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can dogs eat almond butter

Almonds are healthy snack for dogs but can dogs eat almond butter? Almond butter is a nutritious dog treat because it contains a rich amount of omega 3 fatty acids. It is loved by pets because of its delicious flavor. Best thing about almond butter is that it does not contain any toxins. There are least chances of almond butter reaction in dogs. In this article you will come to know about the almond butter benefits along with dog treat recipe.

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Health Benefits Of Almond Butter For Dogs

Almonds are beneficial for dogs as a tasty treat in the same way almond butter is packed with protein energy. Almond butter must be a part of your dog’s diet because it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is fattening as well so you have to keep your way balanced. It contains vitamin E which helps to improve your dog’s skin and hair texture. Whenever your dog is facing any kind of skin allergy problems then almond butter it recommended because it nourishes dog’s skin naturally. If you ask can dogs eat almond peanut butter then no they can’t. The alternative to peanut butter is almond butter but not both of them together.

Can Dogs Eat Almond Butter Safely?

If you ask is it safe for dogs to eat almond butter then yes it is safe. Dogs can eat almond butter but in moderate amount. It contains important vitamins and minerals and it is low in fat so your dog will not face any obesity issues which are prominent by the use of peanut butter. If you are looking for an alternative to peanut butter then almond butter is the best choice. Almond butter is added to various dog treats because dogs love to enjoy this butter.

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Are All Types Of Almond Butters Suitable To Dogs?

It is definitely an important question because dogs cannot eat all types of almond butter. It is recommended to give to natural, plain and unsalted almond butter to dogs. Some varieties of almond butter which is available at supermarkets contain a toxin called xylitol. It is actually an artificial sweetener added to foods. The best idea is to make your own fresh almond butter at home without any toxins.

Are All Types Of Almond Butters Suitable To Dogs

How Much Almond Butter Can My Puppy Have?

Actually it depends on the size of your dog because dogs and puppies usually have sensitive stomach. Can I give my puppy almond butter? You can serve then one to two tablespoons once in every two weeks to be on the safe side. Consuming too much amount everyday can be dangerous to your dog. You have watch out his reaction to the amount of almond butter served. If he is fine then it is safe to give him the above mentioned amount.

Can Dogs Eat Almond Butter Every day?

One may ask can dogs eat almond butter daily. It is not generally advised to serve almond butter on daily basis because it can upset the sensitive stomach of your pet. 1 tablespoon of it will be of no harm to him but once or twice in a week. If you feel that he is perfectly aright then then you can serve him a teaspoon daily. Make sure it has to be plain and unsalted.

Can Almond Butter Be Used With Other Foods?

When it comes to almond butter then pet owners think of serving with certain food items. Here I will discuss come of the queries of pet owners. In this way you will come to know that with which specific foods it is safe to serve almond butter to your dog.

  • Can Dogs Eat Almond Butter On Bread?

As we all know that plain white bread is a safe option for dogs unless they are not allergic. Otherwise it will upset in your dog’s stomach. It is advisable to serve is on bread in small amount. Both of the thing cannot go together safely if your dog is allergic to bread then you can give him almond butter in plain form.

  • Can Dogs Eat Almond Butter With Honey?

Giving your dog almond butter is safe but serving it with honey is totally unsafe when too much honey is given. The excess use of honey is the cause of upset stomach in dogs. Make sure you serve it limited amount. Adding any additive like salt or sugar needs to be avoided for a healthy life of your dog.

  • Can Dogs Eat Almond Buttered Noodles?

Noodles as they are simply boiled are safe for dogs to eat. They should not be cooked with any spices. You can serve a teaspoon of almond butter with noodles to your dog. If he eats it safely then be moderate and it should be served once in a week.

Can Dogs Eat Almond Buttered Noodles

  • Can Dogs Eat Almond Butter Ice-cream?

It is safe for dogs to enjoy almond butter ice cream only when it is made at home. All the ingredients in it should be suitable to your dog and it should be free from artificial sweeteners.

  • Can Dogs Eat Almond Butter Frozen Yogurt?

Yes dogs can have almond butter frozen yogurt treat made at home. It is a simple treat with no harmful ingredients. The coldness of this treat is the attraction to dogs.

  • Can Dogs Eat Almond Butter Grape Jelly?

It is a big no for dogs to eat almond butter grape jelly. Any artificial flavor is unsafe and grape flavor is also indeed.

Is There Any Harm Of Almond Butter To Dogs?

Almond butter gets harmful for dogs when it contains a toxin called xylitol. Can a dog eat almond butter bought from the market? No because it is poisonous to dogs so make sure you buy your pet’s almond butter without this toxic artificial sweetener. Or simple you can make almond butter at home for your puppy to avoid the risk of any harm.

Should I Give My Dog Unsalted Almond Butter?

When you are giving almond butter to your dog then it should be unsalted. Those who ask can dogs eat almond butter unsalted are definitely conscious. The high contented of sodium will upset his stomach and will cause diarrhea. So it should serve without any artificial flavors.

Should I Give My Dog Unsalted Almond Butter

Almond Butter Dog Treats

There are various homemade dog treats for dogs. If you ask can dogs eat almond butter biscuits then yes they can. The best among them is almond butter biscuits. For this recipe you need one cup almond butter, one egg, two cups of whole wheat flour from gold medal, 1 tablespoon of baking powder and three quarter cup milk. Mix all the ingredients and from the dough cut out cookies with cutters. Put them in the preheated oven at 350 degree F. after 20 minutes dog’s treat is ready.

Final Verdict:

Almonds are safe for dogs when served in small bits. Can dogs eat almond butter? Yes almond butter is added to yummy dog treats because it has less fat content and is a good treat for dogs. Make sure it is served in moderation. It improves your dog’s skin and hair texture when it is a part of his diet.

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