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blue heeler puppies

Blue heeler dogs belong to the working breed that drives the cattle. There are so many names for blue heeler while they are famous by their name the Australian cattle dog. Blue heeler puppies look very adorable and sweet, and you cannot resist yourself from adopting one or two for your home. Here in this article, I am going to share with you the information on blue heeler puppies including the blue heeler puppy characteristics.

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Blue Heeler History:

In the 19t century, the blue heelers bred by the British settlers who migrated to Australia. They were made herding dogs to move the cattle. These looked like a dingo in their appearance. Some say that the dingos were bred with blue heelers to create a sturdy breed of dog name as the blue heeler dogs. In 1980 they were officially recognized by the American kennel club.

What Is A Blue Heeler?

Blue heeler dog breed is the American Cattle Dog the job of which is to drive the cattle over long distances. They belong to the working class. These dogs hip on the heels of the animals that are not willing to move ahead. Because of this reason these dogs get their names as a blue heeler. There are lots of Blue heeler puppy traits, and one of them is they are intelligent dogs, and this feature has made these working dogs so famous. Another reason for this name is their coat color which is blue-gray.

Blue Heeler size:

Blue heeler dogs are the healthy dogs, and the weight of an adult dog ranges from 30-50 pounds. When we talk about the blue heeler average weight, then it is 40 pounds. The blue heeler puppy weight is less than that. The blue heeler average height is 45-50 cm. Female blue heeler puppies are smaller in size than the males. It is the blue heeler puppy size as a whole which includes their weight and height. When it comes to their appearance, then these dogs have a muscular body with upright ears. Their look is the answer to their likeness.

Blue Heeler size

Blue Heeler Temperament:

The blue heeler puppy behavior is different because this breed is tough to train. Their temperament is different from other dog breeds both physically and mentally. The herding instincts are present in them, and they are independent to do anything they like. It is the early age when they have an unsettled temperament. You have to introduce your dog or puppy to people so that they character becomes controlled and settled.

Blue Heeler Personality

The blue heeler dogs have a different personality which is protective towards the family while they become aggressive towards strangers. Their character demands socialization from an early age when the blue heeler puppy growth progresses. Otherwise, they become vigorous towards strangers. So you must ensure that your dog becomes familiar with people around him. You don’t want to sit idle, so you must introduce games and activities to him. In this way, they remain healthy both mentally and physically. From blue heeler puppy behavior, we come to know that these enthusiastic dogs are desperate to control at times. Misbehaving happens when there are no activities for your dog.

What Color Are Australian Cattle Dogs?

There are two primary Australian Cattle dog colors which are blue and red. However, the base blue heeler puppy colors are four which include blue, red, chocolate and blue/grey. Dogs with red color are called the red heeler dogs. You can also see the spotted blue heeler puppies. Puppies with blue-gray shade are called the blue heeler puppies. Blue heeler puppies born white do not show their actual color during the initial years of life. The pattern and markings on their coat vary from one dog to another. Sometimes it appears as if an individual dog has a mix of two colors.

Do Blue Heelers Shed A Lot?

The coat of blue heeler dogs is short and straight. The leather has various shades that look very decent with short undercoat. The fur of this dog breed is rough, and it protects them from extreme weather conditions. The blue heeler puppy shedding is common. The blue heeler puppies shed too much. You can maintain and hair their coat easily. Regular brushing removes their hair and promotes the new hair growth. Shedding happens, and you cannot stop it. So be ready for his seasonal shedding when you are bringing the puppies to your home. From the carpet, you can clean the hair using pet hair vacuum cleaner.

How Much Should I feed My Blue Heeler?

Blue heeler puppy food has to be rich in fat and fiber to give them lots of energy. The diet routine has to according to the needs of your puppy. Three times a day is enough to feed his food requirements depending on his size. People ask that what to feed blue heeler puppies make a reasonable inquiry. The puppy food is available in the market to make sure you read the ingredients present in the dog food before buying.

What Are The Common Health Problems In Blue Heelers?

  • Blue heeler health should be your primary concern when you have it in your home. There are inherited eye problems in this breed to diagnose at an early stage. The loss of sight can occur when you ignore the regular eye checkup of your dog. So PR gene should be tested by the breeder, and today this problem is controlled. Another common eye problem is lens luxation. In this disease dog’s lenses are partially or even wholly separated. Regular eye checkups will help you to avoid such dangerous eye diseases.
  • Apart from that, joint issues also affect the health of your Australian cattle dog. It starts from hip dysplasia to elbow dysplasia your dog’s health is concerned. The proper functioning of hip and elbow joints should be checked otherwise the severity will give trouble to your dog. Osteochondritis Dissecans is the disease which requires surgery on a serious note. The parent breeds are testing to know about the future health risks in the puppies. Regular health checkups of your dog will help you to prevent these severe diseases.
  • Blue heeler deafness is also one of the major problems. It is more common in female dogs than male dogs. An acknowledged breeder will inform you about the deafness in the puppies you are willing to buy. You should check a puppy at a tender age for bilateral deafness. So in this way, you will come to about the physical state of your puppy with proper checkups.

How Long Do Blue Heelers Live?

Many people don’t know about the blue heeler lifespan. According to evidence, the blue heelers live for 10 to 15 years. Health problems in blue heelers are same as with any other dog. It is also true that health issues decrease the lifespan of blue heelers.

How To Train An Australian Cattle Dog?

Training your blue heeler dogs and puppies is an essential part of their life. Many pet lovers don’t know how to teach blue heeler puppies. Blue heeler puppy training begins during the initial years of his experience. These dogs are brilliant that is why they quickly the commands and instructions you give them. They learn how to socialize with people and behave with them in a better way. Once you have trained them, then they remain obedient to you throughout their lives. Now you have understood about blue heeler puppies how to prepare them for a better life with your family.

Australian Cattle Dog

How To Pick A Blue Heeler Puppy?

When it comes to finding a healthy blue heeler puppy, then you have to contact a responsible breeder who looks for healthy dogs and puppies. Through various tests, he protects the breed. The puppy which has all the health tests passed is to choose.

Blue Heeler Breeders:

You have to find blue heeler puppies for sale from a reputable breeder. Blue heeler puppies breeders will inform you about health problems in them. There are diseases passed down to them genetically. Parental dog’s health status is significant in this regard. On the internet, you can find cute blue heeler puppies UK if you live in the UK.

What Is The Cost Of Blue Heeler Puppies?

Cost of blue heeler puppies is different from that of the value of full grown dogs. The blue heeler cost ranges from $250-$2000. Blue heeler puppies cost varies from their health and obedience training. So the blue heeler puppies price ranges from $500 to $700. You can find the blue heeler puppy cost from various well-reputed breeders who offer the pets for sale. In this way, you come to know how much are blue heeler puppies.

Is A Blue Heeler A Good Family Dog?

Blue heelers are the perfect pets for your family if they care correctly. They are loyal towards their masters. They are friends with the children. They need time for their exercise and mental activities to stay healthy. So you have to supervise them when they are playing with your children because they possess an inherent desire to herd. In this way, blue heeler puppy adoption becomes fruitful for your family.

Blue Heeler Puppies Images:

Here you can see the cutest image collection of the Australian cattle dog breed. You can see the blue heeler puppies white color too. Your kids will love to have a look at the blue heeler puppies newborn.


Blue heeler puppies are among the intelligent dog breeds known ever. This dog breed is famous for being the herding dogs to drive the cattle. These dogs are tough to train, and you have to invest your time to teach blue heeler puppies during the initial years of their life. You can find the puppy from a reputable breeder at an affordable price.

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