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can dogs eat tomatoes

Tomatoes are liked because of their juicy flesh and we cannot imagine our basil curry without tomatoes. Do you know that tomatoes have harsh aspects when it comes to dog’s health? Can dogs eat tomatoes is a common question because tomatoes are safe for dogs as long as they are red, ripe and fresh. They contain vitamin, minerals, fiber and beta carotene which helps to fight against many diseases in dogs. Here are some guidelines which every pet owner must know before feeding tomatoes to dogs.

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Heath Benefits Of Tomatoes For Dogs

Tomatoes are a healthy treat for dogs because they are loaded with vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin C, potassium, fiber and other nutrients. They contain lycopene which is beneficial for bones and reduces the risk of stroke and cancer in dogs. Tomatoes are low in calories so if you want to make your dog fit and smart then you can consider tomato diet for your doggy. Raw juicy tomatoes are full of vitamins needed for your dog. You can make salad adding cherry tomatoes as they are very tempting. So if you want your dog to ne healthy and smart you should give him the treat of juicy and ripe tomatoes.

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes Safely?

Tomatoes are healthy for dogs with high nutritional value. Actually it can be a very healthy low fat diet for your dog as it is packed with beta carotene and carotenoids lycopene. So for your obese dog you must add tomatoes into your dog’s food whether raw or in cooked form. Can dogs eat whole tomatoes is not recommended so you need to cut them into slices before serving. You can make paste or puree as well which can be used as topping over pasta and other items.

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes Safely

Can I Give My Dog Cherry Tomatoes?

Talking about tomatoes reminds us of cherry tomatoes for dogs and pet owners doubt can dogs eat cherry tomatoes due to their smaller size. Once the cherry tomatoes are fresh and fully ripe and mature your dog can have them without any worries.

How Much Tomato Can A Dog Eat?

One or two tomatoes are safe for small dogs if you are asking can small dogs eat tomatoes. Puppies have sensitive stomach so never give those lots of tomatoes. Larger dogs have no problem with tomatoes as compared to the small ones. 2 larger tomatoes once a week are absolutely safe. Can dogs eat small amounts of tomatoes then yes but too many of them in one time will make your dog sick. Make sure you have red and ripe tomatoes as dog’s treat. If you are giving your doggy the tomato treat for the first time start with one to two slices and when they don’t hurt your dog it means he can safely munch them. Unfortunately if your dog has eaten too many of them then contact your vet as soon as possible.

Are Parts of A Tomato Poisonous To Dogs?

Tomato plants are definitely poisonous to dogs. The toxic parts are generally the leaves and the stem while rest of the tomato as a whole is safe for dogs. As we all know that sometimes the tomatoes we purchase come along with leaves as well. So we need to be aware about the specific parts of tomato plant which should not be given to dogs and you must know about the side effects of dog eating tomatoes. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Can dogs eat tomato leaves?

The leaves of tomato are very toxic to dogs. There eaves are the most concentrated parts of a tomato plant. Don’t give your dog tomatoes with he leaves. Always remove the leaves and wash the tomatoes before serving them to your dog.

  • Can Dogs Eat Tomato Seeds?

It is safe for dogs to eat tomatoes along with seeds. As raw tomatoes are safe it means that their seeds are not toxic. It is not the seeds but the stems which are toxic. So your dog can safely eat tomato seeds.

How To Give Tomatoes To Dogs?

Giving tomatoes to your dog is safe have you ever though the ways in which tomatoes are given to dogs? Let’s discuss them one by one so that you can easily give your dog various tomato treats.

  • Can Dogs Eat Green Tomatoes?

Green tomatoes are very risky for dogs to eat. In green tomatoes there is present 5% tomatine which is the reason of their toxicity in unripe form. Can Maltese eat tomatoes then yes but only when fully ripe. Many people have grown tomatoes in their garden so if you are the own with tomato garden then make sure your dog stays away from them. So you need not to ask can dogs eat unripe tomatoes. Unfortunately if your dog accidentally eats green tomatoes then quickly contact your vet so that immediate treatment must be started for tomato toxicity.

Can Dogs Eat Green Tomatoes

  • Can Dogs Eat Cooked Tomatoes?

Eating cooked tomatoes for dogs is better than serving them raw and ripe. In cooked form the antioxidant lycopene is readily absorbed into the body. The cooked tomatoes can be a rich tomato treat for your dog. When have cut the tomatoes for cooking then make sure that are fully ripe and not green. Don’t add additional spices and flavors to the tomatoes during cooking.

  • Can Dogs Eat Tomato Sauce?

Can we think of our pastas and curry without tomato sauce? Pet owners normally ask can dogs eat tomatoes or tomato sauce and the answer is both. Tomatoes in cooked form are very beneficial for your dog’s health. Can dogs eat tomato paste is also answer yes because tomato sauce and tomato paste is the same thing. You can only make tomato sauce with fresh and fully ripe tomatoes. Don’t think of the green ones because they are not suitable for tomato sauce. Those who inquire can dogs eat cooked tomatoes should know that tomatoes cooked to make sauce are absolutely safe for dogs. Never add onion or garlic to the sauce otherwise they will become toxic.

  • Can Dogs Eat Tomato Soup?

Dogs can eat tomato soup then it is made plain without any spices and additives. When you add some ingredients like onions, garlic, sodium, and additional flavors then they can become fatal to your dog. It is safe way to make tomato soup in plain form without adding anything extra. If you ask can you give your dog tomato juice and the answer is controversial. Tomato juice will make him drink more water but it will cause kidney problems in dogs.

  • Can Dogs Eat Canned Tomatoes?

Usually canned food is not recommended to dogs. When it comes to canned tomatoes then it should only be allowed when they come from ripe and mature tomatoes. However mostly canned tomatoes contain ingredients like sodium, preservatives and artificial sweeteners which are harmful for dogs. So whenever to go to the super market always check the ingredients written and if you find these ingredients then skip the idea and never think can dogs eat tinned tomatoes.

  • Can Dogs Eat Dried Tomatoes?

When it comes to sun dried tomatoes then they are safe for dogs in small amounts. Make sure they are not mixed with any other ingredient which is risky for dog’s health.
Can Dogs Eat Dried Tomatoes

  • Can Dogs Eat Fried Tomatoes?

You can give fried tomatoes to dogs as there are anti-oxidants in tomatoes which are very effective in cooked form. Those who ask can dogs eat fried green tomatoes must know that green tomatoes are toxic to dogs and never fry green tomatoes for dogs otherwise they will get tomato poisoning.

  • Can Dogs Eat Grilled Tomatoes?

You can grill tomatoes for dogs and puppies the only thing which causes problem is their unripening. If the tomatoes are not full ripe and you have grilled them then your dog will show the symptoms of tomato poisoning. Immediately call your vet when you see any poisoning symptoms.

  • Can Dogs Eat Tomato Ketchup?

Dogs are allowed to eat ketchup unless there are not any ingredients in it which are bad for dogs. Look for them before giving ketchup to your dog. Once a week a little ketchup on a hamburger is safe. There should be any garlic or onion flavor in the ketchup.

  • Can Dogs Eat Pickled Tomatoes?

Tomato pickled are unsafe when they contain green tomatoes. Pickled tomatoes made from red ripe ones are safe but there should not be any salt or preservatives in pickled tomatoes. You should consider tomato paste or puree rather than pickled ones.

Can Tomatoes Hurt Dogs?

Does it hurt a dog to eat tomatoes? Tomatoes don’t hurt dogs as long as your dog is not allergic to tomatoes. If you don’t know about food allergy in your dog then eating tomatoes your dog will show symptoms of tomato poisoning. So yes can eating tomatoes hurt dogs and if you say my dog ate a tomato slice then even a single slice will hurt him in case of allergy. Avoid green tomatoes because they increases the risk of tomatine poisoning.

Why Are Tomatoes Bad For Dogs?

When your dog has consumed then with leaves or the stem of tomatoes then they are bad for dogs in this situation. A common inquiry can dogs eat green tomatoes is good to ask. The green tomatoes are toxic to dogs. If your dog has consumed the green ones then he will have tomato poisoning. If you ask can dog eat unripe tomatoes then the answer is no. so don’t give green or the unripe tomatoes to your dog as a treat. You need to remove skin of a ripe tomato if you want otherwise the skin has no problem for dogs. Make sure tomatoes are organic. You need to wash them thoroughly because the chemicals may be present on its skin surface which can be poisonous to your dog. Now serve your dog with tomatoes in moderate amount to avoid the risk of stomach ache. This the answer to why cant dogs eat tomatoes in green form.

Why Are Tomatoes Bad For Dogs

Are Tomato Plants Poisonous To Dogs?

The plants is toxic to dogs and only its fruit is safe for them. The leaves, stem and the roots are very poisonous and if dog has eaten then he may die because of this. The toxic substance called tomatine is the cause of this poisoning. Can dogs eat fresh tomatoes? Yes fresh and red tomatoes are safe but never think of green ones for dogs and puppies because in green or unripe tomatoes there is the same toxin present. Let them consume them in moderate amount otherwise tomatoes in excess will disturb their immune system and stomach.

Can Dogs Be Allergic About Tomatoes?

Yes a dog can be allergic to tomatoes. This type of allergy is not very common but some dogs show the symptoms of allergy after they have eaten tomatoes. There is no rule to find out whether your dogs are allergic to tomatoes or not. However give your dog one to two tomato slices and then wait for half an hour. If your dog is allergic to tomatoes then then he will show symptoms such as itching skin, rashes, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and upset stomach. Don’t confuse tomato poisoning with tomato allergy as both of them are completely different.

Can Diabetic Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

If your dog is diabetic then avoid giving tomatoes to your dog. Tomatoes can dehydration problem in diabetic dogs. So it’s better to replace tomatoes with something else which is suitable for diabetic dogs. Every dog responses differently to certain foods so watch out when giving tomatoes to your diabetic dog.

Can Dogs With Kidney Disease Eat Tomatoes?

Dogs with kidney disease can eat tomatoes with some vegies to make a plain and simple diet for dogs. However you should give them a puree of tomatoes. If you are too much conscious you should remove tomato seeds and then serve tomatoes to your dog.

Can Dogs With Kidney Disease Eat Tomatoes

Final Verdict:

Tomatoes are very beneficial for dogs because eating tomatoes reduces the risk of stroke and kidney diseases in dogs. However people ask can dogs eat tomatoes? Yes dogs can eat tomatoes but not the leaves and the stems. You should never give green tomatoes to dogs due to their toxicity.

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