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melatonin for dogs

Melatonin is a very effective supplement used by people especially those having sleep disorders. Melatonin for dogs is also beneficial because it is used for the treatment of various health conditions in canines. You might have noticed that dogs experience stress and anxiety due to several factors and if your dog having stress due to any phobia then you can use melatonin but make sure that the dosage recommended by a veterinarian. Most importantly, melatonin is used for pets who find difficulty in sleeping at night. Melatonin supplements can be used safely for various health problems such as sleep disorders, anxiety, phobias, alopecia-X, and clotting disorders in dogs.

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What is melatonin?

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that occurs in the bodies of both animals and humans. This hormone helps to regulate sleep cycles, hair growth and to manage stress and anxiety. If your dog is facing sleep disorder then the best way to treat this problem is by using melatonin. If this hormone is not produced in a sufficient amount then you need to take melatonin supplements that are easily available in the market. Make sure you use it after discussing with your vet otherwise it can have serious effects on other hormones as well.

Is melatonin safe for dogs?

Humans, as well as dogs, can safely use melatonin.  Melatonin is used to treat various health issues in dogs and if your canine is having crushing’s disease then melatonin is the right option for you. However, you have to be very careful about the dose of melatonin for dogs and it has to be very calculated otherwise it can make your dog sick. The dosage should be decided according to the weight and condition of your dog so always discuss this thing with your vet and then he will decide the right dosage of melatonin for the dog. Do not introduce any new supplement in your dog’s diet without veterinarian’s permission to avoid any of its side effects.

Uses of melatonin in dogs:

Melatonin is used to treat many health problems in dogs. In the following lines, the common uses of melatonin for dogs are discussed.


The use of melatonin by humans is common and it is also given to dogs having a sleep disorder. You have to be very accurate about the dosage of melatonin and after that, you will see that your dog will have a better sleep at night.


Dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety or any phobia and in such a situation they become hyper. The vets recommend the use of melatonin to make the dogs calm down when they get hyper. Your dog will relax after taking a single dose of this medicine.


Seasonal alopecia is also found in dogs and in this situation you can observe bald patches in the sides of the abdomen. The use of a melatonin supplement is recommended so you need to discuss in detail with your vet if your dog has alopecia.

Crushing’s disease:

If your dog is having crushing’s disease then melatonin is a good option. This endocrine abnormality is common in older dogs. When the cortisol production is excessive then you can find some common symptoms such as increased urination, hair loss, weight gain, and others. The use of this medicine helps to reduce the cortisol levels in dogs.

Can you use human melatonin for dogs?

Pet owners usually ask can I give human melatonin to my dog then the answer is yes. This sedative supplement is used as a sleeping aid. So, if your dog is having a sleep disorder then you can give human melatonin to your dog too. Be careful about the right dosage because too much melatonin will make him sick. Make sure you look for the drug sensitivity when you are giving melatonin to your dog after discussing it with your vet.

Can melatonin make dogs hyper?

If your dog is behaving strangely due to stress, restlessness and sleep disorder then melatonin is used to make your dog calm down. This sedative hormonal supplement is used for anxious dogs so that they can relax and have an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Those who ask can I give my dog melatonin to calm down then the answer is yes because this sedative supplement is used by pet owners to control the hyperactive behavior in dogs.

Can melatonin help dogs sleep?

Melatonin is a common sedative hormonal supplement that is used to help dogs in getting better night sleep. Most of the dogs often have disturbed sleep patterns, then in this situation, melatonin is used as a sleeping aid. Your dog will be relaxed after the use of melatonin and this will help him to get uninterrupted sleep at night. Older dogs usually suffer from insomnia so this medicine is used to restore the natural sleep cycle in dogs.

How much melatonin should I give to my dog?

The right dosage for your dog can only be described by a veterinarian and he will look for possible signs of stress or phobia. Melatonin is a good option to make your dog calm down if he is having any stress or phobia. The dosage is always decided through the weight and condition of the dog. The milligrams of melatonin are decided according to the weight of your dog. For small dogs, it can be risky so you have to be very careful with that. If your dog finds melatonin helpful then it is very effective to treat some other health issues as well.

Can melatonin make dogs sick?

Melatonin is safe for dogs in general but some dogs can have allergic reactions as well. The dosage of melatonin is very important and if this supplement is given to a dog, in too much amount then your dog will have digestive problems and an increased heart rate. You need to carefully look at the ingredients in the melatonin supplements because xylitol is an ingredient that can be toxic to dogs. If your dog is experiencing any side effects regarding the dose of melatonin then talk to your vet immediately.

What are the side effects of melatonin in dogs?

The common side effects of melatonin in dogs are upset stomach, allergy, headache, confusion, fertility problem, weight gain, and others. A serious side effect of melatonin is drowsiness and if you find any of these symptoms then discontinue the use of melatonin at once and discuss it with your veterinarian. If your dog is having a liver or kidney disease then melatonin can be unsafe. Make sure not to use melatonin if your dog is already using some other medicine.

Final thought:

Dogs usually suffer from health issues such as insomnia, hair loss stress, and others. If your dog is suffering from sleep disorder then melatonin is used for its treatment. The right dosage of melatonin is very important and for that, you need to discuss the condition and weight of your dog with your vet. If your dog is allergic to this medicine then quit its use at once. you can read this article golden retriever puppy