are very friendly towards children. They resemble teddy bear and from there comes the name ‘teddy bear dog’. These are the cross breeds of two different parents that are Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu. There are various teddy bear dog names but the common name is Zuchon. However different experiments are carried out with other cross breeds as well. Today you can find lots of teddy bear dog types with pure as well as mixed lineage.

What Is The Teddy Bear Dog?

It is a new category of dog which resembles a teddy bear. They are known to be the best companions with children and adults due to their friendly nature. Their features which are button nose, fluffy coat and little eyes make them as loving teddy bear dogs. These are the cross breed of Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise. The mixed dog breeds inherit their unique characteristics from their parents. Other hybrids in this breed are Cocker Spaniel, Teddy Bear Pomeranian, Bichon-Poodle, Yorkshire terrier, Schnauzer, and Dachshund. So it is a great idea to include this new loving member into your family.

Teddy Bear Dog Description:

The teddy bear looking dog has an attractive appearance. They have button nose and button like eyes which are attractive features of teddy bear. These can be cuddled easily as they are smaller in size. All the delicate features are resembled with teddy bear which are fluff in texture. The teddy bear dog mix breed comes in various colors and you must buy the one which your kids love the most. The adult teddy bear dog has height around 8 to 12 inches. The adult teddy bear dog weight is between 10 to 20 pounds.

Teddy Bear Dog Colors:

There are attractive coat colors of a teddy bear dog. You will an all-white or all-black teddy bear dog. The teddy bear dog white color is most admired color as compared to other colors. Brown teddy bear dog looks quite natural. However you can get a mixture of white, brown and black. Teddy bear dog grey color is not very common but rare seen. These are the common colors and it is your choice to go for the best color for you.

Teddy Bear Dog Colors:

Teddy Bear Dog Coat:

The teddy bear dog has a fluffy coat. You will feel as if you are playing with your little fluffy teddy bear dog. The coat comes in various colors. The coat of these teddy bear dogs in double. The teddy bear dog grooming is very important because the soft fluffy hair need maintenance. You need to give a teddy bear dog haircut so that they remain well maintained. It is soft to touch and the outer coat is full of fluff. There are two varieties of the outer coat that are either curly and soft or silky and straight. The coat is hypoallergenic which needs proper trimming and grooming.

Teddy Bear Dog Do They Shed

The best thing about a teddy bear dog is that they don’t shed very much. You will note that some dogs that don’t shed at all. This feature makes them suitable pets for people with any kind of allergies. As a teddy bear dog is hypoallergenic so you will not have any problem with him even if you are allergic. Their coat needs maintenance and it is all that is needed. So you can enjoy with this teddy bear dog because there is no issue of teddy bear dog shed at all.

Best Known Therapeutic Dog Breeds Today!

This dog breed is being associated with the best therapeutic dogs for handicapped kids. The teddy bear dog personality is very different than the usual dogs. They have calm and peaceful nature which makes them as best companions for children. The children feel immense pleasure while playing with these teddy bear dogs. The provide love and attention to handicapped kids without the worry of dangerous incidents which are common among other older dogs.

Teddy Bear Dog Diet:

For your teddy bear dog, you must go for high-quality dry kibble. Canned foods must be avoided because they lead to tooth decay and other serious problems. The nutritional diet makes these dogs active and healthy. Make sure you discuss the proper diet plan with your vet.

Teddy Bear Dog Life Expectancy:

The teddy bear looking dog has a long life and the average life expectancy is around 15-18 years. The care is regarding their health. Usually they remain healthy and fit throughout their lives. However, the health issues may pass to them from their parents. So this dog is suitable for your family due to its longevity.

Teddy Bear Dog Health Problems:

Although this dog breed is healthy as compared to other dog breeds. The teddy bear dog health issues may occur at an early age or when they get older. If one of the parents is suffering from any serious health issue then it is more likely to pass from the parents to puppies. Make sure you bred only the healthy dog to avoid health issues in dogs. Usually the teddy bear dog puppies have weak trachea which causes health problems. You need to clean their eyes and ears to make them stay away from diseases.

The teddy bear dog Zuchon is the breed which is likely to get health issues like hip dysplasia, liver disease, deafness, epilepsy and some other threatening diseases are also common. The best thing is to take your dog to the vet for regular checkups. In this way you will come to know about his health clearly. Any kind of breed many get into health issues and you cannot say that any specific kind of dog breed comes with health problems.

Teddy Bear Dog Price:

People who want these cute looking fluffy dogs for their children are in search of the teddy bear dog cost these days and they inquire teddy bear dog how much do they cost. The price ranges varies depending upon the size of the dog. For a small puppy the price is $500 and it becomes $3000 for a larger dog. The teddy bear dog average price is $2000. It depends on your priority that whether you want a mini teddy bear pup that ranges around $400 to $500. The price goes on as the size of the teddy bear dog increases. However the price totally depends on the type of dog breed you are planning to buy.

Teddy Bear Dog Price

Teddy bear dog for sale:

There are so many ways from which you can buy this dog breed. There are so many teddy bear dog breeders who offer these dogs at affordable prices. The Tzu Frise or zuchon teddy bear dog for sale comes with an expected price range of $600 to $ can buy them online too and the teddy bear dog pictures will help you to make a smart purchase.

Teddy Bear Dog Temperament:

The teddy bear dog is known for his calm temperament and nature. Unlike other dog breeds, they make loving companions. They don’t bark unnecessarily or show any unusual behavior. The teddy bear dog puppy has friendly attitude which makes them suitable for handicapped children because teddy bear dog breeds are just like cuddling toys. They play with children which make them as loving pets.

Teddy Bear Dog Traits:

There are various characteristics and extraordinary traits of these teddy bear looking dog which makes them greatest pets. Let’s have a look at these traits one by them. I hope these will help you make a better decision while purchasing this pet.

  • They have a loving and friendly nature.
  • They are lively and full of adventure that is why they play with kids.
  • Teddy bear dogs can be trained very easily at home.
  • They are very affectionate and easily socialize with the family.
  • They quickly learn new tricks and love to lick people and cuddle with them.
  • These bear like dogs participate actively in sports like swimming, running and walking.
  • They are very active and alert at the same time. That is why parents go for these pets for their kids.

Teddy Bear Dog Training:

Like other dogs, this dog breed should be trained too so that the habits are settled. The proper training of these dogs makes them well-mannered. Without training, they become stubborn and unfit for kids. Training and exercise are part and parcel. So training along with learning makes them loving pets.


The teddy bear dog breeds are among the friendly and loving pets. This article contains teddy bear dog breed information which will help you to buy the one you like. These dogs are suitable as pets and even suited to those who are allergic. They have a calm and peaceful nature which makes teddy bear dog adoption easier for you.

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