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can dogs eat white chocolate

Although chocolate seems to be a fascinating treat for everyone but there are some facts which you have to keep in mind as a pet owner. Can dogs eat white chocolate, is a frequently searched query which will be explained in detailed in this article. Read it thoroughly for the good heath of your dogs.

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Can Dogs Eat Chocolate Safely?

Chocolate is the most popular foods and also considered very dangerous for dogs. There are various varieties of chocolate like milk chocolate, black chocolate, white chocolate, and other dark chocolates. It means that chocolate is the kind of food not safe for dogs. You should not make this mistake serving chocolate to your pooch as some sort of treat. Basically there is present Theobromine in chocolate which makes it toxic to pets. In case of white chocolate the amount of this toxin is low as compared to black chocolate. Chocolate is very fattening and has greater risk of pancreatitis among dogs. Therefore pets should be kept away from chocolate treats otherwise they will suffer badly.

Can A Dog Eat White Chocolate?

A dog cannot eat chocolate. Many pet owners think that white chocolate is not that toxic that is why it is ok for dogs in small amounts but it is not true. The toxin in white chocolate which is Theobromine can cause theobromine poisoning even in its very small amount. It means that you are not allowed to serve your dog white chocolate. However if your dog has ingested it then he will show the initial symptoms of poisoning which is the stage when you have to take the services of your vet.

Is It Safe For Dogs To Eat White Chocolate?

White chocolate is not safe for dogs in any case. Every sort of treat that contains white chocolate in it should not be given to dogs. Theobromine poisoning in dogs has symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, allergy, seizures and even heart problems. Natural sweetness of fruits can be the best option instead of chocolates. Pet owners who ask can you give a dog white chocolate then no you cannot. The danger associated with white chocolate is the toxin called theobromine.

Is White Chocolate Toxic To Dogs?

Yes white chocolate is absolutely toxic to dogs. The amount of toxin in white chocolate is low as compared to black chocolate which comes with its extreme dangers for dogs. However it also depends on the size of your dog that how he responds to white chocolate. An average sixe dog who accidentally eats white chocolate will get sick but is depends on so many factors. Normally the amount is 0.25 mg in one ounce of white chocolate which is enough to cause theobromine poisoning in a puppy.

Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate Macadamia?

The macadamia nuts are in reality toxic to dogs and it has been reported that dogs who ate macadamia nuts showed the symptoms of toxicity. So if your dog is eating white chocolate macadamia with you then you should be prepared about chocolate and macadamia nut poisoning in dogs.

Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate Chips?

Can my dog eat white chocolate chips? White chocolate chips are also risky for dogs. One or two chocolate chips will not causes any sort of poisoning but there can gastrointestinal problems. On the other hand too many chocolate chips will definitely cause toxicity so be careful about that.

Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate Cake?

Chocolate cake is a big no to dogs no matter if it contains dark chocolate or white chocolate. On special occasions chocolate cakes are the perfect treats. Never think of serving chocolate cake to dogs as it causes chocolate poisoning.

Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate Cake?

Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate Brownies?

Brownies contain chocolate as main ingredient so they are not suitable for dogs. That is why it is totally a bad idea to serve white or dark chocolate brownies to dogs and cats.

What Will Happen If A Dog Eats White Chocolate?

Chocolate lovers cannot resist when they see chocolate treats. In the same way pets on seeing their masters want to taste chocolate to enjoy its sweetness. As we all know that white chocolate or any other chocolate is not allowed to dogs. If accidentally your dog eat some chocolate then he will show symptoms of chocolate toxicity and this is the time when you have to urgently contact the vet. Make sure you serve fresh fruits in spite of chocolate treats to dogs. White chocolate as less amount of theobromine but even then it hurts pets. Pet owners have to keep an eye on their pets so that they don’t get an opportunity of eating any sort of chocolate. In case of high chocolate ingestion you dog may die due to chocolate. So precautions are everything for the long life of pets.

How Much White Chocolate Can Kill A Dog?

Can white chocolate kill a dog? White chocolate can be the reason behind the death of any pet. It is the certain amount of toxin that causes toxicity. Some dogs do not show any symptoms of theobromine toxicity but they are in great danger after ingesting white chocolate. There is not an exact amount of white chocolate that causes death but it depends on the age and size of your dog. Usually puppies are easily affected after eating white chocolate as compared to larger dogs. The vet may induce vomiting in order to save the life of your dog. Another way is the use of activated charcoal by the vets which help to stop the further absorption of theobromine in dogs. Apart from theobromine it also contains fats and sugars which upsets the dog’s stomach and leads to weight gain. Eating lots of white chocolate on the part of your dog causes pancreatitis which is the inflammation of pancreas.

Can Dogs Die From Eating White Chocolate?

Pet owners often panic and say my dog ate a little bit of white chocolate and will he die? Actually the theobromine is white chocolate is the reason behind poisoning. Little bit of chocolate will cause vomiting or diarrhea while lots of chocolate causes seizures and cardiac arrest which causes sudden death in dogs. After a few hours of white chocolate toxicity death takes place when not treated timely.

Final Verdict:

Can dogs eat white chocolate? Chocolate is the most dangerous foods for dogs and simply skip the idea of serving dark or white chocolate if you have pets at home. On our special occasions we love to have yummy chocolate treats but think for a while that how will your dog resist eating chocolate? So you must keep your pets out of the reach of chocolate. So dogs cannot eat dark and white chocolate at any cost.

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