Can Dogs Eat Peanuts
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Can Dogs Eat Peanuts Or Peanut Butter?

Peanuts are crunchy nuts loved by everyone. When we think of our four legged friend then can dogs eat peanuts? Apart from the nutritional benefits of peanuts you have to be careful about giving them this crunchy snack. As a healthy dog’s treat peanuts can be the best choice. Make sure you give your dog plain peanuts. In this article I will explain in detail the goodness of peanuts and…

can dogs eat apricots
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Can Dogs Eat Apricots As An Occasional Treat?

A healthy and balanced diet contains fruits and veggies. Pet owners lack clarity regarding certain fruits and think that they can give them to their buddies because they personally like those fruits. Can dogs eat apricots is not known to most of the people. Apricot is one of such fruits which can be given to your dog as an occasional treat. In this article I will share with you guidelines…

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Can Dogs Eat Applesauce Safely Every day?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but is this true for dogs too? Apples are beneficial to dogs but can dogs eat applesauce just like us? Apples contain Vitamin C, Vitamin A, dietary fiber and antioxidants. Applesauce is safe for dogs to eat and it is the primary component of many delicious dog treats. In this article I will discuss applesauce goodness for dogs and the correct amount…

teddy bear dog
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Teddy Bear Dog- The Friendliest Dog Breed Known Today!

Have you ever wondered that a teddy bear can be your pet dog too? The teddy bear dog is a special dog breed which is admired due to its cute personality and loving nature. The children’s love towards the stuffed teddies gets enhanced when they meet this dog breed. These dogs are loveable, cute and caring towards the kids and are more than cuddle toys for them. Read the article…

Is Russian Bear Dog Friendly In Nature
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Russian Bear Dog – 29 Untold Secrets To Caucasian Shepherd Mastering

Pet owners keep on looking for various dog breeds that can not only be good pets for their home but protect them in any situation. These dogs must be comfortable with their kids as well. If you want to know about the complete details of Russian bear dog then read this article carefully. I am sure all your doubts about Russian bear dog will be cleared and you are ready…

can dogs eat raisins
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Can Dogs Eat Raisins? How Many Raisins Will Hurt A Dog?

Raisins are the dried grapes known for their sweet taste and health benefits. They are added in many recipes to enhance the nutrition of food and also to add flavor to food. Can dogs eat raisins will be our point of discussion in this article. Dogs cannot eat grapes and raisins as they are toxic to dogs. Although the real cause of their toxicity is still not discovered. Here I…

can dogs eat ham
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Can Dogs Eat Ham? Reason You Should Not Give Ham To Dogs

Ham is a human food high in fat and salt content. Can dogs eat ham is something frequently asked by pet owners. Ham for dogs is unsafe. Lots of sodium in it causes stomach issues in dogs. In this article I will discuss with you can dogs eat ham and ham bones in detail so that you will get a better idea for your dog. Can Dogs Eat Ham? Ham…

can dogs eat broccoli
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Can dogs eat broccoli? Should I give broccoli to my dog as a snack?

Broccoli is a healthy low-calorie vegetable that is good for the health of your dog when it is served in a moderate amount. You should finely chop it down before serving it to your canine. Those who have young pooch often ask can young dogs eat broccoli because they are not sure about the risks associated with this crunchy. Can dogs eat broccoli stems? It is absolutely a bad idea…

German Shepherd Lab Mix- Guide To An Intelligent & Loyal Companion For You
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German Shepherd Lab Mix- Guide To An Intelligent & Loyal Companion For You

Having a loyal companion in your family is one of the pleasant feelings ever. How about having a German shepherd or Labrador retriever for your family? Today the mating of these two famous dog breeds results in German shepherd lab mix. Read this article to know the German shepherd lab mix breed info. German Shepherd Lab Mix History: Whenever we hear about the German shepherd lab mix, then the names…

Husky German Shepherd Mix
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Husky German Shepherd Mix- A Delightful Addition To Your Family!

The Husky German shepherd Mix is actually the blend of two popular breeds that are German shepherd and the Siberian Husky. This breed is admired due to its appearance. People also call it Gerberian Shepsky. However the most common names are German Husky, Husky Shepherd and Siberian Shepherd.  This breed is also considered to be kept as pets but wait! You need to train them a lot only then you…

black mouth cur
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Black Mouth Cur-Complete Breed Information & Training Instructions

The black mouth cur is a called as herding dog as it watches the livestock. It is a dog from the south which is muscular and very powerful. Once you see this efficient dog you will fall in love with it. The name black mouth tells us that it commonly comes in black color. The term ‘cur’ is referred to as mixed breed of this dog. He is definitely a…

can dogs eat rice
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Can Dogs Eat Rice? Are Brown Rice A Better Option For Dogs?

Rice are made in every home because of their goodness. Can dogs eat rice? Rice is also a great food for dogs. It contains carbohydrates starch, fiber, calcium, iron and vitamins. You can make healthy rice recipes for dogs using white and whole grain rice. Read this article to get all the information about rice for good health of your dog. Can Dogs Eat Rice? The answer is yes. Rice…

can dogs eat radishes
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Can Dogs Eat Radishes? Should I Serve Radish To My Dog?

Radish is a vegetable used in salads and other recipes. It is crunchy with spicy flavor. Can dogs eat radishes is rarely discussed. If you are a pet owner and looking for this answer then read this article to know about the radishes that whether they should be given to your furry friend or not? Can Dogs Eat Radishes? When we talk about radishes then they are packed with proteins,…

Can Dogs Eat Pork
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Can Dogs Eat Pork? Raw Or Cooked

How about a delicious pork BBQ for dinner tonight? People love to enjoy pork cooked with various spices and in BBQ as well. Can dogs eat pork? Pork is generally not suitable for dogs. However plain and cooked without any seasoning once a while is fine. This article deals with various forms of pork and their precautions when serving to dogs. Is Pork Good For Dogs To Eat? Dogs are…

can dogs eat pineapple
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Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? Fresh, Frozen Or Canned?

Pineapple is a dream delight of everyone. How can you think of enjoying this summer snack without your friend? Can dogs eat pineapple because it is packed with health benefits? Yes dogs can eat pineapple treat but in moderation. In this article I will discuss about pineapple fruit and some important things to be taken care of before giving pineapple to your pets. Health Benefits Of Pineapple For Dogs Pineapple…

can dogs eat onions
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Can Dogs Eat Onions And Not Get Sick?

Onions are an essential part of our food gravy because it enhances the aroma of food. Onions and garlic both make our food tempting and delicious. Can dogs eat onions is thought to be a simple question because what we know is that they only give bad breath. Few people know that onions are strictly prohibited for dogs because of their great toxicity. In this article I will discuss with…

can dogs eat apple cores
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Can Dogs Eat Apple Cores or Not?

How about some crunchy apples for your buddy? Can dogs eat apple cores in the same way as they eat apples?  Apples are loved by everyone and your dog will not lag behind from munching this sweet fruit. People really don’t know about the benefits of apples with skin on. Apples are rich source of fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. in the lines below I will discuss how apple…

Healthy Foods to Feed to Your Dog
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Healthy Foods to Feed to Your Dog

Healthy Foods to Feed to Your Dog Dogs are the most domesticated animals and feeding them the correct diet to keep them healthy and strong is quite important. They are omnivores in nature, meaning they can eat plants and meat. They can also be carnivorous based on how they are trained. Because of their nature and sharp teeth, they are able to eat meat and can easily chew on bones.…

can dogs eat cantaloupe
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Answering why cantaloupe is an excellent fruit for dogs

Being a dog owner it gets worrisome keeping track of the vegetable and fruits your dog is allowed to eat. So when hot summer weather rolls around the corner, the canine parents often ask can dogs eat cantaloupe. Well, the answer to the question is yes they can but there are certain aspects one has to keep in mind before offering this summery treat to dogs. Cantaloupe is just like…

can dogs eat celery
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The most authentic answer to can dogs eats celery?

Celery is one of the healthiest vegetables in the market. There are so many health benefits attached to it for human beings. But the question here is “can dogs eat celery?” celery belongs to the family of parsley. It was estimated that the growth of celery began 3000 years ago. The leafy green vegetable works well with salads and as a garnish. Celery contains long green stalks and contains a…

can dogs eat raw eggs
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Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs? What Happens If My Dog Eats Raw Egg?

Every one of us love to have eggs in our breakfast and can dogs eat raw eggs as a part of their diet? Raw eggs are safe for dogs as they are packed with proteins and fatty acids. They have nutritional benefits for dogs. Eggs can be served in many ways but the most convenient way is serving them raw. In this article we will discuss the importance of raw…

long haired dachshund
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Here is why having long haired dachshund might not be a good idea.

Dachshund dogs are commonly called a sausage dog. They might be small in size but these dogs have bigger personalities that you would love to have for your household. Dachshunds are hound dogs meaning they possess a strong drive for their prey and love digging and chasing objects. Before taking the Dachshunds in your household, keep in mind that they would need a lot of grooming and training. In this…