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can dogs eat almonds

Dogs are our loyal companions who completely depend on us when it comes to foods. Dogs love to enjoy apples and watermelon while certain types of nuts are not a good choice for your dog. Can dogs eat nuts lacked clarity while Can dogs eat almonds safely is a frequently asked question by pet owners. Let me tell you that almonds are not suitable for dogs because they cause stomach issues and belly ache. In this article I will why it is not safe to have almonds for your dog.

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How Bad Are Almonds For Dogs?

If you ask about the harm of almonds then you must know that your doggy cannot eat almonds in the same way as you do. Can my dog eat an almond should be of little concern. One or two almonds are fine here we are talking about a bunch of almonds eaten by a dog. Many experts say that one should try to induce vomiting among dogs with 30 minutes of time frame. If you don’t know the exact time when the almonds were consumed then you must watch out the signs of illness in your dog. In case your doggy falls it then immediately rush to your vet. If you don’t see any kind of vomiting or bloating then he would be alright. But you have to be careful next time. Pet owners should know that almonds can cause more harm than going any good to their dogs. Bitter almonds are not advised in same way as sweeter ones. So can dogs eat bitter almonds is of no benefit to dogs.

Why Cant Dogs Eat Almonds ?

The reason dogs cant almond is that they are hard to digest. You might have observed if unfortunately your dog has eaten almonds then he has an upset stomach and gastric intestinal discomfort. As almonds have high fat content so they will cause the risk of pancreatitis among dogs. This is a dangerous situation that demands an immediate guidance from vet. When it comes to almond oil then can dogs eat almond oil is a surely a strange question. Oil cannot be consumed but can be used for skin massage to treat allergies in dogs. The best idea is to make homemade food. How about can dogs eat treats made with almond flour? Yes you can make yummy recipes with almond flour for your doggy.

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Can Dogs Eat Any Kind Of Nuts ?

Not all kinds of dogs are suitable for dogs. There are risks associated with some types while consuming some nuts can be beneficial to your dog. Don’t try to give a combination of nuts when you don’t know which one to give and which one to avoid. There can be toxicity issues with eating nuts. Here I will discuss the nuts which you dog can eat safely.

Can Dogs Eat Any Kind Of Nuts

Good Nuts

  • Peanuts: when it comes to peanuts then yes your dog can simply eat peanut or if you like to roast them then they are also great. Only few types of dogs have allergy issues regarding peanuts but otherwise it is a good nut which safely be given to your dog.
  • Hazelnuts: hazelnuts are usually suitable to large breeds of dogs who want easily chew them. These nuts are non-toxic so you can give them to your large dogs but not in excess.
  • Cashews: eating cashews once a while is safe but you have to make sure that they are roasted. If is not recommended to eat raw cashews due to the presence of toxin in raw cashews which gets eliminated upon high temperature.

Bad Nuts

  • Almonds: almonds are at the top of the list among bad nuts. It’s not about the toxicity of almonds but when your dog eats almonds then he can easily get upset stomach. In order to avoid the gastrointestinal discomfort. So you should not ask can dogs eat almonds safely due to these risks.
  • Pistachios: the can upset your dog’s stomach because of high fat content in them. If your dog is eating too many pistachios then it can cause pancreatitis.
  • Walnuts: there is a toxin found in walnuts named as tremorgenic mycotoxins. It is the cause of seizures in dogs. So you must not give walnuts to your dog.
  • Macadamia nuts: there nuts have a toxic substance which may show neurological symptoms among dogs. They have high fat content in them and can cause pancreatitis. These have same effect on your dog’s health as grapes and raisins have.
  • Hickory nuts: eating these nuts may cause gastrointestinal discomfort due to the presence of toxin known as juglone.
  • Pecans: these have same effects as hickory nuts. So these are not recommended for dogs due to their toxicity.

Can Dogs Eat Mixed Nuts ?

Pet owners don’t know that dogs cannot eat mixed nuts. It is because some nuts are toxic while others are safe. Combination of good and bad nuts may upset your dog’s stomach. People ignorantly ask can dogs eat almonds and cashews while they don’t know that cashews are among good nuts while almonds belong to the category of bad nuts. So a mixture of both these nuts can have an overall bad effect on your dog’s health. On the other hand can dogs eat nuts and raisins is also not a good inquiry. As raisins are toxic so they should not be mixed with nuts. When it comes to almonds with some coating like can dogs eat chocolate covered almonds is a bad choice. Due to chocolate toxicity he will have diarrhea.

Can Dogs Eat Mixed Nuts

In Which Form Can Almonds Be given To Dogs?

Almonds can be served in various forms here you will come to know that which form is safe while is unsafe.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Almonds?

When it comes to raw almonds then dogs cannot eat raw almonds because they can cause choking hazards. Apart from that eating almonds can cause stomach problems and tummy ache. So you must avoid giving raw almonds to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Ground Almonds?

Ground almonds are a safe option as compared to raw ones. Ground almonds are in powdered form and the best thing is that the grounded almonds can be added to your dog’s food. Although dogs are fond of munching then but they can cause choking hazards in dogs. So you should ground these almonds to prevent the risk of choking.

Can Dogs Eat Baked Almonds?

Baked almonds with cause choking hazards in dogs. You can bake the dog’s yummy food and then add some crushed almonds as a topping.

Can Dogs Eat Chopped Almonds?

Chopped almonds are much like crushed almonds because they will give ease to your dog. So rather than giving your dog raw almonds you should chop them for your doggy.

Can Dogs Eat Crushed Almonds?

You need to crush the almonds so that your dog may not find any difficulty in eating them. The smaller breeds of dogs cannot chew them so you should crush them before giving them to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Crushed Almonds

Almond Milk And Almond Butter Can Be A Smart Idea!

You can give almond milk to your dog but you have to observe your dog’s reaction to it. Can dogs eat almond milk can be a substitute to crushed almonds. On the other hand can dogs eat almond butter can be a yummy treat. You have to ensure that the doggy eats in limited amount.

Overall almonds are not good for dogs. Those you ask can dogs almond cookies should know that yes they can but it depends on dog to dog. Some dogs will face tummy ache while others do not.

Salted Or Unsalted Almonds, Which One Is A Good Choice?

There are also available salted almonds in the market but you are not allowed to have a look at salted varieties. Spices like salt and pepper are harmful for dogs and puppies. These spices will cause irritation in dog’s stomach. Can dogs eat salted almonds is not a good thought. The major problem with salted nuts is that they when they are consumed in large quantities then they can cause water retention along with salt toxicity.

Can dogs eat unsalted almonds safely? Unsalted almonds are also not a good choice for your dog. As they also can be harmful to your dog and cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Tummy ache is the cause of munching a handful of almonds. So you have to clear your mind that eating both the salted and unsalted almonds are NOT GOOD for your dog. If you are giving good nuts to your dog then also be careful that you do not add spices to them. Almonds bad for is dogs is definitely an issue. Roasting good nuts is also a good idea to make them more crunchy and delicious. Can dogs eat almond paste seems fine but not always.

Salted Or Unsalted Almonds, Which One Is A Good Choice

Are Almonds Toxic To Dogs?

Almonds are not a good choice for your pet due to some harmful substances found in them. You might have heard about nut poisoning due to their toxicity. The main issue which your dog will face is of stomach upset or blockage in gastrointestinal track of your dog. So this kind of situation demands the need of a veterinarian immediately. Toxic ingestion is the common issue raised by pet owners which is caused by eating various kinds of nuts. Can dogs have almonds to eat is a silly question to those who are unaware about the toxicity of almonds. They are not really toxic but are hard to chew and digest.

You have to follow some guidelines to reduce the risk of poisoning of nuts. Those who say my dog ate one almond will he be fine must be discussed here. One almond will not put the life of your dog in danger but will give him stomach discomfort. Make sure you keep an eye on your dog when you are munching nuts and he is also with you. Even if you are giving your dog good nuts then always ensure that they are served in small pieces so that dog can easily chew them. Some may ask can dogs eat roasted almonds or can dogs eat dry roasted almonds is a question of greater risk because of choking hazards.  In this way there will not be any risk of choking hazards.

Can Small Breeds Eat Almonds?

When we talk about the small breeds of dogs then we cannot exactly tell that how a small breed will react to the same quantity of almonds given to both large and small breeds. Large dogs usually don’t get hurt by eating few almonds but can small dogs eat almonds is something which cannot be just predicted. Small dogs usually show the signs of obstruction that is why in order to save your small dogs from choking hazards, you should be careful about nuts especially almonds. Maltese is another small dog breed which can get affected by almond toxicity. If one asks can Maltese eat almonds then only one or two here and there.

What Happens If My Dog Eat Almonds?

In your absence if you dog has eaten almonds and later on you have come to know about them then you must observe some kind of symptoms in your dog regarding gastric intestinal discomfort. Listed below are some symptoms from which you can get to know about the condition of your dog.

  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomach discomfort

If I feed my dog almonds then I don’t its safe or not. Almond eating can prove to be very dangerous to dogs because they can cause blockage in the esophagus and intestines. If you have ignored your dog because of your busy schedule then he will die when not treated on time. It will require urgent surgery of your dog.

What Happens If My Dog Eat Almonds

Can Dogs Die If They Eat Almonds?

It is the number of almonds which your dog has eaten. Even one or two almonds can be harmful especially among small breeds. Don’t leave these nuts in the reach of your dog otherwise you will be guilty of yourself. Professional advice is needed in case your dog has eaten a container full of almonds.  Always keep this thing in mind that the food which can eat safely may not safe for your dog too.

Final Verdict:

When it comes to nuts then pet lovers usually ask can dogs eat almonds. It is actually not recommended for dogs to eat almonds. Almonds are not toxic but they can cause choking hazards. While some forms can be given to them liked grounded or crushed. So it is advised that almonds may not be given to dogs.

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