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golden retriever puppy

Pet lovers looking for a loyal and good temperament puppy must consider a golden retriever puppy that belongs to an all-time favorite breed. Your golden retriever can be a friendly family dog that loves to do all your work actively. A golden retriever is a muscular dog that is preferred by the breeders because of his obedience and intelligence. This trustworthy dog is very energetic that is why it finds its suitable place as a working dog, to track and assist and in dog Sports. You will find this dog very protective around your kids because he is very easy to train. In this article, you will find all the valuable information about a golden retriever that helps you a lot if you are planning to welcome this new member into your family.

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Golden retriever characteristics:

Golden retriever personality is an attractive feature that is greatly liked by pet lovers. This dog needs enough socialization at an early stage only then he will be able to show a well-disciplined behavior. If you are not familiar with golden retriever traits then you must know that these are very intelligent dogs that are why they find a prominent place in police and rescue teams where they are kept as therapy and guide dogs. These playful dogs will be gentle with your kids because of their calm nature.

Golden retriever weight and lifespan:

These sporting male dogs have an average weight of around 65 to 75 pounds while golden retriever female weight is around 55 to 65 pounds. When they get 2 years of age then they get their mature weight. These dogs have a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years.

What is the Best food for Golden retriever puppy?

A golden retriever puppy diet has to be very healthy so before selecting any dog food you need to keep in mind his nutritional needs. It depends on your dog’s age and size that which dog food will be right for him. Make sure you go for high protein kibble with some lean source of protein. You can serve protein-rich food with some brown rice and occasional whole grains. Some puppies are sensitive to grains and for them, you can go for any grain-free chicken and sweet potato recipe. Apart from these, you can go for occasional golden retriever puppy treats as well. You need to carefully look at your golden retriever puppy weight because they get overweight very easily.

How much to feed Golden retriever puppy?

Those who have golden retriever puppy at home are advised to give him frequent meals in small portions. You can get the idea that serving him four meals a day for up to three months is recommended and after that, you can feed him with three meals a day for the next three months. Once your puppy is a year-old then fix a schedule of two meals in a day.

How to train a Golden retriever puppy?

Golden Retriever puppy training requires socialization at an early age. Although golden retriever puppy temperament is very even and gentle but you need to make your puppy familiar with a lot of people and places around him in his early months so that he can adjust well in every kind of environment. You can also go for puppy training classes to make him obedient and well mannered. So, this loyal dog if given enough socialization and training will be your best companion ever.

Why is my Golden retriever puppy so aggressive?

Aggressiveness is very common among dogs and a golden retriever is one of them. Your golden retriever puppy behavior can be aggressive even if he belongs to a gentle breed. Your puppy needs your attention and if he is ignored then this can lead to serious aggression. Most of the puppies show aggressive behavior when they are not socialized enough. You need to buy your golden retriever from a well-known breeder because most puppies show this kind of behavior whenever they leave their breeder. A good way to deal such kind of behavior is to socialize your dog as much as you can.

Do Golden retriever puppies shed?

Golden Retriever puppies have a thick undercoat and you can find adorable golden retriever puppy colors such as light golden and darker golden. Their hairs are usually wavy while others have straight hair as well. The thick feathering on their thighs, chest, and tail looks cute. When it comes to shedding the hair then golden retrievers shed a little in winter and summer while the shedding is heavy in spring and fall. When it comes to golden retriever grooming then regular brushing is required. You need to brush his coat twice a week and once a month bath is necessary to avoid smell and hair tangles.

Where to buy Golden retriever puppy?

Many of us are fascinated by golden puppies and bringing home a golden retriever puppy will be a great surprise for your family indeed. You have to explore some reputable breeders who raise these golden pups to be adopted as pets. You also can contact rescue groups if you are planning to adopt a golden retriever puppy.

How much does a Golden retriever puppy cost?

If you are planning to buy a golden retriever then, first of all, you need to make your research. You need to select a reputable breeder and usually, the golden retriever puppy price is around $500 to $1,000 for a well-bred puppy. You can find some of the best breeders online or you can also contact the breeder clubs and then they will provide you valuable information regarding a golden retriever.

Final thought:

Golden retriever puppies are the best companions because of their smart personality and calm nature. You can have this puppy as a pet because he is much disciplined when given early training. This playful puppy will love to spend time with your kids. There are so many reputable breeders from where you can buy this puppy. You need to take good care of your golden retriever puppy by keeping him busy in exercises and training sessions. you can also read this article Can dogs eat broccoli?