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corgi husky mix

When we talk about the corgi husky mix dog, we come to know that corgi and Husky mix are two dog breeds and for this mix breed you need Pembroke Welch Corgi and pure Siberian husky to make Corgi Husky mix. This mix breed is at times called as Siborgi, Horgi or even Corgski. This mix dog breed is going to be a lovely addition to your family. Both these breeds are the working dogs and they only need your training to make them as obedient companions. The corgi husky mix breed information will be very helpful for you.  If you want to know how much does a corgi husky mix look like along with other details then read this article below.

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What Is A Corgi Husky Mix?

This is a corgi husky mix breed which results from breeding pure Welsh Corgi and a Siberian husky. In this way this mix breed dog will get similar characteristics as are found both the dog breeds individually. The Welsh Corgi breed belongs to the herding group having medium size body and known for their short legs, large ears and an impressive personality.

On the other hand a Siberian husky breed belongs to the working group. It is a dog of large sized as compared to a corgi. With their longer legs they bred to work and perform various jobs. They have alert eyes just like of corgis. They are at times mischievous too. So, all these characteristics are commonly found in this corgi husky mix breed. People ask are corgi husky mixes real then yes they are real designer dogs. Let’s discuss about other factors of this breed in detail.

Corgi Husky Mix Personality:

Pet lovers want to know about the personality of this mix breed. The corgi husky mix characters are that these active dogs need lots of training and exercise you keep them active. These are normally the dogs with loving nature. You need to socialize them your kids and other pets in your home. These corgi husky mix traits make them perfect family dog dogs because of their quality to remain alert and active every time. At a younger age they should be trained because they will stick to their training and commands once they get older.

Corgi Husky Mix Temperament:

The corgi husky mix behavior and temperament of this mix breed is the combined temperament of both these breeds. It is shy but when not given the quality time to be socialized then they become aggressive. Once socialized, they become friendly with everyone they come around. They are energetic and alert at the same time. They are playful with your kids with their sweet nature. They are good watch dogs and bark upon seeing any suspicious person. So you are not getting a good watch dog and also a good friendly pet.

Corgi Husky Mix Height:

The corgi husky mix size depends upon the parents breed. Normally they are medium to large size dogs. They are 13-15 inches tall. It is a designer breed so the height varies from one dog to another.

Corgi Husky Mix Height

Corgi Husky Mix Weight:

The size of this dog is like that of Corgi’s. For corgi husky mix full grown, the weight ranges from 20 to 50 pounds then they are fully grown. Those who cannot prefer to have the purebred Siberian husky must go for this mix breed. When its traits are similar to that of Siberian husky then the weight of corgi husky mix is around 50 pounds.

Corgi Husky Mix Diet:

Diet is very important for the corgi husky mix breed. Make sure the diet is very nutritious. This dog breed is prone to obesity. When the diet is not proper then health issues will ruin your dog’s life. Make sure you prepare a proper diet plan for your dog in this way you will not comprise on his health. The calorie intake has to be according to the size of this breed. Most of the calories come from the kibble while others may come from the dog treats.

Corgi Husky Mix Colors:

The colors that come after cross breeding are very unpredictable. The corgi husky mix puppies that are born to the parent breeds may give a different color or one like that or parents. The common puppy colors are fawn, red, black grey, sable, and tan. However the common color is corgi husky mix white. There is the typical husky mask seen in them along with white colors marks which are inherited to them from their parents.

Corgi Husky Mix Coat:

The coat of the corgi husky mix is thick in texture and weather proof. The coat has a medium length and its heavy double coat comes from the Siberian husky. So commonly the thick coat is the primary feature of this dog breed.  The length varies from medium to long size depending upon the parent from whom he gets his coat.

Corgi Husky Mix Shed:

If you have no experience of keeping a dog and it’s shedding then the corgi husky is going to give you a tough time. Pet owners ask corgi husky mix do they shed so typically it sheds a lot. You need to take a good care of him. Both the Huskies and Corgis shed too much so you have to prepare yourself for that. Brushing the thick hair once in a week is necessary. Otherwise the excess fur will be buildup. There comes a shedding season then the corgi husky mix sheds its hair and during this time you have to brush more than routine basis.

Corgi Husky Mix Health:

Like other dog breeds, this dog breed suffers from common health problems. Corgi husky mix health issues include eye diseases, hip dysplasia and skin problems in general. Some diseases are genetic which pass from the parents to puppies. One problem which is common with this dog breed is the weight gain. The shorter legs and longer body is more prone to back and spinal issues. So whenever you are thinking to buy this puppy then keep in mind these problems. When there is weight gain and significantly there are back issues. So you have to be careful about its gaining weight. Talk to your vet to avoid these problems in future. Genetic testing should be done to know about health issues in future puppies.

Corgi Husky Mix Lifespan:

The lifespan of dogs of this mix breed are approximately 12-15 years. Good diet is very important to keep them healthy. When they are not given top quality dog food then they suffer from various diseases which decrease their lifespan.

Corgi Husky Mix Lifespan

Corgi Husky Mix Training:

These dogs need lots of training to remain active and alert. The training will make them adjust very easily to your family. You should introduce various kinds of games, treats and commands for them. In this way he will enjoy your company during the training sessions. Training sessions must start from 10 minutes and it will proceed as the training gets regular. The obedience training is necessary for the corgi puppies.

Corgi Husky Mix Breeders:

As we all know that it is not a pure breed so the breeders are not that easy to find in case of this dog breed. The corgi husky mix puppies breeder are among certain breeders who keep their characteristics and traits preserved. So you will not find a designer breed from the breeders very easily. You can search on the internet because there are breeder forums that work online and fulfill your needs from where you will find about the corgi husky mix breeder.

Corgi Husky Mix Price:

People inquire the corgi husky mix cost or how much do corgi husky mix cost then look forward to purchase them. Normally the price ranges from $300 to $800. However as we all know that it is a designer breed so you can expect $1000 from the breeder too. The price will increase according to the location of the breeder. So now you know corgi husky mix how much clearly. Also the dog’s health and other qualities determine its final price.

Corgi Husky Mix Adoption:

The corgi husky mix adopt idea is good for everyone. You can find this mix breed from the breeders and more commonly from the shelters and animal rescue departments. So nobody knows that today you are taking along your loving buddy home with you. You will definitely find the one once you try.

Corgi Husky Mix For Sale:

Pet owners keep on looking for corgi husky mix dogs for sale from various breeders. These dogs can be purchased various breeders at an affordable price. The price varies from one place to another. So, Husky corgi mix for sale is going to help you a great deal.

Corgi Husky Mix Pictures:

Corgi husky puppy and full dogs are perfect pets for your family. These pictures are there for you so that you and your family may choose the best for you. The colors are adorable and your kids will definitely like them.


The corgi husky mix breed is the cross breed of two other breeds. These are ideal for guard dogs as well as family dogs. The personality and temperament make them a lovely pet for your family. The breed colors are adorable and the appearance comes from the mix of parent breeds. They need lots of training and exercise otherwise they are going to give you a hard time.

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