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dogs eat popcorn

Movie night is incomplete without popcorns and if you own a pet then do you have any idea can dogs eat popcorn or not? Yes dogs can enjoy popcorns with you while you are watching your favorite movie. Popcorn is actually corn kernel in cooked form. It has great nutritional value for your pet’s health. In this article I will share with you the types of popcorn and which are allowed to your doggy.

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Popcorn is the ear of corn in its dried form and when exposed to concentrated heat makes the kernels pop thereby exposing their white starch. Plain popcorn are tempting in their own way while some people go for dog popcorn treats along with salt, butter, caramel or cheese. So one should not inquire can dogs eat flavored popcorn as the flavors are not safe for health.


Health Benefits Of Eating Popcorn To Dogs

Popcorn is one the yummy and delightful snacks for dogs. They are full of nutrition in comes to your doggy’s health. The dietary fiber and calories in popcorns make your dog healthy and fit throughout the day. Munching some pieces is perfectly alright for dogs. The advisable safe quantity is around 5 grams of popcorns. Make sure do not give them on daily basis. It is packed with carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Is Popcorn Bad For Dogs?

The popcorn is not a well advisable item for your doggy. If you are so interested to have popcorn for your dog then make sure it is served plain. Don’t ever think of toppings of salt or cheese which are unsafe for your pet. Human beings can safely eat popcorn with various combinations but be careful about your dog’s health. You should give popcorn to your dog in moderate amount otherwise your pet will become obese with stomach upset.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn Safely?

Dogs can safely eat popcorn but with some guidelines. Make sure the popcorn are fully popped. It is recommended to serve your puppy plain popcorn. When you put the pack of popcorns into microwave then certain unhealthy chemicals in the covering of the bag can make these popcorn harmful for your pet. Even then if you want them for your pet then always go for the plain and unsalted varieties.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn Safely

Is It Bad If My dog Eats Popcorn?

Popcorn is definitely a one of the healthiest treats but can dogs eat popcorn kernels is something to ponder upon. It is a low calorie snack full of fiber. In its natural form it is fat-free as well. When given in small amounts you need to worry about the weight gain of your puppy because popcorns are actually cholesterol-free. It contains rich amount of antioxidants and nutrients which are beneficial for your dog’s health.

What are Some of the Dog Breeds which Can Eat Popcorns?

Nearly all dog breeds can eat popcorns if they are given in limited quantity. Commonly asked question can small breed dogs eat popcorn or they ask can small dogs eat popcorn or can Maltese eat popcorn. The answer is they can but when in small amounts. You have to note your dog’s age and size before giving them popcorns.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn With Butter?

If you ask can dogs eat buttered popcorn then you it is not advised to give popcorn to your pet with the topping of butter. The reason behind it is that butter is full of fat content and if your dog eats popcorn with butter topping on it then he will face digestion problems. It can be tummy ache or gas in the abdomen. Another reason is that butter will make your doggy overweight. So be careful while serving popcorns to your buddy.

What will Happen if my Dog Eats Cheese Popcorn?

Pet owners show their deep concern regarding can dogs eat cheese popcorn? Cheese is one of the daily products which can be unsafe for your dog. Dogs cannot eat cheesy popcorn. It is not the natural cheese which you think they contain. The cheese popcorn actually contain the cheese powder which is harmful for dogs. Still confused about can dogs eat popcorn with cheese? There are lots of other snacks which contain cheese powder as their chief ingredient. Can dogs eat cheddar cheese popcorn is simply a bad idea. It is prepared by grinding the cheese by the addition of other items like sugar, salt and oil. This is something taken into account seriously. There are few other snack varieties having onion and garlic powder as ingredients. Such kinds of snacks are poisonous for gods as both onion and garlic are toxic vegetables.

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Dogs can have popcorn only when they are in moderate quantities. The safest kind of popcorn are when they are air popped plain varieties. Pops include iron, folate, riboflavin, and niacin, thiamin Along with Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin and K. a serving of popcorn also includes calcium, potassium, zinc and phosphorus. When your dog eat popcorn then he will have healthy bones and body. With the advancement age dog needs such a food which helps in maintaining your dog’s health. Iron is absorbed in the presence of copper. Simply ensure that it is free from butter or oil toppings.

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Popcorn

Can Dogs Eat Salted Popcorn Just Like The Plain Ones?

People usually ask what kind of popcorns can dogs eat, Salted, sugary or plan. Salt is something harmful for the health of your dog. Those who question regarding can dogs eat popcorn with salt will find the answer in the lines below. When salt is included into popcorns then adverse condition happens. When there is more salt intake on the part of your dog then he will face issues like frequent urge to urinate and excessive thirst. More danger can occur when your dog eats salted popcorn and does not meet his daily water requirements. Fresh water should be given to dog when he eats popcorn. According to the experts this condition is known as salt toxicity taken place due to sodium ion poisoning. If you ask can dogs eat sweet popcorn should know that salt and sugar is the same thing. Salty foods in your dog’s diet leads to diarrhea, vomiting, seizers and muscle tumors.

Many people who are ignorant still ask can my dog eat salted popcorn or can dogs eat lightly salted popcorn are on the wrong side. Spices are the worst thing for dogs. Vets receive questions like can my dog eat white cheddar popcorn because he loves cheese. The answer is no he cannot.

Can Dogs Eat Caramel Popcorn?

Dogs cannot eat caramel coated popcorns. Caramel is actually sugar and it is sticky in nature. Make sure you don’t given caramel popcorns. Anything sugary or salty is harmful for your dog. So you should give them plain and fully popped variety.

Can Dogs Eat Canned Popcorn?

Canned foods is usually not safe for humans as well as dogs. The canned foods contains preservatives and additives, flavors and spices. If you are thinking to give your dog canned popcorn then it is not a good idea. Can dogs eat fresh popcorn is a sensible inquiry and the answer is yes then can because the fresh popcorn do not risk the life of your dog as long they are plain without any kind of butter, cheese, salt and sugar.

Can Dogs Eat Homemade Popcorn?

It is a good idea to go for homemade popcorns. The homemade popcorns are completely safe for them. There are so many delicious recipes of homemade popcorns which your buddy will enjoy. The dietary fibers in popcorns are beneficial for the overall health of your pet. When there are too much popcorn in dog’s diet then he will get obese. It can also be a great training snack once awhile. While making homemade popcorn you have to avoid adding salt and pepper. The air popped unflavored popcorns are a wonderful idea. The cheese and buttered pops will not be suitable for the dogs. In case an adverse situation occurs then immediately call your vet. You can also add popcorns to certain recipes. How about popcorn chicken for your friend? They can also have popcorn shrimps which they love the most.

Can Dogs Eat Homemade Popcorn

My Dog Ate Popcorn Kernels What Can I Do Now?

People get confused when it comes to kernel popcorn and then often ask can dogs eat popcorn kernels? Kernel popcorn are not suitable for dogs and puppies. Kernel popcorns are actually the partially popcorn which are unsafe for dogs. They can easily stuck into dogs teeth. It will the reason for choking hazards if displaced.

Is Popcorn Ok For Dogs Every day?

Popcorn is ok for dogs when the daily dose is moderate. Make sure that the type of popcorn has to be plain and also fully popped. Popcorns are available in various toppings like of butter, salt or sugar. All these topping should not be thought about. In case of salted or sugary popcorns for your dog, he will have stomach and tummy problems. This treat can be given to dogs only when they are with plain variety. Once in a month you can give them to your dogs.

How Much Popcorn Is Safe For Dogs To Eat?

Although dogs love to eat this delicious treat but this does not mean that you give lots of popcorns to your doggy to eat every day. Daily doses are not recommended. Every food is beneficial when it is served in limited amounts. When you increase the amount of popcorns then due to rich dietary fiber the dog will have diarrhea and vomiting. The recommended doses of popcorns by experts are 5 to 10 balls of popcorns. It is a treat but not a complete meal for the dog. Once a month is perfectly alright but if your dog is fine with it on weekends then you can go for them.

Should I Give Popcorn Seeds To My Dog?

People who don’t know the basic different difference between simple and kernel popcorn ask can dogs eat popcorn seeds. In reality popcorn kernels or seeds are the same thing. You should refrain from giving dehydrated corn forms to your buddy. As there is no water in them so they cannot be digested easily. As a consequence the digestive track problems will prevail. These kernels can cause choking hazards when eaten by a dog. So cut them from the list of your dog’s food because of their health risks.

Should I Give Popcorn Seeds To My Dog

Can Dogs Have Popcorn From Microwave?

People should refrain from giving microwave popcorn to their dogs. The reason is that in the microwave popcorn there is diacetyl which causes popcorn lung when inhaled. People may ask can dogs eat a piece of popcorn then one or two pieces are fine but avoid giving too many popcorn from the microwave. In case you dog ate buttered popcorn in large amounts then immediately call your nearest vet.

Can Diabetic Dogs Eat Popcorn?

If your dog is diabetic then don’t try to give him anything which you like the most. When it comes to popcorns then the popcorn variety which has topping of salt and especially of sugar should not be given to a diabetic dog. It is advised that for a diabetic dogs you should avoid popcorn with fattening toppings with salt and sugar. On the other hand you can give your puppy plain popcorn without any additives.

Can Dogs Die If They Eat Popcorn?

A meaningful answer to this question is no! Dog cannot die at once upon eating popcorns. All you have to do is to give then unsalted and unbuttered popcorns. Even if your dog has munched some pieces of salted pops then he will be ok. Whole pack of popcorns are something of great worry. It will be the cause of food poisoning in dogs. Some vets try to induce vomiting to lessen the effect of poisoning. Immediate contact your vet if your pet has eaten entire pack of popcorns.

Final Verdict

When it comes to giving your popcorn snack then many veterinarians do not recommend giving popcorns to dogs. Can dogs eat popcorn is something to mention with few guidelines. On a safer note you can give your doggy popcorns in moderate quantity when is plain but not salted. Dogs become sick with kernel popcorn being partially popped. So you should go your completely popped variety of popcorn for your dog.

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