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can dogs eat pears

We all humans are fond of fruits and pears are such delicious fruit that we cannot resist. It is the human psychology to share things we like with our pets but every time this sharing doesn’t mean caring. This sharing can get your dog into trouble. Most of the pet owners want to know about the fruits and vegetables given to dogs so here we would like to discuss about pears. Have you ever thought that can dogs eat pears? Find out the answer of this question below.

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What Fruits Are Not Good For Dogs?

First of all you have to keep in mind that just because your puppy is allowed to eat certain fruits it doesn’t really means that he or she can eat any fruit freely. There are a number of fruits included in dog can’t eat list because not only they are forbidden but they should be avoided at any cost because of dangers associated with them. The pits of mangoes and cherries should be avoided at any cost because of their poisonous nature. Again the answer of question can my dog eat mango isn’t that simple. Yes, you can feed small pieces of mangoes to your dog only when the pit and skin is removed completely.

Apart from mangoes and cherries, peaches and plums are the fruits which are strictly forbidden. Can dogs eat pears and peaches? Peach can prove deadly for the pets because of its toxic pit. It is not only forbidden because of its toxicity but it is large enough to cause blockage in the intestines of your dog. Therefore real choking hazards are associated with the pits of fruits.

Why Should Dogs Eat Pears?

Pears are loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals which not only will improve heart health of your dog but also lower the cholesterol levels. Pears keep the digestive system in good shape by preventing various digestive issues such as diarrhea and constipation. When it comes to minerals then we can say that pears are good source of various vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, B2, vitamin E, vitamin K and various antioxidants too. Pears also contain folic acid, potassium, phosphorus and pectin too.

People ask are pears good for dogs to eat? When we discuss about the nutritional benefits of pears for dogs then first of all, we notice that pears are rich source of vitamin A which helps to build the body tissue in your dog. It may happen that your dog may be suffering from vitamin A deficiency. In vitamin A deficiency your pooch may have dull coat along with itchy skin. Instead of giving him some nutritional supplements it is better to try out the pears first. Fruits are the natural sources of various kinds of vitamins and minerals so you have to think natural. Aside from building up of body tissue, vitamin A is also good for your dog’s skin and hairs too. Vitamin A provides efficiency to the body of your pooch by helping him fighting against various diseases.

Apart from vitamin A, Pears also contain vitamin E which helps in keeping his skin healthy. Along with this, vitamin E has many other contributions to your dog’s health such as it boosts the immune system of pet, prevent the risk of cancer, makes muscles more elastic and strong and also reduce the loss of mobility in joints.

Why Should Dogs Eat Pears

Vitamin C content in pears will do wonders because it helps him live longer than others. This vitamin shows its effectiveness especially in the period of quick healing. If you dog is suffering from fever then vitamin C is good for him. Adding pears to your dog’s diet will ensure his healthy weight and shape.

Phosphorus is another mineral found in pears and it is useful for your puppy health. In fact Phosphorus is essential for your dog’s health because it is essential for survival. If your dog isn’t getting enough phosphorus then he will suffer from weak bones and teeth. Aside from the dental and bones health, phosphorus is essential for the cell membranes as well. Other vital functions of phosphorus include energy transfer, energy storage, calcium metabolism and better nerve function.

Pears contain potassium which is good for the proper functioning of nerves, enzymes and muscles. Potassium is such a mineral which is good for heart health and kidney function. If you dog is suffering from muscles weakness, fatigue and stomach problems then you must give pears to your dog.

Pears also contain Niacin which is a form of vitamin B. Niacin helps to improve overall nervous system and digestive system. Fiber in pears helps to lower the cholesterol and it reduces the risk of stroke.

Do You Know From Where Pears Come From?

Yes this delicious fruit comes from Asia and this comprises of one of the core orchids in Asia. The Pears trees are now found in Central Europe as well where we see them since long. You will find many gardens of Pears in Europe as well. Pears are taken fresh from the garden and they are popular fruit in the kitchen as well.

How Much Pears Can Dogs Eat?

Pears are safe fruit for the dogs and just because pears are safe for dogs to eat, this really doesn’t mean that your dog can eat lots of pears. Many of the pet owners ask that can dogs eat pears every day. The answer would be pears are safe for your dogs but they should be given in moderate amount and not regularly. Pears are healthy snack because it is full of vitamin A, vitamin C and Fiber. However you have to keep in your mind that too much pears may upset the stomach of your dog.

Now here most of you would think that how much is the too much? According to veterinarians the amount of these foods treat should be 10 percent of daily intake. When discussing the quantity of pears we should never ignore small dogs. Can small dogs eat pears? Yes, but for small dogs one slice of pear is plenty and a whole pear is too much. However, you should always consult your doctor whenever you have any doubt in your mind.

Can Dogs Eat Canned Pears?

Is canned pears bad for dogs? Anything that is canned using various kinds of preservatives and sugar is not good for the dogs. Canned fruits including canned pears is not good for your dog because it contains too much amount of sugar which leads to obesity and also irritate the stomach of your dog. Dogs can eat fresh pears and you should always feed fresh and ripe pears to your dog. Whenever you are introducing any new food item in your dog’s diet, it is best idea to ask from the vet first. A vet may guide you well because of his years of experience in this field of study.

What Are The Risks Associated With Feeding Pears To Your Dog?

Feeding your dog pears can also involve few risks. Although peers are safe food but safe foods may also come with choking hazards. In order to prevent choking, you should also cut bite sized pieces of pears and feed your dog carefully. The seeds of pears contain minute amount of cyanide therefore it is best to give seedless pears to your dog by removing the seeds carefully. Seeds in large quantity can also cause choking so you have to be careful.

Can Dogs Eat Whole Pears?

Usually the core of a fruit contain seeds which may contain cyanide so it is better not to give whole pears to your dog. However, if you want to make your dog safe then it is better to give them sliced fruits in moderate quantity instead of giving entire fruit to your dog at once. If the ingestion of fruit, if your puppy become sick then it mean that he has food allergy to that particular fruit so in that situation you need the help of your nearest veterinarian.

Can Dogs Eat Whole Pears

Sliced OR Whole Pears?

Can dogs eat sliced pears? Yes they should eat sliced Pears. Instead of feeding your dog whole pear you should cut the ears into small slices so give a deserved treat to your dog. Keep the amount of pears low because eating too much pear can give them upset stomach leading to diarrhea and vomiting. Pears is such human food which is an awesome treat for your dog but in moderate amount.

Eating Too Many Pears?

When you have pears trees in your native garden then you have to be little cautious as a dog owner. When the dog will see fallen sweet fruits from the trees, then it may happen that he can serve himself because the pets love to collect the ripped fruits. In such cases, do you know that when would happen when your dog eat too many ripped pears?

Yes, eating too many ripped pears can cause digestive issues like diarrhea. In addition eating too much seeds cause choking hazards and blockages. You should also be careful about the blue acid which is found in cores. You must note that like apples pears is also a lovely fruit which can be a good treat for your dog if given in moderate amounts.

My Dog Ate Pear Core What To Do?

Many pet owners ask that my dog ate pear seeds what will happen? So you must know that pear core contains seeds which contain cyanide. Eating small amount of core should be a problem if your dog has eaten the core with seeds accidently but in case of large quantity of seeds consumption you should contact your vet because emergency situation can happen. Keep your puppy away from the core of pear because it contains cyanide.

How To Introduce Fruits Into Your Dogs Diet?

This guide not only helps you to introduce new fruit into your dog’s diet but you can introduce any kind of food into your dog’s diet. First step before giving any type of food to your dog’s diet is to do an allergy test. If we take the example of pears then first of all you have to give small quantity of pears to your pooch to see any unusual reaction from him. You have to pay attention to the food allergies signs such as vomiting and diarrhea. Wait to see the signs and if your pooch digest the food well then you can always go ahead by giving more quantity of fruit.

As we know that Pears are similar to apples so they should be given as moderate treat to the dogs. If your dog is on a diet then pears are a healthy choice because they don’t make us fat. You can give pears to your dog in various forms such as it can be given with rice or yogurt as well. You can also serve pears with potatoes or fish or chicken. Pears is such a fruit loaded with lots of essential vitamins and minerals so it full of energy and good for sick dogs as well.


Can Dogs Eat Pears is one such question revolves around the minds of pet owners. The answer is clear “YES” but you have to be careful. It is recommended that instead of giving whole pears along with core, it is cut to remove the core and cut it into small slices in order to avoid choking hazards.

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