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can dogs eat watermelon

Summer season knocks our door with the treat of juicy watermelons. Have you ever wondered sharing this treat with your buddy? But wait! Can dogs eat watermelon just like me humans do. And what about its seeds or the watermelon rind. If you are not sure about these things then it’s better to ask your vet because some particular human foods are not safe your dogs. So in this article I will reveal some facts about water melon and its eating among pets especially dogs

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What are some Watermelon Benefits for Dogs?

  • Watermelon is one of the most refreshing and exotic fruits out there in summer season. On a hot sunny day after the gym workout is not is a good idea to have some fresh watermelon chunks to make you energetic. Same can be thought for you dog as well because there is nearly 92% water in watermelon which makes it a perfect summer delight.
  • Watermelon is packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. it a great source of potassium for your puppies also. The sugar content present in it also safe for dogs because of the presence of dietary fiber in watermelons. The purpose of fiber is to insulate the sugar.
  • The point is that you there so many benefits of watermelon for dogs that is why this fruit is approved be veterinarians for the dog. Make sure you feed you dog with fresh watermelon otherwise there can be problems as well.

Can You Give A Dog Watermelon?

Dog owners should a good care of their dogs’ diet. Lots of people are uncertain that can my dog have some watermelon same like me. The experts say that definitely you can give you buddy fresh water to eat during hot summer days. But the point is that it should be served in moderation. You cannot give the whole of it at once. There are certain things to keep in mind before you give it to your dog.

Can dogs eat watermelon is not a thing of worry as far as the juicy part is concerned. The only thing which can cause trouble are the watermelon seeds and its rind. If you own a small puppy then you have to limit its amount and avoid giving watermelon along with in rind and seeds. Otherwise your partner will have stomach upset in the few hours to come. So you must focus on the quantity of watermelon which is to be served to your dog. A veterinarian being a friend of mine shared that people typically stick to the point that why can’t dogs eat watermelon in a single serving. All such people should understand that watermelon when consumed in greater quantity will likely to cause canine complications along with gastrointestinal upset in dogs.

Can You Give A Dog Watermelon

Is It Ok For Dogs To Eat Watermelon Everyday

You might have heard the veterinarian speaking strictly that your dog cannot eat watermelon on daily basis. You can serve it as a summer treat in the form of watermelon chunks but not every day. When your dog is eating the fruit everyday then there can some stomach issues with him. It is better to give in on alternate days to avoid any trouble. Watermelon for dogs is of no harm but as long as it is consumed in moderate quantity. People think that their doggy will remain active and refreshed can dogs eat whole watermelon in a day is a question of greater significance because many of you out there might be unaware of it. It will be difficult for the dog to digest it so it is better to start will small chunks initially and observe your dog’s behavior. Limit the quantity rather than giving him whole of it otherwise the obvious issue will be of diarrhea.

Can Dogs Eat The Green Part Of Watermelon?

Watermelon basically has fleshy red colored part along with its rind. Now the rind is also the thick white part below the red central part and the green outer part of watermelon. You should listen carefully that you cannot give the green part of watermelon to your dog. At home some people make rind pickles but it is of no benefit for your dog. The only problem it will cause is the digestive problems.

Can Dogs Eat The Green Part Of Watermelon

Can Dogs Eat Honeydew Or Cantaloupe

Honeydew melon is similar to watermelon with its sweet flesh. It is normally enjoyed by human but can dogs have honeydew melon too? Yes they can have this fruit due to its great nutritional value. They are safer for dogs when fewer bites. Otherwise there will be abdominal pain in dogs. How to I know that can dog eat cantaloupe? The answer is positive because they both are safe for our loving buddies. Both of these fruits are full of fiber, vitamins and potassium. Be careful to take out its seeds and rind because they are poisonous for dogs in most of the cases.

Why can’t Dogs eat Watermelon Rind?

If we can give a puppy the red juicy flesh then why not the rinds? The rind of watermelon is the harder part that is difficult to chew. Even if your dog has eaten them it will cause intestinal blockage. Larger dog may not be that sick as compared to small puppies. Same is the case with watermelon seeds. You should avoid the watermelon seeds and only give the fleshy part the seeds can cause abdominal pain and intestinal blockage. So we cannot say that watermelon rind is good for dogs.

Watermelon rind for humans has so many health benefits. It improves one’s focus and power to concentrate. Although it is not that appealing. Some people prefer rind pickles but they don’t have nutritional value in picked form. In order to make it more edible you should blend it in a blender and then consume it because in raw and harm form you cannot chew it. So people who ask that can dogs eat watermelon rind should not think about it because they themselves can eat them. Experts do not advice to give the rind part to the dogs and especially little puppies. It is the cause of bowel issues among dogs. Many dogs often become aggressive because the harder part is tough to chew and swallow also. So the bottom line is that you should skip this idea that can dogs have watermelon rind same as its flesh. Experts are also convinced to the fact that in order to keep your dog healthy and strong you should give only the flesh part to your dog.

Why can’t Dogs eat Watermelon Rind

Are Watermelon Seeds Toxic For Dogs?

As I have said earlier that dogs can eat watermelon but in limited quantity. People who have doubts regarding are watermelon seeds bad for dogs definitely think in the right way. People with question can dogs eat watermelon seeds must listen that the answer absolutely not. The black colored seeds when swallowed by the dog cause obstructions in the intestine that is why it is recommended to remove its seeds before serving.

Are watermelon seeds poisonous for dogs? They are not poisonous in the true sense. If you are still afraid then you must buy seedless watermelon so that the risk is eliminated. The only worry is regarding intestinal blockage. In a seedless watermelon there are small white colored seeds unlike the black ones. The risk is still there so you have to remove these white seeds also. Not after all the detailed discussion you may not ask that are watermelon seeds safe for dogs.

Can All Dog Breeds Eat Watermelon?

Nearly all the dog breeds can eat watermelon in some limited amount with seeds and rind removed from the fleshy part. Owners of bulldogs are worried about the diet of their buddies and often ask can bulldogs eat watermelon. To their knowledge I will tell them yes they can but by following certain guidelines. Bulldogs have very sensitive stomachs which means that you have to give them a chunk of 1 inch and observe their behavior after that. If after some time they seem fine then they can eat it safely.

Boxer dogs and even puppies eating watermelon remain hydrated in the hot summer months. Most common question put to veterinarians is that can puppies eat watermelon or not. Since puppies are small and face problems in digesting certain kinds of food may face difficulty in digesting watermelon. It varies from puppy to puppy which means that you cannot apply it to all the dog breeds. But you can give them few chunks. Never give the whole of it at once otherwise diarrhea will be the result.

Can Diabetic Dogs Eat Watermelon?

To our normal pets we are not that much worried as to our diabetic dogs. You can give your diabetic dog watermelon because it has low glycemic load which is fine for dogs. So can dogs have watermelon should not be the debate even if they are diabetic. Let them enjoy this sweet summer treat but in moderation.

Can Watermelon Makes Dogs Sick?

Watermelon when eaten in excess makes a dog sick. It becomes a serious situation because the dog vomits along with abdominal pain and diarrhea. It does not mean that you can never give them this juicy fruit. Start from 1 inch of the slice and 3 slices are enough.

How to know when is Watermelon Bad for Dogs

When you dogs has bowel issues are an upset stomach then it that condition you have to avoid giving watermelon to your dog. It is about the seeds and the rind that causes problems. Are watermelons bad for dogs is a thing bit confusing? The rind is harder and it is not easy for your buddy to chew. It makes many dogs aggressive because they cannot chew easily. It seeds and rind causes intestinal blockage. Even then if unfortunately he eats watermelon then there will vomiting, pain in the abdominal part and diarrhea.

What Can I do Because my Dog ate Rotten Watermelon?

Unfortunately if your dog has eaten rotten watermelon then he will be upset. If he vomits then the situation is fine but even then you need to call the vet. The can be poisonous in rotten form. Mostly men complain that ‘my dog ate watermelon seeds’ which was rotten then it is an alarming situation. Immediate medical care is required otherwise the dog will get kidney failure.

Final Verdict :

Pet owners must give important to the matter that can dogs eat watermelon because not the whole watermelon is safe to eat. It is only the red fleshy part of watermelon that should be eaten by your dog but in moderate amount. It is the rind and the seeds that should be removed before the watermelon is served to your pet. Before you serve the whole watermelon you should give a slice in the beginning and observe your dog. If there are bowel changes then he will vomit after a couple of hours. But if he seems fine then it shows that it is safe to give watermelon to your dog. Always keep in mind that moderation is the key note for everything.

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