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can dogs eat apples

Apple is a very delicious fruit for everyone and for your pets also. You can give this fruits in various forms to your pets but there are certain things to keep in mind while you give apples to your dog. A commonly asked question that can dogs eat apples is important because dogs cannot eat apple core and the seeds due to their toxicity. In this article we will guide you about the intake of apples for your dogs that in what ways they can be bad for your dogs too.

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Health Benefits Of Apples For Dogs

  • Apple is a nutritious fruit packed with dietary fiber Vitamin A, Vitamin C and antioxidants. It is a wonderful idea to give your dog the treat of apples. Dogs who have apples in their diet never ever face stomach issues.
  • The benefit of having apples for dogs is that it prevents dogs from joint diseases because of Vitamin C in them. It is up to you to give sliced or baked apples to your dog.
  • It is advised that you should serve the apples by removing their core and seeds. Apple seeds are toxic for dogs when taken in high dose due to the presence of cyanide compound in them.

Can Dogs Eat Apples Safely

Apples are one of the most delicious fruits in the world. You can safely give apples to your dog without seeds. Don’t try to give apple seeds to your dogs because apple seeds contain a toxic substance known as cyanide. Can dogs eat apples cores is something of great value. First of all cut the apple into many slices so that your dog can easily consume it, do not give the core of apple to your dog because it can cause choking hazards. You can add apples into various recipes and it will be a yummy treat to your dog.

Can small dogs eat apples? Before giving your puppies apples, always make sure that they are old enough to digest the solid food. It works same as human baby. Therefore six months older puppies should be given apple according to their age.

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Can Dogs Eat All Kinds Of Apples?

It is an old famous saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Have you ever thought of this for dog? Yes it is indeed true for puppies too because apple is such a fruit available throughout the year and quite affordable for everyone. This fruit is almost found in every part of the world. Dogs can eat apple because they are rich source of Vitamin C, dietary fiber and minerals including calcium and phosphorus. According to health experts flesh of apples is safe for dogs. So while preparing apple for your dog cut the apple into small slices and serve it as a healthy snack. You can also give the pulp of apple t your dog and add it into various baking recipes.

Can Dogs Eat All Kinds Of Apples

When it comes to varieties of apple people who ask about can dogs eat any kind of apples then you can give any type of apple to your dog but ensure it is fresh and fully ripe. Can dogs eat unripe apples is answered in negative because the flesh of unripe apple is hard and may cause choking hazards. Unripe apples can also be a cause of belly ache. Don’t give your dog rotten apples. Dogs are same like humans and they have more sensitive stomach as compared to us. Those negligible pet owners who try to give rotten or unripe fruits to their dogs which are unsuitable for them to eat should never risk the life of their pet. It is a common practice that people usually give such a kind of fruit to their dogs which has become useless for themselves. It is a biased attitude on the art of pet owners.

Can Dogs Eat Green or Red Apples?

Yes dogs can eat green apples only when it is juicy apple but you should ensure that stem and core are removed. Similar to this question there is one that can dogs eat red apples. Yes they can have them just like the green ones.

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Can Dogs Eat Dried, Frozen Or Baked Apples?

Apple is a fruit that can be served in so many ways. We should all be aware of the ways of serving so that your dog remains fit and healthy. Can dogs eat dried or dehydrated apples is definitely a question of major concern. Let me clear you that you can give your dog dried apples but in moderate amount. Let me tell you more about dried apples. Dried apples are more powerful fruit as their water content is leached. The sugar content in them is high so it tells us that we should prefer to have fresh apples as compared to the dried ones. In certain products, there is additional sugar or salt content which can be harmful for your dog’s health.

Now is the turn to discuss frozen apples. Being a pet owner if you are unsure that can dogs eat frozen apples then yes, they can do so. Actually dogs like the coldness of treat given to them. You should cut a whole apple into slices and then freeze them. To make a delicious recipe, you need to add apple sauce over them and there you go with the frozen apples. While freezing the apples you have to remove the seeds and the core of apples. Can dogs eat fried apples is a new aspect to ask. They can have fried apples but without addition of spices. Now can dogs eat baked apples is a similar question but baked apples should not contain additional sugar content otherwise they can be harmful.

Can Dogs Eat Dried, Frozen Or Baked Apples?

Can Dogs Eat Freeze Dried Apples?

You must be thinking that how can one serve freeze dried apples to a dog? Now a day’s people look for free dried treats with are greatly suitable for dogs with allergies. These type of food are easy to take along while travelling. They contain the same freshness and nutritional value. The freeze dried apples are available at any grocery store which saves your time also. So it is a good idea to serve you dog with freeze dried fruits whenever you want a change.

Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Apple Cores, Skin and Peel

A number of dog owners want to know each and every minute details regarding the diet of their dog so they ask can dogs eat apple with core. The answer to this question is simple. The core of apple contains seeds which ultimately contain a compound which is toxic in nature. Are apple cores bad for dogs is not the point but the toxicity of apples is the main issue. However eating the core of one or two apples won’t cause any harm to large dogs but in case of small dogs even a small quantity of apple core is harmful. Secondly apple core is also related with choking hazards. So it is better to remove apple core before giving it to your dog. So those with confusion can dogs eat an apple core should clear their mind now.

Next we move to apple skin and peel. Can dogs eat apples with skin? A simple answer is that you can give your dog apple with skin or you can peel it off. It totally depends on you because it’s harmless. However it has been noticed that small number of dogs can be irritant to apple skin because it can trigger vomiting. Can dogs eat apple peels is answered in negative for little dogs. Before giving apple to your dog keep in mind that apple contains a lot of sugar so always give your dog moderate amount of apples otherwise they can harm their teeth.

Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Apple Cores, Skin and Peel

Can I give My Dog Apple Sauce, Apple Butter and Apple Jelly

Pet owner want to ask that can dogs eat applesauce then to add to their knowledge, yes it is safe for your dogs to eat apple sauce which is a kind of cooked apple. It is better to avoid adding salt, pepper or any kind of spices. If we talk about the apple butter then one may ask can dogs eat apple butter then it is not recommended to give it to your puppy. In apple butter there is added sugar and dogs cannot manage sugar in their mind. So it is better to avoid apple butter. Now we are to talk about apple jelly for dogs. You can ask you vet can dogs eat apple jelly but I personally think that you should not think of apply jelly because of its sugar content. Once in a while it is fine but if they ate too much then it will cause diarrhea and upset stomach.

How to Prepare Apple for your Dog?

The preparation of food is very important especially when it comes to feeding your pet. Giving a whole apple to your dog is bad idea because in this way your dog will munch on the seeds and stem of the apple which is harmful. Always throw the core of apple to avoid toxicity of apple. Always give your dog fresh apples otherwise he will fall ill easily. Apart from the toxicity issues a whole apple can also choke your dog. Can dogs eat apples without skin? It is always a good idea to give slices of apples with the skin because the skin of apples helps to fight of cancer. You have to be creative when it comes to preparation of apples for your puppies. A newbie will ask that can dogs eat apple slices then of course. A typical thought that can dogs eat apple pie then yes he can eat it. You can always add apples in various recipes such as apple pie, apple juice, apple pops, apple sauce and other recipes. Remember one thing that over feeding your dog on daily basis will make your dog obese in the long run.

How to Prepare Apple for your Dog

Are Apple Seeds Toxic For Dogs

You should always feed your pet moderate amount of apple flesh safely. If you are asking that can dogs eat raw apples then obviously they can. But when it comes to apple seeds then you must have heard of amygdalin a compound that contains cyanide in the covering of apple seeds. Some of the evidences also suggest that the stem of apple also contains few traces of cyanide. So it is always a good idea to remove the stems and seeds before giving it to your dog. However if your dog consumed few of the seeds unknowingly then you shouldn’t be worried because he will be perfectly fine. In case of high amount of seed consumption it’s high time to be worried and take your pet to the nearest veterinarian to further know about your dog’s health.

If we talk about common sense then your dog won’t die unless given full cup of seeds. However in order to ensure any worst affects you should remove the stem and the seeds before serving apples to your pet. So can dogs have apples is clear now but without core.

Can Dogs Eat Lots Of Apples?

Giving too many apples every day is not a good idea because the biggest problem too many apples cause is the upset stomach or diarrhea. Those who ask can dogs eat apples everyday should give them in moderation. Always monitor the intake of apples to ensure good health of your dog. You sad add apples into various fruit salads or make a delicious a apply pie for your puppy. Now one is in no need to ask can dogs eat apples daily because any in excess becomes bad.

Are Apples Bad for Puppies?

Despite various health benefits there are some limitations when it comes to feeding apples to your dog. Many people have a simple question is their mind and that is can apples harm dogs? The answer is apple won’t harm your dog unless it is given with core that contains seeds. An ideal way to give apple to your dog is to make sure that it is seedless. A moderate quantity of fresh apples is safe for your dog and your puppy. When it comes to apple core then core is poisonous for them. Although eating a few seeds of apples won’t harm your dog’s health unless he consumes significant amount of apple seeds. You should not ask can dogs eat apple seeds due to presence of cyanide. The cyanide is actually in the covering of the seeds so avoid feeding your dog apples containing seeds.

Can Apples be Given to All Dog Breeds?

Almost all the breeds of dogs can eat apples. There is not a particular breed which cannot eat apples. If are still not sure then you have to test your dog about it. Give him a small piece and then observe his behavior. It is better to discuss about it with your vet. Many people ask that can yorkies eat apples then the answer is yes they can.


Can Diabetic Dogs Eat Apples?

As we know that apple is a sugary fruit and it could be harmful for a dog suffering from diabetes. Although apple is a natural fruit and it contains a natural sugar so it is better to discuss to with your veterinarian before giving apple to your dog.

Can Eating Apples Make Dogs Sick?

Can apples cause diarrhea in dogs? Yes, eating apples can make your dog sick if he consumes too many apples. It can also cause digestive problem to your dog. Can baby dogs eat apples is also another aspect. Make sure you should limit the intake of apples and also use hydrated apples which help in digestion. Giving dehydrated apples which do not contain water is a bad idea.

Can Eating Apples Make Dogs Sick

Can Dogs With Kidney Failure Eat Apples?

Have you ever wondered that giving apples to your dog with kidney disease can be safe? As we know that apples are rich source of calcium, phosphorus, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. In this condition you must consider the intake of extra calcium, phosphorus an omega 6 fatty acids in his diet. For dogs suffering from arthritis should be monitored for their omega 6 fatty acid levels. Dogs suffering from kidney disease should eat apples in moderate amount in order to ensure his safety.

Final verdict

Pet owners usually ask can dogs eat apples because they are not sure about giving thing fruit to their dogs. Yes dogs can eat apples but in moderation. Apples can be given in all forms but avoid giving them with core and seeds. Make sure you take fresh and juicy apples because they are very beneficial for your dog’s health.

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