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Cocker spaniel puppies

The cocker spaniel dogs have a Spanish origin. This dog breed was bred to hunt the woodcocks which are the game birds. The attractive appearance of these dogs makes them suitable for the family as pets. Cocker spaniel puppies are jolly and playful and cannot imagine spending your day without the cocker spaniel if you are away from him. Here in this article, you will get to know about the information of cocker spaniel puppies breed along with some quick facts as well.

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What Is The Origin Of The Cocker Spaniel?

The origin of cocker spaniels is back to Spain. Their name ‘cocker’ is often related with the game bird woodcock where these dogs were bred to hunt them. In the United States, cocker spaniel is an exceptional dog as compared to the cocker spaniel in England. These dogs are smallest to medium in size. Now you can barely see them as hunting for the gaming birds. Today this dog has gained the reputation of a kind and affectionate family pet.

Cocker Spaniel Puppies Colors Which Are Pleasing To Look:

The cocker spaniel coat colors are very beautiful. The colors include black, silver, red, and brown, golden, orange and sometimes mix of two. Cocker spaniel puppies black are common, and also Cocker spaniel puppies black and white are among favorite choices. There are markings on their coat too which is a part of their identity.

What Is An Ideal Size Of Cocker Spaniel?

Cocker spaniel puppies size is large than other cousins. To talk about the cocker spaniel height then the males are around 38 to 43 cm tall while females have a height of 36 to 41 cm. The cocker spaniel weight for men is 13 to 16 kg while females weigh around 12 to 15 kg. They are larger breeds regarding size. You much keep a check on the weight of cocker spaniel dog, and if you see a considerable weight gain or weight loss, then it shows that you must contact your vet.

How Is The Personality Of A Cocker Spaniel?

People admire cocker spaniels due to their inspiring personality and beauty. The soft and smooth hair adds to their charm. Their behavior is not rude to their family. He is a natural going buddy with everyone. His affectionate nature is visible from his personality. Their gentle and polite nature makes their place in the family. This dog boasts the title of best-loved dog ever. With any environment, these dogs adjust well. You don’t need to worry about their activities because they find something for themselves on their own.

Personality Of A Cocker Spaniel

What Is So Special About Temperament Of Cocker Spaniel?

Temperament of cocker spaniel is gentle and peaceful. Spaniels are not among the list of aggressive dogs. The puppies take very less time for training, and they quickly learn what you teach them. The overall temperament is sweet and playful, and cocker will disturb your tease you when you are busy with your work. As a pet, spaniel is your loyal companion with whom all your worries come to an end. The best thing about the cocker spaniels is that they are ever-ready for training. It is something a part of their personality and nature. He loves to go for a brisk walk with your and exercise is also essential for his healthy living.

Are Cocker Spaniels Good Family Pets?

When you are looking for a lovely and gentle companion, then I would suggest the cocker spaniel to you. The puppies are adorable, and with your children, these dogs and puppies make good friends. This dog is among the list of favorite and friendliest breeds who adjust very comfortably with your family. He is at times sensitive, but you need to train him at an early age so that he learns about your family and its needs.

Do Cocker Spaniels Shed A Lot Of Hair?

When it comes to cocker spaniel shedding then yes they shed a lot. You have to brush regularly and brush a lot that is the key. The only way to reduce your puppy shedding is combing on a regular basis. There no way to stop shedding but you can overcome it. Brushing will also make your cocker spaniel’s coat soft and smooth. Trimming is also essential because it is an integral part of coat care.

Are Cocker Spaniel Puppies Hypoallergenic?

There are allergies issues with lots of dog breeds, but when it comes to cocker spaniels, then they are not hypoallergenic. I am sure this news will please you a great deal.

Do Cocker Spaniel Bark A Lot?

I have already mentioned about their alertness and active nature. Whenever they hear any noise, they become alert. The response to the cries is their excessive barking. So I don’t recommend them as guard dogs for you. They wag their tails and start licking the hands of strangers. So, barking is an issue with these dogs.

What Is Cocker Spaniel Puppies Diet?

Diet for cocker spaniel puppies should be the dry dog food such as kibble. You should make an addition of carbohydrates which are present in grains like oatmeal, rice, barley, and others. Make sure you design a proper diet schedule for your puppy which contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Make sure you check your puppy for the food allergies, and your vet will guide you in this regard.

What Health Problems Do Cocker Spaniels Have?

Like with every other dog, English cocker spaniels have some common health issues which include eye problems, skin issues, and spinal problems. Other minor cocker spaniel puppies’ health issues include hip dysplasia, cardiomyopathy, skin allergies, hypothyroidism, urinary stones, liver disease and some others.

How Much Is Cocker Spaniel Puppies Life Span?

Cocker spaniels live for approximately 12 to 15 years. Dogs will proper diet are less prone to diseases so must ensure that your puppy is eating well. It also requires regular visits to the vet because routine checkups save your dog from various serious illnesses which otherwise are not known to us.

Cocker Spaniel Puppies Life Span

Tips For Cocker Spaniel Puppies Care:

  1. The most important thing about the spaniel puppy care is their health. Make sure your diet eat healthy diet along with regular checkups to the vet. When he is six years old, then you should go for his vaccines.
  2. The spaniel puppies are very intelligent, so you need to engage them in learning. Their mental stimulation makes them active and energetic.
  3. These pets are attention seekers from their puppyhood. You should give your time and attention to them otherwise they will become rude.
  4. You should brush their hair regularly along with cleaning of teeth, ears, and tail.
  5. Make sure he has his bed and cover because sharing a couch creates problems at times.

How Much Is A Cocker Spaniel Puppy Worth?

Cocker spaniel puppies are expensive to buy as compared to the puppies of other breeds. The price of cocker spaniel puppy on average is around $600 to $700. The reason behind their increased cost is their good health. Usually, the puppies from the puppy mills are not very expensive because they are not entirely taken care concerning health and diet. However, from a reputable breeder, the puppy price is high.

Cocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale:

If you are in search of cocker spaniel puppies up for adoption, then you can find them on sale in various advertisements on the internet. You need to find the breeder and discuss with him your needs and preferences. Don’t go for the puppies of low price because there might be some issue with him. Cocker spaniel puppies UK and cocker spaniel puppies the USA will be located with the help of internet or with the advice of your vet.

How To Find Cocker Spaniel Puppies Breeders?

The cocker spaniel puppy breeders are great in number. There are official sites on the internet run by these breeders. From there you can locate the nearest breeder to you. Negotiations help to make better decisions. So this way you should buy the puppies from a well-known breeder in your area.

Cocker Spaniel Puppies Pictures:

People looking for cocker spaniel puppies images will find lots of them here. All the colors are here for you to see. I hope these pictures will help in selecting the perfect color for your pet.


Cocker spaniel dogs were bred to hunt the gaming birds, but now they find their place in our home in the form of pets. The English cocker spaniel puppies are very intelligent, and you need to train them as well to sharpen their skills further. You will feel them a bit expensive to buy but trust me they are very friendly and fun-loving companions for your family.

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