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can dogs eat cherries

Many of the pet owners are really worried about the foods they should give to their pet because of any allergic issues. Yes, they are right because every kind of food that we humans eat is not appropriate for dogs. Here in this article we would like to discuss can dogs eat cherries? Cherries are one such fresh colored fruit available throughout summers everywhere. But have you have noticed that your dog can eat cherries nor not? Find out below.

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Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

There can be actually two possible answers relating to this particular question. The clear-cut answer is “NO” and the other answer would be “Yes but on certain conditions”. If you follow those conditions then it is ok to feed your pet cherries but if you don’t then it will be a risky treat for them. However when you will go through this entire discuss you would feel that it is better to feed your dog some other fruit like apples or strawberries rather than feeding them cherries which contain some risks. Let us explain you why cherries are not good for your dog?

Are Cherries OK For Dogs To Eat?

Giving Cherries to your dog is not a good idea for various possible reasons. Veterinary Doctors explain few reasons which are enough to convince you why your dog shouldn’t eat cherries?

You must be shocked to know that he pits of cherries contain cyanide which is toxic for your dogs. There is some quantity of cyanide in cherries. Here you should be asking that how many cherry pits are toxic to dogs. In case your dog eats various types of cherry seeds and leaves then cherry poisoning may occur due to the presence of cyanide in pits and leaves. If your dog has eaten large amount of cherries with pits then you should be ready for any type of situation relating to your dog’s health. The pits of cherries cause may cause stomach upset and intestinal obstruction as well.

Introducing new food to your cause various problems especially the stomach upset because stomach of dog is more sensitive as compared to human beings. May people ask that can dogs eat maraschino cherries? No, you shouldn’t feed your dog maraschino cherries because of the high sugar content in them even though they don’t contain pits in them.

One possible reason for not giving your cherries would be gastro intestinal obstruct because incorporating something new to their diet can make them sick enough. According to doctors the pits or stems of cherries may cause intestinal destruction. As a pet owner you must know that what does cyanide do to your pet? Yes it inhibits the supply of oxygen carried by red blood cells so there is not enough oxygen available for heart and brain and this only happens in case your pet has eaten too much cherries.

Are Cherries OK For Dogs To Eat

How To Give Cherries To Dogs?

You must keep in mind that you have to fulfil certain conditions before feeding cherries to your dog. Follow the conditions written below:

  1. Cherries should be freshly pick and in their natural form.

Many people ask that can dogs eat dried cherries. Dried cherries and processed cherries come in packed jar having sugar syrup. Yes you can give them but in limits. It is better to stick to natural form of cherries.


  1. Secondly you should remove the stem, pits and leaves that might be present on the cherries. You just have to make sure that only flesh of cherries is eaten by dog.


Have you ever thought that whole cherries can be so much dangerous for your dogs? Yes they are life threatening. Stems, Pits and leaves are harmful and even toxic for dogs. Pits may further aggravate the situation because they can cause digestive problems.


  1. Thirdly you should always remove the seeds of cherry before feeding them to your innocent pet.


Here many pet owners ask that can dogs eat cherries without seeds. Yes they can but you have to remove the seeds first. Seeds of cherry contain Cyanide and when taken in large amount may cause death of the pet. Cyanide limit the update of oxygen leading to difficulty in breathing and give them shock as well.

How Much Cherries Should I Feed My Dog?

It a basic rule that before introducing any food to your dog you should always start by small amount and same is the case with cherries. Pet owners remain worried about small dogs and they question can small dogs eat cherries? So you have to apply the above rule of introducing small amount of food for the first time.  Keeping in view the health benefits of cherries, it may be noted that you should always give moderate amount of cherries to your pet and prepare cherries properly before giving them as a treat. When people ask can dogs eat cherries safely? Yes, cherries are safe for dogs in small amounts. Although the taste of cherry is so delicious but make sure that dogs and cherries should make close association with each other. Start giving a small piece of cherries to your dog and notice any unusual signs or symptoms. If your dog show any unusual signs then it is better not to feed them cherries anymore. The unusual signs may include

  • Dilated Pupils
  • Difficulty in Breathing
  • Upset Stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Red Gums

Important Note: These symptoms may take little time before appearing after that your dog has eaten large amount of cherries. After the passage of time, symptoms may be visible or may get worse. Therefore you have to actively monitor your dog.

How Much Cherries Should I Feed My Dog

My Dog ate Cherries what do I do?

Although Diarrhea and upset stomach are common problems but if your dog experiences any of the aforementioned symptoms then you should do a hurry in reaching to the nearest veterinarian. You should worry especially when your dog ate large amount of cherries.

The above mentioned symptoms will only appear if your dog has eaten too many cherries along with seeds and pits. But if the number is small then you shouldn’t be worried. Some factors also contribute such as is your dog allergic to cherries? Or hum much extra amount of cherries their body can tolerate, the condition of your dog depends on these symptoms. However, in extreme cases your dog may get seizures or may go into the state of coma.

You shouldn’t allow your dog to eat extra amount of cherries even without seeds. Those pet owners who make a habit of giving cherries to their dog should consider the risks in their mind too because giving cherries on regular basis may cause health issues.

Will One Cherry Pit Hurt a Dog?

A number of pet owners are very sensitive by nature and they get worried even in case of small amount of forbidden food item. Don’t rush to the doctor if you think my dog ate a cherry and can a cherry pit kill a dog? If your dog has eaten one whole cherry along with seeds then you shouldn’t be panic. You just need to monitor the symptoms and it may happen that your dog doesn’t show any signs of sickness or in other case your pet would be perfectly OK. In case of mild sickness signs such as soft stool, mild vomiting or decrease of appetite then you should feed the pet bland diet such as boiled rice or chicken until his health is restored.

If the sickness persist then I would recommend you calling your nearest veterinarian so that the doctor may look for any signs of toxicity and do treatment according to that. You should know that there is cyanide in cherries. According to the team of doctors, if your dog show the signs of weakness, lethargy or blood in stool then he needs emergency treatment. It can happen that cherry pit is stuck in your dog’s stomach and your dog needs to be admitted into the emergency because it can be life threatening in case of ignorance. You should monitor the signs of obstruction such as vomiting, not eating or decrease in fecal production. If there is anything struck in your dog throat then signs of obstruction can happen within 12 to 24 hours. Your vet may perform surgery to remove the pit from your dog’s stomach. After this passage you must have noticed that can dogs eat cherry pits? The answer is a big “NO”.

Once your dog has returned home after the treatment then you have to be extra careful regarding his health. Medications should be given at proper timings so that speedy recovery can be done. Meanwhile you have to look for any behavioral changes and then discuss with your vet.

Why Should I Give My Dog Cherries?

Cherries are good for your dog to eat but don’t get too excited because things only work in moderation. You can make a dog treat composing of cherries only if the conditioned aforementioned are fulfilled. Here I would like to explain benefits of cherries which make these tiny fruits healthy.

Health Benefits of Cherries for Dogs:

  • Cherries are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Apart from these vitamins you will also find some minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Folate.
  • Vitamin A in cherries is known for a number of health benefits especially relating to eyes. Vitamin A can strengthen the eyes of your dog and improve overall eye health.
  • Cherries help to boost the immune system of dog because of the presence of vitamin C. Vitamin C enhances the function of white blood cells and ultimately strengthen the immune system of your dog.
  • Sweet Cherries also contain some quantity of iron which helps in the formation of hemoglobin. So feeding cherries improve overall health of your dog.
  • Cherries are rich source of antioxidants such as anthocyanins and melatonin.
  • It reduces the risk of heart disease and regulate the rhythms of heart
  • Helpful in reducing joint pain and inflammation
  • Regulates sleep and improve brain health

Why Should I Give My Dog Cherries

What To Do If your Dogs Comes Accord Cherry Garden?

Those who have garden at their homes have to be extra careful because different types of plant grow there and they can make different impact on the health of your dog. However, if you have garden in your home then you have to watch your dog frequently. God Forbid if your dog eat all those forbidden things such cherry seeds, stems, leaves then emergency can occur at any time without your knowledge.

Can Dogs Eat Cherry Popsicles?

Popsicles are always great treat for dogs especially the flavored popsicles. Sharing popsicles with your pet is a smart way to get their attention but make sure that the popsicles you give to your dog must be low sugar and with no artificial ingredients. Cherry popsicles can also be a great treat for your dog in summer season because these keep your pet hydrated but you have to make sure that popsicles should be made from the flesh of cherries and not seeds. Usually popsicles are not unhealthy for your pet.

Final Verdict:

To wrap up the discussion I would say that dogs may be given small amount of cherries on rare occasions. Hopefully you must have got the answer of your question can dogs eat cherries? Cherries are fresh red fruits but they are having toxicity so you shouldn’t risk your dog’s life. There are variety of fruits available so why spending more time preparing cherries for your dog. Make sure that Cherries in your home should out of reach of dog.

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