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Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream

Ice cream is a yummy and frozen summer delight. Its sweet taste and coolness is all that makes us fall in love with it. Can dogs eat ice cream? Ice cream is actually OK for dogs only when it is served once in a blue moon. It has to be xylitol free and less in sugar content. This article deals with the dangers of ice cream and risks of giving various flavors of ice cream to dogs.

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Why Is Ice Cream Bad For Dogs?

Ice cream is a refreshing summer treat which is enjoyed by everyone. What will you do about the lusty eyes of your canine for ice cream? Ice cream is not suitable for dogs. The reason behind is that they are unable to digest milk. Dogs if they eat ice cream get sick and get vomiting and diarrhea. Ice cream actually has too much sugar in it. Obviously when your dog has eaten something with too much sugar with gain weight first and then regular eating of ice cream causes health problems in dogs. The reason ice cream is not safe for dogs is that it contains an artificial sweetener in it called xylitol which is very toxic to dogs. Another thing to consider is certain flavors of ice cream which are harmful to dogs for example the chocolate flavored ice cream. Make sure your dog is not diabetic or allergic to ice cream. However it can be given to dogs as a frozen treat once a week.

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream Cones?

When it comes to ice cream cones then you have to ensure that the ice cream cone is made using natural ingredients. There should not be xylitol in the cone of ice cream. So its better you serve the ice cream otherwise the cone is also no issue when natural.

Can Small Dogs Eat Ice Cream?

When it comes to small dogs when commonly it is asked can puppies eat ice cream? Puppies in their initial years rely on mother’s milk. They cannot have ice cream at that time. When doggy is around two years of age then it is the time when he has shifted to some solid food eating. It is the time when you can serve some ice cream to dog but in case of puppies it is not advised at all.

Can Small Dogs Eat Ice Cream

How Often Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream?

Ice cream should be served to dogs not more than once a month if you want for dog to remain healthy. The reason behind not serving ice cream very often is that it contain too much sugar. If your dog is not lactose intolerant even them you have to limit the ice cream intake. Make sure you prefer the ice cream with xylitol and low in sugar content. Always serve its small quantity to dogs. Serving it often makes your dog very sick.

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream Cake?

Anything sugary is not good for dogs. Ice cream cake when it is a birthday treat seems fine for dogs but frequent eating of it will make your dog sick. So you should make the ice cream cake only for yourself but not for your dog.

Types Of Ice Cream Flavors Available

Ice cream comes in lots of yummy flavors but dogs cannot eat all the flavors. Out of all these flavors only vanilla ice cream is safe for dogs. Be careful about selecting an ice cream flavor for your dog.

  • Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Ice Cream?

When it comes to ice cream then pet owners ask can a dog eat vanilla ice cream or can I give my dog vanilla ice cream. As we all know that ice cream is not a good option for dogs. Vanilla flavor is consider to be the safest and dog friendly flavor. You have to ensure that the ice cream you selected is free from xylitol and have less sugar in it. However vanilla ice once in six months is safe. Otherwise there can be issues with his health.

  • Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Ice Cream?

Can you give a dog strawberry ice cream? Strawberries are safe for dogs and dogs actually love to have them. Strawberry ice cream is ok for dogs but is should not have lots of sugar along with xylitol. There are some ice cream for dogs which will not harm your dog.

  • Can Dogs Eat Chocolate Ice Cream?

Chocolate ice cream is not allowed to dogs at any cost. The reason is that it contains theobromine and methylxanthines which are toxic. Dogs is unable to break them down. Dogs get chocolate poisoning from chocolate ice cream and lots of it causes pancreatitis in dogs. If a person says my dog ate chocolate ice cream then in this situation he should urgently call his vet.

  • Can Dogs Eat Coconut Ice Cream?

Coconut ice cream is safe for dogs to eat. The only thing you have to take care of is that your dog is lactose intolerant. Homemade coconut ice cream is the safest one. Make sure you buy the one designed for dogs. Coconut ice cream without xylitol is fine.

Can Dogs Eat Coconut Ice Cream

  • Can Dogs Eat Pistachio Ice Cream?

Pistachio ice cream should not be given to dogs. These kind of nuts toxic. Pistachio ice cream will lead stomach upset and diarrhea in dogs. So avoid giving pistachio ice cream to dogs.

Can Dogs Die If They Eat Ice Cream?

There can be severe health issues with your dog which can be fatal to dogs regarding ice cream. In case your dog is lactose intolerant and has eaten too much ice cream then it is a serious condition. On the other hand when your dog has eaten an inappropriate ice cream flavor which is not safe for him then you need to take him to the vet immediately. If ignored your dog will die in this condition.

Final Verdict:

Can dogs eat ice cream safely? Ice cream is not a good option for dogs especially for those who are lactose intolerant. Ice cream contains lots of sugar and an artificial sweetener called xylitol in it. Homemade ice cream is a safe way of serving frozen summer treat to dogs. Make sure you serve twice a year at most.

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