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Services for Dogs In Miami

  Have you recently adopted a dog? Do you have enough time to spend on grooming? If you have a lot on your plate, make sure to take your canine to a professional groomer.

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These professionals offer an extensive range of services from bathing, teeth cleaning, and hair brushing to deshedding, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and haircuts.

Unlike pet owners, dog groomers are equipped with a myriad of tools such as different hairbrushes, metal combs, blunt-end scissors, nail clippers, various shampoos, toothpaste, etc. Nowadays, there are numerous companies for mobile dog grooming in Miami, only a step away from the homes of pet owners.

These are some of the most popular services they provide.


Hair brushing

Hair brushing is among the most popular services offered by mobile dog grooming providers. Brushing is indispensable to keep their hair free of tangles. Nevertheless, most canine owners are either too busy to brush the coat of their pets or have no idea how to do it.

Long-haired breeds like Collie and Golden Retrievers should have their coats untangled first and then brushed to facilitate the brushing process. Dog groomers use a metal comb to comb the coats of canines while trying to untangle every single knot as gently as possible. These professionals are incredibly patient in the process, as dogs find knot untangling painful. They also use scissors with blunt ends to cut knots easily.

Short-haired breeds like Boxers and Labradors are combed with a metal comb with fine, not wide teeth. These combs are incredibly effective in removing dead hair from their topcoat. Afterward, dog groomers brush them with a soft brush to make their coats look smooth. By having their coats brushed regularly, tangles and shedding are minimized.


Another service offered by Miami mobile dog grooming providers is deshedding, referring to the procedure of removing hair from the undercoat of canines, which isn’t entirely removed while brushing. This practice is highly recommended in breeds that shed excessively, such as Chow Chows, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Boston Terriers, Akitas, etc. Fortunately, mobile pet groomers use special deshedding tools for this purpose.

For instance, professionals use a slicker brush whose head is shaped like a rectangular with fine wires. It’s suitable for medium to long-haired canine breeds. Additionally, combs with wide teeth are used for removing fur tangles in long-haired dogs to avoid painful pulling.

Rubber brushes are used by groomers for the purpose of cleaning canines down to their skin. These tools are also beneficial for eliminating loose dander, hair and stimulating circulation in these furry creatures. Conversely, bristle brushes are used for brushing short-haired breeds and those with smooth coats. Check out the main reasons why dogs shed.

dogs shed.

Nail trimming

Another popular dog grooming service in Miami is nail trimming. Canines must have their nails trimmed in order not to hurt themselves or their owners, avoid health issues, and prevent them from ruining clothes and furniture. Since dirt gets easily trapped in the long nails of dogs, these creatures are under threat of developing health problems. Therefore, regular nail trimming is considered a must.

In addition, mobile pet groomers use different types of nail clippers to perform the task of nail trimming. The most popular styles of nail clippers are the guillotine style and the scissors style. While both of them are effective, the former is considered to be more convenient. The process of nail trimming is tricky due to the quick, which stands for the nerves and blood vessels going to the claw.

Nevertheless, professional groomers are trained in clipping canine nails without hurting the animals in the process. Even if these professionals happen to cut the quick in canines with temper, there’s no reason to feel worried. Dog groomers use silver nitrate to impede bleeding.


Bathing is one of the basic grooming services offered by mobile grooming providers. Unlike cats, the majority of canines adore bathing, meaning groomers don’t have any trouble keeping pets entertained in the process. These professionals use non-toxic shampoos made of natural ingredients to prevent the skin of canines from reacting harshly to chemicals.

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For example, groomers use tear-free shampoos to protect the eyes of canines in the course of baths. Also, they sometimes use medicated shampoos prescribed by veterinarians in pets with allergies and specific skin conditions. Conditioners are used after the shampoo to keep the coat of canines moisturized, smooth, and free of tangles. Some conditioners are rinsed off, whereas others aren’t designed to be rinsed.

Furthermore, medicated dips are a form of shampoo designed for the elimination of fleas and other parasites. Nevertheless, these products have been avoided in recent times because of the introduction of new, safer methods for flea prevention and removal.

Teeth brushing

Another popular dog grooming service is teeth brushing, which is of tremendous importance for the oral hygiene of canines. Unless the teeth of these creatures are brushed regularly, there is a high risk for them to develop tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other types of gum disease.

Professional groomers use the right types of toothpaste to keep the teeth of dogs clean and healthy. They also use correct techniques to handle the task effectively without causing discomfort in pets.

Ear cleaning

Ear cleaning is an essential grooming service that providers are expected to offer to pet owners. The ear canals of canines are surprisingly long, between five and ten centimeters. Given this length, the amount of dirt accumulated inside the canals can be significant. Hence, pet owners should make sure the ear canals of their companions are cleaned regularly and thoroughly so as to avoid infections.

These specialists use cotton balls and liquid cleaners to clean the interior part of canines’ ears. The liquid cleaner contains no chemicals and sticky oil to prevent any harmful reaction in pets. This cleaning routine should be performed once a month.

In conclusion

Dog grooming is now more available than ever.

Mobile groomers are just a step away!