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can dogs eat quinoa

Quinoa is a healthy food of humans which is enriched with protein, calcium and healthy fats. Can dogs eat quinoa? Yes quinoa is a super grainy food which is actually a substitute for rice. These are the seeds out of which many delicious quinoa dog treats can be made. In this article I am going to discuss with you’re the importance of quinoa for dogs and some important things that every pet owner should about it.

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Can Dogs Eat Quinoa?

Quinoa in these days is added to dogs’ diet because of its great nutritional value. If you notice carefully then you will come to know that quinoa is one of the main ingredients in many dog foods. It is basically a gluten free seed safe for dogs. It contains protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber. When it is added to your dog’s diet you will yourself notice the higher energy level of your dog. As it has lots of fiber in it so you have to be very careful about the amount of quinoa served to your dog. Start with a small amount and then increase it when your dog has become able to tolerate this new food.

Can Small Dogs Eat Quinoa?

If you have small dogs then you would be asking can dogs safely eat quinoa. For puppies quinoa is safe but only in very small amount. As we all know that stomach of puppies is sensitive so you have to be very calculated about its served quantity otherwise your puppy will have stomach upset.

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa Instead Of Rice?

Quinoa is a low calorie food with lower glycemic index that is why it is a best substitute for rice. If you feel that your dog should not be eating rice then you can substitute it with quinoa. It is also a wonderful food for obese doggies as it will make them fit and slim.

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa Seeds?

Dogs can have quinoa but that does not mean in raw form. It should always be cooked. If you say my dog ate raw quinoa then it not something good. You need to call your vet to know about any future trouble with your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa Seeds

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa Flour?

Quinoa flour is basically not recommended to dogs. You should go for the grains rather than the flour because there can be lots of health issues in dogs by having quinoa flour.

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa Pasta?

Your dog can have cooked quinoa with boiled pasta without any kind of sauce and flavor. Small amount of this dog treat can be a delicious change for dogs as well.

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa Flakes?

Yes your dog can have quinoa flakes without any flavor. It is normally boiled in water with 1 part of quinoa flakes to be boiled in 3 parts of water.

Can Dogs Eat Dry Quinoa?

It is mostly found in dry dog foods as a chief component. If you are preparing quinoa at home then it cannot be served dry. It has to be washed and then properly cooked. Serve a small portion of cooked quinoa to dogs to check his reaction to this super healthy new food.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Quinoa?

Can my dog eat cooked quinoa? Cooked quinoa is safe for dogs. Make sure you wash it properly before cooking because there can be a toxin called saponin. Prepare it plain and simple without adding and salt and pepper as they will harm your dog. Buy the one which is not flavored and does not any seasoning in it.

Can Dogs Eat Uncooked Quinoa?

Your dog is not going to have uncooked quinoa at all. It will disturb your dog’s digestive system. He will experience stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea in severe cases.

Types of Quinoa For Dogs

Quinoa comes in varieties and amazing colors. It is delicious to taste and dogs are attracted to this super food because of its different colors.

Can Dogs Eat White Quinoa?

Dogs can eat white quinoa but make sure you don’t mix it without food and cook it plain. Make sure you wash it well before cooking it.

Can Dogs Eat White Quinoa


Can Dogs Eat Red Quinoa?

Dogs are attracted towards red quinoa. It should also be washed thoroughly to avoid any unseen toxins. It should be made without adding any flavors and spices.

Can Dogs Eat Black Quinoa?

Quinoa is also available in black color. Many pet owners prepare the tri colored quinoa for their dogs. Proper cooking of this food is very important.

Can dogs eat quinoa every day?

Dogs cannot have quinoa on daily basis. It a super food which contain lots of fiber which is difficult for dogs to digest. Your dog will have a stomach upset with excess quinoa.Make sure you introduce this new food to your dog’s diet in small amount. Too much of it will cause trouble. Once your dog has adjusted himself with this food then you can increase the portion but only when served occasionally not on daily basis.

Can Diabetic Dogs Eat Quinoa?

The answer is yes. Because of its greater nutritional value it is also suitable for diabetic dogs. It is gluten free as well as lower in calories. So you need not to worry about and serve small portion of quinoa to your diabetic dog occasionally.

Final Verdict:

Quinoa is a super food best for humans and dogs. Some pet owners keep on asking can dogs eat quinoa because they still don’t know about this new food. Quinoa should be fed to dogs in cooked form. These grains should thoroughly be washed before cooking. Serve only small portion of it to your dog and note his reaction to this new food. Many dog treats can be made at home using quinoa.

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