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can dogs eat chocolate

Chocolate is one of the favorite sweets in the world that people love to eat. You can guess the popularity of chocolate from the fact that it is given as birthday gift. We humans like chocolate but do you know that Chocolate can be toxic to dogs. It all depends upon the type of chocolate which is consumed according to the weight of the dog. Many people ask a simple question that can dogs eat chocolate. In this article I would like to answer this question in detail.

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Dogs are that innocent living beings on earth which take care of their owner and remain loyal with in all their life. If you are a dog owner then you must be thinking that how much attached you are with your pet. Pets are your friends and always make you happy. As they care for you, it is your responsibility to take care of their health especially with food items they consume on daily items. Many people take the treat of chocolate lightly because they think that nothing will happen but in actual they don’t love their pet or simply they are careless. Go through the whole piece of content and get to know the details why chocolate is bad for your dog?

Why Chocolate Is Toxic To Dogs?

According to Merial Manual for Veterinary Health chocolate is included among the foods which can increase heart rate and also stimulate the nervous system of dogs. The risk of dog chocolate poisoning depends on the amount and type of chocolate consumed keeping in mind the weight of dog too. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine and these are considered as toxic substances for dogs. Every type of chocolate varies in terms of concentration of these substances.  The chocolate which is made up from cocoa powder is considered very toxic as compared to white chocolate. If your dog has eaten chocolate then it is important to monitor your dog for the signs of toxicity.

Major Signs Of Chocolate Poisoning In Dogs:

If your dog has eaten chocolate then he may take few hours to show the signs of chocolate toxicity. Many people ask that how long does it take for a dog to show signs of chocolate poisoning? We can answer this question in a simple way because signs of chocolate poisoning appear after 6 to 8 hours and last up to 72 hours. There are major symptoms of dog chocolate poisoning including:

  • Increase of Urination
  • Diarrhea
  • Restlessness
  • Abnormal heart Rate
  • Vomiting
  • Collapse or Death

Major Signs Of Chocolate Poisoning In Dogs

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate?

In case your dog has eaten large quantity of chocolate then you should immediately seek the help of your nearest veterinarian. Your veterinarian will monitor various symptoms of dog based on the size of dog and the type of chocolate your dog has consumed. After monitoring your dog for various clinical signs your Doctor may prescribe various medicines, if the condition of dog worsens.

If your dog has consumed chocolate just before two hours then one technique most of the veterinarian use is to induce vomiting. Your Doctor may give doses of activated charcoal which works best to remove the toxins out of the body. If the case is severe then your doctor give various medications such as IV fluids to remove the effects of poisoning. Those dogs suffering from poisoning and show seizures should be monitored overnight at the clinic.

Why Can Dogs Not Eat Chocolate?    

Dogs are like humans, they love to eat and enjoy their food. You must have noticed that your pet also loves to clean your plate of food, no matter what is in your plate. Veterinarians most of the time instruct you regarding healthy food choices for your dog. You can’t share the same food with your dog every time because dog’s stomach is sensitive as compared to human beings and they are allergic to some food items. For example, you are eating chocolate bar and your pet wants to eat it too then don’t ever give chocolates to your dog because they can become a deadly treat for them.

Have you ever thought that what deadly in chocolates and why dogs cannot eat chocolates? What is it in chocolate which makes it toxic? It’s believe of a lot of people that chocolate contains caffeine. Actually chocolate contains small amount of caffeine but it contains another toxic substance known as theobromine. Theobromine is like a stimulant which stimulate the brain. You must know that dog’s don’t have the specific enzyme to breakdown this substance. This ultimately cause overstimulation of central nervous system and cardiovascular system of your pet. The chocolate poisoning in dogs make them vomit, dehydrate, pain, seizures and even death occurs.

Can A Dog Die From Eating Chocolate?

It all depends on various factors such your dog weight, age and the type of chocolate. You must note down that there are certain types of chocolates which contain more quantity of theobromine as compared to others. If you look at the general rule we can say that the darker the chocolate will be, the more theobromine it contains. Milk chocolate and white chocolate don’t have that much amount of theobromine. Dark chocolates have three times more quantity of this substance than white chocolates. You should know that chocolate is among the dangerous foods for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate?

According to some people white chocolate doesn’t fit in the category of chocolates and it is not considered a chocolate. It is another debate that whether white chocolate can be called as real chocolate or not but the other question that arises from this is: Is White Chocolate Dangerous for Dogs or Is White Chocolate Toxic to Dogs?

We should consider the fact that white chocolate contains theobromine but the amount of theobromine per ounce is too low. This quantity is such a low that your dog need to eat significant amount of chocolate to become ill. When we calculate the amount of theobromine then we come to know that white chocolate contains 0.25mg of theobromine per ounce. If you want to know that how much chocolate can a dog eat without dying then we can tell you in case of white chocolate. If the weight of your pet dog is 30 pounds and he eats white chocolate, then he would have to eat significant amount of chocolate to get sick.

Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate

Is White Chocolate Poisonous?

Yes you should call your vet if your dog eats chocolate. It can happen that you dog may be suffering from abdominal pain or pancreatitis and your vet may induce vomiting. We think that can white chocolate kill a dog? As mentioned before it all depends upon the amount of chocolate. Although white chocolate is not that dangerous as the dark chocolate is but still safety measures should be done.

 How Much Chocolate Can Dogs Eat?

The doses of theobromine that can kill a dog ranges between 90 to 250mg per kg of the body weight of dog. As we know that different types of chocolate contains different amount of theobromine but dark chocolate contains it even six times more as compared to milk chocolate and white chocolate. The chocolate having more quantity of cocoa powder is dangerous for dogs as well. For example if the weight of your dog is 10kg then eating 63 grams of unsweetened chocolate or 670 grams of milk chocolate is enough to create toxins in the body of your dog and he may die from it. You should always discuss the quantity of any food with your vet before giving it to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolate contains more quantity of theobromine a toxic chemical dangerous for the health of your dog so dog cannot eat dark chocolate otherwise you may lose your lovely pet. In fact dark chocolate is more harmful as compared to white chocolate.

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate Cake?

The answer to this question is simply “No” because the main ingredient in chocolate cake is not only wheat flour and sugar but cocoa powder too. As we know that anything relating to chocolate contain toxic substances like methylxanthines which dogs simply cannot breakdown. Chocolate cake is same like chocolate and in case of chocolate poisoning death may occur.

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate Cake

My Dog Ate Chocolate Chip Cookies, Is It OK?

Eating small amount of cookies won’t cause problem but you have to be careful next time because chocolate chip cookies can be poisonous to dogs and they can in tolerate the sickness as a result of chocolate toxicity. In the same way chocolate cupcakes and chocolate toffees cause problem for the health of dogs.

How To Make Your Dog Stay Away From Eating Chocolate?

Although small quantity of chocolate is not going to cause a significant problem still it is not recommended for pet owners to give treat to their dog in the form of chocolate. If you want to ensure the health of your dog then make your dog stay away from all the chocolate items such as cocoa powder, hot chocolates or cooking chocolate as well. Put that away on a high shelf that your dog can’t reach it easily. Ask your children not to put chocolate within the reach of your dog. In case of any birthday party or Christmas event, take extra care when any basket of chocolate come in your house.

You can also train your dog to stay away from chocolate by saying the word “leave it”. In this regard you have to do training from a well reputed dog trainer who will instruct you that how to make your dog stay away from items harmful for his health.

Healthy Alternatives To Chocolates As Treat:

If you are thinking about the healthy alternatives of chocolate you can easily opt for dog biscuits. These days’ different kinds of dog’s treats are available from supermarkets and they are good even for allergic dogs because they are safe to eat. You can also your dog snacks because snacks help them in eradicating unhealthy chewing habits. Natural food items should be included in the list of healthy snacks. Many people ask for dog safe chocolate treats but I think chocolate treat cannot be that much safe for your dog because there is always risk involved. Little quantity of chocolate containing food can be included in the treat but don’t give all foods items of treat made up of cocoa and chocolate.

Healthy Alternatives To Chocolates As Treat

Final Verdict:

As we know that everyone loves his pet whether it is large or small, tall or short, cute or smart. If you own a beautiful and faithful pet who remains with you every time you go to the park or super market then you have to be careful about their health. You should note down the foods not good for dogs and make some rules regarding the consumption of those foods in your house. Chocolate is definitely included in such foods not good for the health of your pet. In more serious terms we can say that it is risky so don’t ever think of giving chocolate to your dog as a treat. The question can dogs eat chocolate have been answered in the above paragraphs very clearly.

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