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can dogs eat nuts

Nuts are variety of dried seeds which are often enclosed in a shell. They are packed with beneficial nutrients which are not only valuable for the body but also help in reducing the risk of many diseases. Can dogs eat nuts is our question of discussion here. This article deals with how you can give nuts to your dog and which type of nuts are unsafe for dogs.

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Can Dogs Eat Nuts Safely?

Dogs can eat nuts safely but not all kinds are nuts are fit for dog’s consumption. Peanuts are usually among the safest nut options available to dogs. Simple serve the plain dry roasted peanuts to dogs as a treat. Hazelnuts are also a good option. Cashews in limited amount are also safe but they are also high in fat content like peanuts. Other nuts like walnuts and especially macadamia nuts are absolutely dangerous to dogs due to their toxicity. However you can serve the smaller quantity of cashews, almond and pistachios removed from the shells to dogs. Normally they are not advised for dog’s consumption even in small amounts. If you ask can small dogs eat nuts them normally boiled nuts are safe for small dogs in little amount. Otherwise there may be choking hazards in small dogs.

Can Dogs Eat All Types Of Nuts?

Not all the kind of nuts are safe for dogs. Some are among the good nuts while others are included in the category of bad nuts. Here I will discuss both of these types with you.

  • Can Dogs Have Peanuts?

Peanuts are the well liked nuts for dogs. Make sure you serve them plain, unsalted and dry roasted to dogs but in small quantity. They should be removed from their shells. Make sure to check peanuts allergy in dogs.

  • Can Dogs Have Cashew Nuts ?

Cashew are among the good nuts. Make sure you don’t serve them raw but dry roast them in order to eliminate the toxin at high temperature. Limit their amount as they are higher in fat content and will lead to weigh gain.

  • Can Dogs Have Hazelnuts?

Hazelnuts are not toxic to dogs. Serve a small quantity to dogs and be careful about puppies as they can sauce choking hazards in small dogs.

  • Can Dogs Have Pistachio Nuts?

Pistachios are not toxic but not good for dogs in large amounts. Make sure they are removed from the shells. They are high in fat content and will make your dog obese when consumed too much.

Can Dogs Have Pistachio Nuts

  • Can Dogs Have Macadamia Nuts?

They are very much toxic to dogs as they belong to family of grapes and raisins. Even in small amount they can be fatal to your dog. So skip the idea of giving macadamia nuts to dogs.

  • Can Dogs Have Walnuts?

These are larger nuts and no safe for dogs because they too high in fat content. Dogs are unable to chew them properly so they should be served to dogs at any cost. People ask my dog ate one walnut what do I do? One walnut would not kill your dog at least.

  • Can Dogs Have Almonds?

Almonds are not poisonous but they have greater fat content. Dogs will not be able to digest them. So don’t serve lots of almonds to dogs as it will cause pancreatitis in dogs.

  • Can Dogs Have Pecans?

They are toxic due to the presence of juglone. So avoid serving them to dogs otherwise it will cause intestinal upset in dogs.

  • Can Dogs Have Hickory Nuts?

They are also dangerous as they contain juglone in them. In order to save your dog from stomach upset never serve your dog the hickory nuts.

What Type Of Nuts Are Poisonous To Dogs?

Not all the nuts are poisonous to dogs. Nuts having toxin in them like pecans, hickory nuts and macadamia nuts are poisonous to dogs. While almonds, pistachios and walnuts are safe but only in small quantity.

Can Dogs Eat Nuts Every day?

When we talk about the nuts then the experts’ advice to serve nuts as an occasional treat to dogs. Your dog cannot have nuts every day. The nuts are usually fattening and cause stomach problems in dogs. Make sure they are in the form of a treat for dogs rather than in the form of a meal. So a few nuts once a week are safe but nuts on daily basis should be strictly avoided for dogs and cats.

Can Dogs Eat Mixed Nuts?

Your dog cannot have all the nuts mixed in a bowl because mixed nuts are not advised for dogs. When we talk about nuts then we cannot resist talking about raisins. Raisins are toxic and at times fatal to dogs so they should not be mixed with nuts. Not all the nuts are good for dogs. There are some bad nuts also like pistachios, walnuts, hickory nuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, almonds. So it you have mixed good nuts with bad nuts and ultimately your pet is going to suffer the most. So giving mixed nuts all together is absolutely a bad idea.

Can Dogs Eat Mixed Nuts?

Can Dogs Eat Boiled Nuts?

Boiled nuts are usually safe for dogs and in puppies raw nuts may causes choking hazards. Boiled peanuts, hazel nuts. All you know that cashews in raw form are unsafe for dogs due to the presence of toxin. So at high temperature this toxin is eliminated making them safe for dogs. All other types of nuts are unsafe for dogs as they contain toxins and dogs cannot eat them.

Can Dogs Eat Dry Roasted Nuts?

To safest way to serve nuts to dogs is to dry roast the. Dogs are interested to munch the roasted nuts as they are crunchy and delicious. Do not add anything while you are roasting them. Only dry roasted nuts are safe for dogs. So you can dry roast only the good nuts that include cashews, peanuts and hazelnuts.

Can Dogs Eat Honey Roasted Nuts?

Roasting nuts in honey is not safe. Nuts like peanuts have higher fat content and when you are adding honey while roasted them it means that you are adding lots of sugar in them. Do not add any other flavor to the roasted nuts. Keep them plain and dry roasted.

Can Dogs Eat Salted Nuts ?

Nuts high in salt content are dangerous to dogs. People themselves love to eat salted nuts and they think the same for their dogs. So salted nuts are a big no to dogs. Keep the nuts raw, plain and only dry roasted. Never add any salt with boiling or roasting the nuts. Otherwise your dog will have stomach upset and diarrhea.

Can Dogs Eat Unsalted Nuts ?

Unsalted nuts are the safest way to be served to dogs. The raw unsalted nuts are easily munched but be careful regarding cashew as they must be dry roasted at high temperature in order to eliminate a toxin which is present is raw cashews. So the plain and unsalted dry roasted peanuts, cashews and hazelnuts are among the favorite nuts for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Unsalted Nuts

Can Diabetic Dogs Eat Nuts ?

Diabetic dogs can safely eat the good kind of nuts. In this their bad cholesterol levels are lowered and also the level of blood sugar remains in control. So you can serve the good nuts to your diabetic dogs as an occasional treat. Make sure keep the nuts in small quantity otherwise too many nuts will cause gastrointestinal problems in diabetic dogs.

Final Verdict:

Pet owners look for nuts for their dogs because of their health benefits for dogs. Can dogs eat nuts of all kinds is the thing to consider here. Usually you need to serve the boiled or the dry roasted peanuts, hazelnuts and cashews to dogs but only in small amount. Too many nuts will cause stomach issues in dogs.

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