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can dogs eat oranges

Oranges are citrus fruits known for their reserves of nutrients like vitamin C, folate, fiber, calcium, vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, and copper. Laden with great health benefits, oranges improve our immunity, prevent cardiac diseases, nourish our skin, and are also good for our eyes. Oranges are not just loved by humans only, they are liked by animals as well. This article will provide ample of information to the pet dog owners as it will specifically target all the aspects of orange consumption by dogs. So, if you are curious to know are oranges safe for dogs or not, this article will address all your queries.

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Can I give My Dog Oranges?

Many dog owners wonder whether they can feed oranges to their dogs or not or can my dog eat an orange? Of course, they care about their dog’s health and therefore, choose to confirm the effects of every food they give their pets instead of experimenting directly on the pet. So, the simple answer to the concerned dog owners is yes, you can feed oranges to your dogs because they do eat oranges. So dog owners! You need not worry about your pet’s health, oranges are safe for them.

Health Benefits of Oranges for Dogs:

We know oranges are very beneficial for humans. We are aware of the benefits they provide to our body, but are oranges equally beneficial to animals, in this case, dogs as well? To understand this aspect better we need to consider the nutrients it carries.

Oranges are rich in vitamin C. In case of humans, oranges act as vitamin C supplement. It protects the human body from diseases and helps in wound healing. Dogs, however, do not need to take any vitamin supplements for their body is capable of producing vitamin C itself. If dogs are given their normal, proper food, they actually do not need any diet supplements at all. However, in some situations, additional vitamin C can be helpful in preventing liver damage and improving nutrient stability in your canine. Liver’s ability to make enough vitamin C in dogs may get affected when they are going through the exhausting exercise. So, in situations like this, orange can be quite good for dogs in supplying vitamin C. Also, it can be effective in enhancing your dog’s cardiovascular health and boosting up its immunity. They are also known to lower cholesterol level in dogs.

Health Benefits of Oranges for Dogs

How to Give Oranges to your Dog?

One question that pops up in the minds of dog owners is how to feed oranges to their dogs. Well, the best way is to peel off the rind and remove all seeds from the orange before giving it to your pet. Consider it more like a treat for your dog than the daily diet. Owners should be cautious not to feed large quantities to their canine. Give only small segments or slices to the dogs per day. Also, prefer feeding fresh orange to your pet rather than giving frozen ones, but if you wish to feed your dog frozen orange, do it only sparingly. It should not be a routine practice. Oranges, combined with other treats, should not exceed 10% of the pet’s daily calorie intake.

How Much Orange is Safe for Dogs?

Although orange is a safe fruit for dogs, it is recommended to give them only small amount of oranges. A good practice is to not feed oranges to your dog on daily basis, but if your pet is fond of oranges then treat it with only small quantities of orange daily. For large dogs, a whole orange is generally fine to eat and for small dogs, eating 1/3 or 1/4 of the whole orange is fine. It is advised to monitor the behavior of your pet after feeding it oranges for they can cause stomach upset if given in large amount. If they show any signs of illness, stop feeding them oranges straight away. If they enjoy their treat even then limit its amount to your pet.

The Orange Pith:

For dogs, the more recommended thing in an orange is its pith. The white thread-like fiber is beneficial for the dog as it is less acidic and contains antioxidants. So, this fibrous part is actually pet-friendly. However, it is recommended not to give orange peels to your pet as they are not digested properly.

Is Orange Juice Good for Dogs?

No doubt, orange juice is quite beneficial for humans but it is not that good for dogs. Your pets do not need orange juice so it is recommended not to give them. In fact, high level of citric acid is not healthy for dogs. It can cause them the stomachache. If given in excessive amounts for longer periods, dogs can develop severe stomach disorders and the citric acid could lead to tooth enamel loss. So, those pet owners who wonder can I give my dog orange juice, the answer for them is no, they should not.

All in all, if your dog drinks a little quantity of orange juice, there is nothing to worry about. Your dog will not get sick. But it shouldn’t be given on a regular basis.

Is Orange Juice Good for Dogs

Is it ok for Dogs to Eat Orange Peels?

A general question asked by dog owners is whether it is ok to feed orange peels to dogs or not. The simple answer to this is NO. Feeding orange peels to your canine is not a good idea. Orange peels are hard to digest and can lead to gastrointestinal upset. On the other hand, the orange rind is richer in vitamins than the orange fruit, especially vitamin C and too much vitamin C is unhealthy for dogs. In addition to this, the rind can also be contaminated with pesticides that are surely dangerous for the dogs. So, it is strongly suggested not to give orange peels to your canine pal.

Can Dogs Eat Grapefruits and Lemons also?

If you are wondering if lemons and grapefruits are also safe for your dog just like the oranges, then you are wrong. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has listed grapefruits under the category of toxic fruits for dogs. Intake of an even small quantity of grapefruit can make your canine sick. So, it is recommended never to feed your pet a grapefruit.

As for lemons, well dogs generally abhor lemons. So, there is no point in giving your pet something that is so undesirable for it.

Apples and Tangerines:

Apples and tangerines, like oranges, are found to be appropriate for the dog’s consumption. When giving an apple to your dog, just make sure you have removed all the seeds from it as the seeds contain arsenic that can poison the canine.

Tangerines, like oranges, are safe for dogs. Just peel off the rind of the fruit before giving it to your pet. Tangerines feel to your dog same like oranges so don’t worry when giving tangerines along with oranges. You can also include these two fruits in various recipes ideal for dogs a treat.

 Why Should Dogs eat Oranges?

Often pet owners wonder why they should feed their dogs fruits while their canine is carnivorous. The fact is, dogs can eat fruits also and many of the fruits are safe for them as well. Since orange is amongst the fruits safe for the dogs then why not treat your pet pal with some. Allow your dog to munch on some little orange treats occasionally and get benefits out of it.

Can Dogs Eat Frozen Oranges?

As we know that orange is the fruit high in sugar and its taste is sour as well. Frozen organs can be a good treat for your puppy especially in summers. You should make him eat fresh oranges as well because fresh fruits have their own health benefits as compared to frozen or canned fruits. When it comes to dried oranges, many people ask that can dogs eat dried Oranges. Dried orange is basically the orange peel which is dried. Yes you can give your dog dried orange peel but intake should be limited. Although it is not toxic but you should not give your dog excess of orange peel. When giving fresh oranges always peel off orange before giving it to your dog because sometimes orange peels are not considered suitable for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Frozen Oranges

 Health Hazards of Oranges for Dogs:

Orange is considered safe and healthy for dogs when given in moderation, but are oranges bad for dogs also? While it has certain benefits for the canine, we cannot overlook the health hazards it poses to dogs if not given in moderation. You need to know the following threats oranges can pose to your canine friend so that you are careful when giving oranges to your dog.

  • Oranges are rich in natural sugars. So, if your pet is diabetic or is even overweight, oranges are unhealthy for your dog for they will surely worsen the case. You should always take advice of your veterinarian before giving orange to diabetic dog.
  • The high sugar and citric acid levels in oranges can cause diarrhea and stomach upset in dogs. The quantity of orange you feed to your pet matters a lot. So, be careful with the quantity.
  • High levels of acid in oranges are damaging for the dog’s teeth also. The acid in this fruit causes enamel loss and speeds up the tooth decay process.
  • Oranges can also be responsible for constipation in dogs. Well, yes oranges do contain fibers, but they are water soluble. So, if the dog is dehydrated and it is fed oranges in excess, the situation can lead to constipation.

Is Orange Good for Diabetic Dogs?

As discussed earlier, oranges are rich in natural sugars. So, a sensible answer to the question “whether oranges good for diabetic dogs or not” is a big NO. In fact, for diabetic dogs, oranges are dangerous as they will only worsen your canine’s situation. The high levels of sugar and an excessive amount of vitamin C can potentially affect your dog’s blood valves and cause very serious health issues. You need to know when oranges are bad for your dog. In a condition like diabetes, oranges are certainly bad even in small amounts. Therefore, a sensible approach is to avoid giving your diabetic pet any orange treat.

Is Orange Good for Diabetic Dogs


Humans are not the only ones that have likings for oranges. Dogs are also among the living beings that can develop great likings for this fruit. Although orange is not as much beneficial for dogs as it is for humans, still it has certain health benefits for your pets. The simple rule for dog owners is moderation. Dog owners should only give a moderate amount of orange treat to their pet dogs for an excessive amount of it can be hazardous for their dogs. Dog owners should keep in mind the fact that the side effects of oranges can be more hazardous for their canine than its benefits if they give more than the safe amounts of orange to their dogs. So, the best way is to allow only small amounts of the fruit to the animal.

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